validating textbox using javascript

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Validating textbox using javascript

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If using the class you have to be concerned with the fact that there can be more than one element with the same class. The last method we will look at is getting the input by tag name. The idea here is quite similar to getting the input by class name, but the syntax is a little different. Another thing that might happen is that you have other input fields on the page too.

As you will see in this example, using the tag name picks up more than the two boxes below, it picks up every input box on the page, including the search input box. Now lets take these techniques and apply them to a real application. We are going to have a couple of input boxes, and we are going to validate the input. If the input does not match our expectation, then we are going to display an error message explaining what is wrong. It is very common to use something like this on forms for example.

If the user tries to submit a form with something filled out incorrectly then there is typically an error message stating what is wrong. If the input is valid then we will display in inputs next to the input boxes, if not we will show an error. Lets get started creating all the elements that we need for our application.

Below is the application we have made. Enter your values in the boxes below and we will use JavaScript to get them and to validate them. If you make an error the label will be updated with an error message. I hope you found this tutorial on how to use JS to get input values helpful. If you would like to see more JavaScript guides then have a look at the right hand side column.

If you want to learn more then you should check out how to get current time in JavaScript or how to change text size. I am a Software Engineer who enjoy writing about things that interest me. Here on OamaTech I write about programming as well as other tech related topics.

Visit my author page to learn more about me and what I am working on right now. You can use the following JavaScript code snippets to change the placeholder text. TL;DR: Here is a code snippet that you can use to change the text size. There is a full application in the post going over.

TL;DR: Here is a code snippet that you can use to change the text of a button when you click on it. There is a. TL;DR: Here are code snippets you can use to change the address bar without reloading the page. Check out the post for an example application. TL;DR: Here is a code snippet you can use to change the background color of an element.

There is a full application in the post. In this post we are going to work with checkboxes. We will look at how we can check if checkboxes are checked, how we can. Skip to content. JavaScript Get Input Value. Thank you for the feedback. The comment is now awaiting moderation. You will be notified via email when the author replies to your comment.

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