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Intimidating quiz dating a shy man

Intimidating quiz

You're so sure of yourself and forceful. It's great to be confident, but try to be aware of the effect you can have on some people. Don't believe that people find you intimidating? Share your results with your friends and see how they react.

You are not very intimidating. You've got some confidence, but not so much that you're going to make people nervous. You are usually nice and gracious to everyone, so how could they be intimidated? Share your results with them and see how they react. You are not very intimidating at all. In fact, you are usually the one who is being intimidated by other people. Would it help to know that those people have no idea how intimidating they are?

Maybe you should build up your confidence and tell them. Created by Valerie Mack. Professionally speaking, are you good at what you do? I'm very good. I'm better than some. Do you like trying new things? Not in front of people. Only if I think I'm going to be good at it. Are you a good teacher? I think so. I'm a better student. I'm a very good teacher. It depends on the subject. What would you do if someone tried to take credit for your work?

I would raise hell! I wouldn't let them. I would nicely remind them of my contribution. What is your driving style? Do you think you're a good date? I'm not sure. I'm not bad. It depends on who I'm dating. I'm a very good first date. If your friends suggested that you enter a competition, would you do it? It depends on the competition. I'd probably do it even if they didn't suggest it. Do you have a person in your friend group who is intimidating?

Yes, and it's me. Has anyone ever told you that you intimidated them? I do this when I'm in a hurry. Once I got a "k" text and it gave me a panic attack. Light floral scents. Hypnotic colognes that make me smell like a panther. Crisp, sophisticated citrus perfumes. Body sprays that make me smell like a cookie. Pay a sitter. Have you asked Mom or Dad? Yes, if I've never been over before. The gift is me!

Sometimes, if I remember. Yes, every time. Some do and some don't. I don't have problems, actually. I think venting is negative, so I never indulge in it. Instead, I solve my problems! Whenever I try to talk about me instead of them, they seem bored. I took Spanish in high school.

I speak two or three languages. I'm fluent in one language and can communicate in another. Um, I only speak one. I have one or two tattoos. My face is pierced and I have a neck tattoo. I've got some major ink on my back. I have pierced ears! A terrifying bat. A fierce wolf. A powerful hawk. A furry black cat.

No, but people often tell me secrets. People seem afraid to reveal their secrets to me, for some reason. My best friends tell me their secrets. I'm everyone's favorite shoulder to cry on. Yes, if they have a major project they need help with. Of course not! I'm not their maid. Yes, but just stuff like helping my mom do the dishes.

I go over to clean my parents' house at least once a month. Once I rode on the back of someone's motorcycle. Actually, I own a motorcycle and ride it to work. I rode a motorcycle across Texas once. No, motorcycles are dangerous. Goofy hotel manager Donna Sheridan from "Mamma Mia".

Baroness Karen Blixen from "Out of Africa". Ricki from "Ricki and the Flash". I ask privately what's going on. I threaten to reveal the lies to upper management unless I get proper credit. I spread a rumor about what they've done to the rest of the office. I swallow my anger and move on. Forgiveness is a virtue!

I nag him. I change the locks and tell him he'll get a key when he agrees to clean the bathroom bi-weekly. I deliver an ultimatum: he starts cleaning or I move out. I leave a Post-It note with a smiley face on the toilet lid, saying, "Please clean me! I talk anyway, although sometimes it's embarrassing to be the only person doing so. I stay as silent as the grave.

I might introduce a topic I'm not interested in, just to keep the conversation going. I have a compulsive need to fill the silence and make sure that no one else is uncomfortable! I'm scared of them. They're all so perfect-looking. They're scared of me. I know what I want done and I won't tolerate mistakes. Why would either of us be scared of each other?


What is your driving style? Do you think you're a good date? I'm not sure. I'm not bad. It depends on who I'm dating. I'm a very good first date. If your friends suggested that you enter a competition, would you do it?

It depends on the competition. I'd probably do it even if they didn't suggest it. Do you have a person in your friend group who is intimidating? Yes, and it's me. Has anyone ever told you that you intimidated them? More than once. Yes, but I don't think I really did. When it comes to things like sports and other contests, how competitive are you? A little. Not at all. How do you feel when someone else excels in something you do well? Very threatened. Somewhat threatened. A little threatened.

Not threatened at all. Are you a perfectionist? No, but I think it's important to try for perfection. Which best describes the clothes you usually wear? Comfy and easy. Well cleaned and tailored. Fashionable and fun. Very professional. Which party role do you usually fill? Spectacular guest. Regular guest. Person who doesn't show up.

If you found out that you intimidated others, what would you change about yourself? Why would I? I'd try to be kinder. I'd try to hide my confidence. You're Very Intimidating. You're Intimidating. You're Not Very Intimidating. At work. In nature. At church. My style. My work ethic. My looks. My kindness. My creativity. Golden Retriver. German Shepherd. English Bulldog. My pet. My Mom or dad.

My sister or brother. My best friend. My significant other. Go with my gut. Trust my instincts. Consult a friend. Dive in head first. More than Unfortunately, you have a personality that can often leave others feeling a bit intimidated or overwhelmed. It's not that you're actually intimidating, it's that your confident and self assured nature can make those with less gusto feeling a bit overwhelmed by you presence.

You've got the style, the looks, and the brains. While these are qualities that almost everyone covets, they can also leave those who are a bit insecure feeling totally intimidated by your confidence and gusto. Upon first meeting you, people have a tendency to feel a bit intimidated by your confidence, intelligence, and overall place in life.

After they get to know you, they'll quickly find out just how warm and inviting you actually are.

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a what if you're just TOO nice? You don't know? Well, if you care how intimidating you are (or aren't), let's find out! Try my test! About This Quiz. Do you know how other people perceive you? Many of us think we're about as intimidating as fuzzy bunny rabbits, while our friends, family and. Studies show that the most intimidating people don't even realize it. Join our email list and receive super fun quizzes! Don't worry. We don't.