updating mazda navigation system

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Updating mazda navigation system virtual dating website

Updating mazda navigation system

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With each new road and building added to the California landscape, the maps of your town look different. A Map from even is most likely going to have a few discrepancies compared to a map from And with Capistrano Mazda, you get a step-by-step guide on how to do it. The following set of instructions is for a windows operating system. For assistance in updating your Mazda Connect navigation system for other operating systems, contact our Capistrano Mazda Service Department.

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Please note that this process may take several minutes. Once your SD card has been recognized, you can login with your existing user account, or register a new account, if you do not yet have one. After successfully logging in, if there are free map updates available, you will be automatically offered to download them. If you would like to start the installation, click on the Install button. Before installing the free update, it is strongly recommended that you backup the contents of your device, therefore Toolbox offers you the possibility to do so.

Please choose a name so that you can identify the backup later, then click on Backup to create it. Note that this process can take several minutes. When the backup has been created, please wait until the files for the free update are downloaded and are transferred to your SD card.


Please register your Infotainment System with the Mazda Toolbox in order to be able to make purchases. Download Mazda Toolbox from this page, connect your SD card, log in, and continue with the purchase. Get the latest map to update your existing map or extend the coverage of your navigation device. Visit back regularly to download all the released map updates during the next 36 months maximum 2 updates per year for free and install them to the same navigation device.

The 'Single time update' entitles you to download and install the latest version of this update once. Prices available in other currencies are only indicative prices for information purposes. Prices always exclude local taxes, duties, custom fees and other applicable local governmental fees, if applicable customer is responsible for the payment of such applicable additional fees and duties to the relevant authorities.

In case of physical products, prices are exclusive of delivery cost e. Please note that content is provided by third parties. NNG does not make any representation regarding the suitability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content, and shall not be held liable for any deficiencies thereof.

Shall you encounter any deficiency of the content, please contact the content provider with your complaint. Before buying this update, please verify with Mazda Toolbox PC-tool if there is enough free storage space on your SD card to install this update. In order to use and install this update, your computer needs to have broadband internet connection and be compatible with Mazda Toolbox tool.

Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 7. Create a new SD card backup. Step 8. For all of our Mazda needs, come to Capistrano Mazda. We can help you with services such as updating your Mazda Connect system or helping you find a new vehicle with the latest version of the infotainment system already installed.

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See map and music information at the same time with the split screen feature. You can update the map data on your navigation SD card to the latest version with the map update tool. See the details. It shows a list of destinations by entering a combination of the building name and area name or by just entering part of the name.

You can set the destination more easily and quickly. You can set the destination from an address, nearby facilities etc. You can search your registered favorite spots up to 50 spots and set the destination quickly. In-Vehicle Displays You can change the brightness and contrast settings of the center display or the available Active Driving Display that projects information on the front window. Split screen No need to switch back and forth between music and navigation screens any more.

Map Updates You can update the map data on your navigation SD card to the latest version with the map update tool. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 7. Create a new SD card backup. Step 8. For all of our Mazda needs, come to Capistrano Mazda.