is toccara still dating jason

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Is toccara still dating jason max dating peta

Is toccara still dating jason

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After that, Toccara is signed with Wilhelmina Models as a plus-size model. In addition to her modeling career, the plus-size model made her appearance on the television. Additionally, she appeared in another reality series The Ultimate Merger in During the period, she lost weight about 15 kg to get down to 78 kg. However, to get the perfect shape, she gained about 6. As a result, Jones maintained a perfect boy of pounds.

The supermodel has a new man in her life, but who is he and how long they have been together from now? Toccara is currently in a relationship with Jason Newsom, a model and the winner of The Ultimate Merger 2. The two got closer during the dating show The Ultimate Merger in Toccara and Jason met on the dating show, but their relationship did not limit within the show and continued even after that, get a chance to know more about each other.

Toccara Jones earns most of her wealth comes from modeling and acting as well as the host. Throughout her career, Toccara appeared on the cover of many magazines and editorials. The plus-size model shares overindulging pictures of herself on social media platforms.

She has over k followers on Instagram and above k followers on Twitter. Besides, Jones has her website where you can get ladies apparel too. HB: What do you have to say to people who claim that these dating shows are fake? Are they fake or did you find true love with Toccara? Jason: They are real and fake at the same time. It does allow you the vehicle to get to meet someone, but most people go on the shows for exposure.

During the show you spend more time with your fellow contestants. How was it working with Nicki Minaj? Can we expect to see you in any more videos soon? Jason: I went in and auditioned like everyone else. They liked me and selected me to do it. Jason sounds like a keeper! Check out some exclusive pictures of Jason below!

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