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Heath ledger dating

Tests proved that there was no drug residue on the bill. Various sources have said that Ledger was dealing with insomnia, hence the sleeping pills. Overdosing on sleeping pills, especially prescription ones, just doesn't add up though, considering what it would take for that to be effective. His family and various friends deny that suicide is even a possibility, and his enthusiasm for being a father and his active career would seem to support that.

It's clear that the whys and hows will just have to wait until the medical examiner releases the report. Celebrity gossip sites have turned their focus to the Olsen connection instead. At first, it was erroneously reported that the apartment in which Ledger died belonged to Mary-Kate Olsen.

This information was later retracted. New reports, however, claim that masseuse that was let in by the housekeeper found his body, then used his cellphone to speed-dial Olsen, who was Ledger's friend. After Olsen, who was in California at the time, called her private security people to investigate the situation, the masseuse called her again to report that Ledger was unconscious and couldn't be revived.

His daughter Matilda is one of few loved ones who received anything from Ledger's estate , and rightfully so, as his family has noted. For the rest of the people Heath left behind, all they have is his memory, and that includes former flame Heather Graham. Heath was in a long-term relationship with Michelle Williams, who he met on the set of 'Brokeback Mountain,' between and Their daughter was born in But before that, Heath and Heather dated for less than a year between and The two met in Prague while they were both filming different projects.

Though some tabloids say they dated for a year, other sources suggest it was around eight months. At the time, Heath was 22 to Heather's 33, and tabloids also reported that it was Graham's "second breakup in a year," notes IMDb — she dated Ed Burns for three years before connecting with Ledger.

As callous as it may sound, Heather's relationship with Heath Ledger was probably not the most notable in all his dating history. Most of the women he dated, which included Naomi Watts and Helena Christensen, among other ladies — both confirmed and unconfirmed — said similar things about Heath. They would all recall how loving and fun he was, and what a professional actor and creative force he was.

Though no one doubts that Heath was a great person, he clearly enjoyed falling in and out of love throughout his relatively short life. But while News. We make each other laugh.


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