updating sketchup

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Updating sketchup

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Down toward the bottom, there is a box Single-User License. The license serial number is there on mine. See image. And yeah, you do have to pay every year to get the updated serial numbers. You may be using a gmail address now, but a bigpond one in the past. If you can check your bigpond email, take a look. I just had your license sent there. Hope this is helpful. Mine expired this past year. That would explain it. Ok thank you. Now, with predictable spending on this program, companies can get the best of what SketchUp has to offer when a new version becomes available.

The most current SketchUp Pro features: When you stay enrolled in the upgrade, maintenance, and support program, you have access to all the power-packed improvements that come with each new version of SketchUp Pro — as soon as the new version is available.

Phone support: In addition to the Knowledge Center, Help Forum, and email support, the program gives you access to phone support. Please refer to your email with the upgrade, maintenance, and support information for contact details. Was this article helpful? Why wasn't the article helpful? Leave this field blank.


That is not how the upgrade during maintenance works. Rather, you are issued a new license number for the upgraded version. I go to File, click on 3 D warehouse. Do I need to reach for something else to download models? Thanks for any advise, MCD. If you want to access the 3D Warehouse for downloads to your computer, do so through the Window menu, not the File menu.

Upgrade pro to pro SketchUp Pro. Thank you DaveR. This is new in ? Thanks for your help, MCD. Yes it IS new for v DanRathbun , it was removed in v17 … john. On my MS Windows editions it is still there on versions , and Did you purchase your license directly from SketchUp or from a reseller? Contact your reseller to purchase an upgrade. If you purchased your license directly from SketchUp, go to our upgrade wizard to purchase an upgrade. After completing your upgrade purchase, check your email for your new license information and a link to download the latest version of SketchUp Pro.

Download, install, and authorize SketchUp Pro , using the new license information from your email. Note: If you have a Student license that you purchased direct from Trimble SketchUp, you'll need to contact our team to upgrade the license. You will not be able to upgrade your license via our Upgrade Wizard.

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