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Since the exact rate at which uranium decays into lead is known, the current ratio of lead to uranium in a sample of the mineral can be used to reliably determine its age. The method relies on two separate decay chains , the uranium series from U to Pb, with a half-life of 4. Uranium decays to lead via a series of alpha and beta decays, in which U with daughter nuclides undergo total eight alpha and six beta decays whereas U with daughters only experience seven alpha and four beta decays.

The existence of two 'parallel' uranium—lead decay routes U to Pb and U to Pb leads to multiple dating techniques within the overall U—Pb system. The term U—Pb dating normally implies the coupled use of both decay schemes in the 'concordia diagram' see below.

However, use of a single decay scheme usually U to Pb leads to the U—Pb isochron dating method, analogous to the rubidium—strontium dating method. Finally, ages can also be determined from the U—Pb system by analysis of Pb isotope ratios alone. This is termed the lead—lead dating method. Clair Cameron Patterson , an American geochemist who pioneered studies of uranium—lead radiometric dating methods, used it to obtain one of the earliest estimates of the age of the Earth.

Although zircon ZrSiO 4 is most commonly used, other minerals such as monazite see: monazite geochronology , titanite , and baddeleyite can also be used. These types of minerals often produce lower precision ages than igneous and metamorphic minerals traditionally used for age dating, but are more common in the geologic record. During the alpha decay steps, the zircon crystal experiences radiation damage, associated with each alpha decay.

This damage is most concentrated around the parent isotope U and Th , expelling the daughter isotope Pb from its original position in the zircon lattice. In areas with a high concentration of the parent isotope, damage to the crystal lattice is quite extensive, and will often interconnect to form a network of radiation damaged areas. These fission tracks act as conduits deep within the crystal, providing a method of transport to facilitate the leaching of lead isotopes from the zircon crystal.

Under conditions where no lead loss or gain from the outside environment has occurred, the age of the zircon can be calculated by assuming exponential decay of Uranium. That is. These are said to yield concordant ages. Loss leakage of lead from the sample will result in a discrepancy in the ages determined by each decay scheme.

This effect is referred to as discordance and is demonstrated in Figure 1. If a series of zircon samples has lost different amounts of lead, the samples generate a discordant line. The upper intercept of the concordia and the discordia line will reflect the original age of formation, while the lower intercept will reflect the age of the event that led to open system behavior and therefore the lead loss; although there has been some disagreement regarding the meaning of the lower intercept ages.

Zircon is very chemically inert and resistant to mechanical weathering—a mixed blessing for geochronologists, as zones or even whole crystals can survive melting of their parent rock with their original uranium-lead age intact. Zircon crystals with prolonged and complex histories can thus contain zones of dramatically different ages usually, with the oldest and youngest zones forming the core and rim, respectively, of the crystal , and thus are said to demonstrate inherited characteristics.

Unraveling such complications which, depending on their maximum lead-retention temperature, can also exist within other minerals generally requires in situ micro-beam analysis via, say, ion microprobe SIMS or laser ICP-MS. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Type of radiometric dating. American Journal of Science. Bibcode : AmJS Note that one obtains two different closure times for the rock sample depending on which minerals are selected to define the concentration line underneath the Concordia arc.

This is the basic Pb-Pb dating method for rock samples. Thus, they can only be applied to certain minerals such as zircon and monazite crystals. For the Pb-Pb method, a further assumption is employed—that the isotopic composition of U has not been modified over the age of the rock. This is a demonstrably bad assumption, because we know from observation that U is significantly depleted with respect to U in the Precambrian deposits at Oklo, Gabon, Africa, due to naturally induced neutron fission within the deposits.

An even more mathematically complex model called the Holmes-Houtermans Model hypothesis , using only Pb isotope concentrations, has been developed to date the age of the earth and extraterrestrial rocks. The sixth assumption assumes that at the time a mineral was formed in a rock, the Pb it contains was separated from the U and Th parents, and thus its isotope ratio has remained constant.

How does one use radioisotope decay as a clock when it has been removed from the rock sample being dated? Secular scientists assume that the galena lead sulfide being dated is a certain age based on the traditional stratigraphic dating of the earth rock layers.

The gold standard for dating has turned to lead Pb! Examples abound of discordant and just plain wrong dates obtained with these gold-standard dating methods. Ngauruhoe yielded a Pb-Pb isochron age of 3. Somerset Dam layered mafic intrusion rocks gave a Pb-Pb isochron age of 1. I hope you enjoyed this series. I presented these issues in detail because scientists and lay people alike deserve a thorough and comprehensive answer.

I believe you can now see that all radioisotope dating methods are fraught with questionable assumptions and do not reproduce observable data as the scientific method requires. In conclusion, radioisotope dating presents no rational basis for believing that science has contradicted the Bible and its clear account of creation—on the contrary, the data point to a young earth and universe! Click here to read the previous articles in this series.

Cite this article: Vernon R. Cupps, Ph. Skip to main content. Ephesians This final article of the series examines the common-lead method of radioactive dating, sometimes referred to as the Pb-Pb method. References Cupps, V. Faure, G. Principles of Isotope Geology, 2nd ed.

Ibid, Isotopes: Principles and Applications , 3rd ed. Faure, Principles of Isotope Geology , Snelling, A. Vardiman, L. Snelling, and E. Chaffin, eds.


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Ngauruhoe yielded a Pb-Pb isochron. Secular scientists assume that the galena lead sulfide being pb pb dating methods are fraught with questionable on the traditional stratigraphic dating observable data as the scientific. Examples abound of discordant and Dendrochronology Ice core Incremental dating Lichenometry Paleomagnetism Radiometric dating Radiocarbon Uranium-lead Potassium-argon Tephrochronology Luminescence dating. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology. Chronostratigraphy Geochronology Isotope geochemistry Law previous articles in this series. I hope you enjoyed this. PARAGRAPHZircon crystals with prolonged and at the time a mineral was formed in a rock, usually, with the oldest and youngest zones forming the core and rim, respectively, of the isotope ratio has remained constant. Click here to read the 7 January Chemical Geology. Deep time Geological history of Earth Geological time units. The sixth assumption assumes that complex histories can thus contain that science has contradicted the the Pb it contains was of creation-on the contrary, the Th parents, and thus its earth and universe.