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Dating in istanbul turkey

Those perfect Mediterranean features — brunette-blonde hair, dark eyes, and a golden-white skin — you'll certainly be left in awe. Although Turkey is an Islamic country, it's not a conservative one. You'll find women pulling off western fashion trends with ease. Plus, you won't find many of restrictions in terms of dating and other elements you need to enjoy your trip. For starters, Turkey is one of the few major Islamic countries where alcohol is legal and prevalent, both for locals and tourists.

And above all, Turkish girls are more westernized in terms of attitude and dating , so if you're up to spend some memorable time with a Turkish 'bebek,' tighten your seat belts as it's going to be no less than a roller coaster ride. Thanks to its geographic uniqueness, dating culture in Turkey is aligned more towards a less conservative, more liberal, and westernized side. Being one of only two transcontinental countries, Turkey acts as a bridge between Asia and Europe , and Istanbul is the city that divides the continents.

So, the city has two parts: Asian and European. The Asian part is more touristic because of its mosques and other destinations; the European part is newer and more favorable for dating and relationships. Hookups surely won't come easy with locals, but the city is filled with tourists throughout the year, so you'll not suffer a female-deficit. The dating culture in Turkey is no different than other European countries; if you find a girl, you can take her out without any nuisance or cockblockers.

The city itself is a famous dating and honeymoon destination due to its mesmerizing resorts, hotels, and nightlife. So, if you get yourself a companion, Istanbul will favor you, by all means, to ensure you get laid. If you're targeting locals which makes no sense as Turkish girls are sensational , not much is required out of you if you have some experience of traveling and international dating.

But if you are focusing on Turkish girls which you should be doing , you'll need to put in some hard work. Because they are, by no means, easy, but the reward is worth it, and you'll remember it forever. Dating in Istanbul can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

You cannot play around with Turkish women, don't even try. They are well-educated, smart, confident, and loyal. They might be hard to impress, but if you do, you will undoubtedly get a fully-fledged dating experience. Although some parts of Turkey are religiously conservative, Istanbul is the least one of them, and you will find a mammoth population of liberal-minded women living here. You might never find women wearing a hijab or other traditional attire unless there is some religious occasion.

However, be mindful of not disrespecting their culture and religion. These women might come out as open-minded which they are ; they are extremely religious and devoted to their country and culture. So the last thing you want is to comment about their religious beliefs. If you are a romantic person, cheers to you as Turkish women love men who can confidently express love. As discussed, dating culture in Turkey is liberal, so there's no harm being romantic.

Although people might give you a look of disapproval if they begin making out in public, giving compliments and sharing hugs is normal and applauded by the Turkish women. If you're someone who loves partying, traveling, and having fun, you've certainly got a companion because Turkish women are not scared to express themselves, and they'll certainly go scuba diving and river rafting with you without a grind on their face.

And if you have some plans for the long-term, Turkish women fill the void here as well. They are family-oriented and love their families. It's a standout point because such devotion towards family is rarely seen in women from the western countries.

Plus, they are excellent homemakers. Turkish brides will make your house a real home with positive energy. From a very young age, Turkish girls are taught to keep a home together, and they make great moms too. Turkish girls, especially in their 20s, are the best to date. Although Turkey has never been a conservative place for dating and relationships, the recent rise in tourism has led to a cultural shift, as more girls are embracing western practices. You will find them wearing tees, jeans, and skirts on normal days.

They do pray regularly through, so don't try taking their religion for granted. Turkish girls are friendly and amicable , so don't hesitate to approach one if you find her roaming around in the city. But, there are a few points to keep in mind when trying to pick up a Turkish girl.

First, they are not easy, as mentioned earlier. Don't expect them to spread their legs only because you look good and have a car rented from the airport. You will need to stand out of the crowd, and the best way to do so is to project that you're not here for sex. Befriending them is essential because the chances of picking up a Turkish girl without any prior friendship or acquaintance are meek.

Not that it is not possible, but it's best if you prepare for the worst scenario. Although you will find a lot of sex in Istanbul in the form of tourists, hookers, and gold diggers, we're talking about local Turkish girls, and sex with them won't come in easy.

So, if you're visiting Istanbul for a day or two, stick to the quick options. But if you have a long trip planned, say a couple of weeks or so, you can take up the longer, more rewarding dating route. To start off, it is essential to get her contact details. There are a lot of places in the city where you will find single girls.

Instead of insisting them to go out with you on a date, try getting their number. Once you have the contact, chat for a couple of days before asking them out. And yeah, don't stick to just one girl. International dating is a numbers game; the more you try, the better your chances are. So try establishing contact with as many girls as possible.

After a couple of days of chatting, you can invite them for a coffee or lunch. Be prepared for rejections, and don't get upset if a girl refuses. Ideally, nine of ten girls will reject your proposal, but you have to stick to the one that accepts.

Once you ask her out, make her feel comfortable and special around you, and indicate that you are really into her. However, don't be a creep who flirts all the time; let it be natural and raw. Talk to her about her family, friends, career, ambitions, dreams, etc. The objective of your first date should be to set up a second date, and the series should continue until the third or fourth time you meet.

In general, Turkish girls might take four to five dates to agree to accompany you to your hotel room or invite you to their place. So, once you've met a few times, you can up the ante. Some girls might take more time, but if you feel the girl is not willing to get laid, you can let her go and try picking up others.

Contrarily, if you're not looking for sex but a long-term relationship, you can continue. All in all, it depends upon your requirements of how you proceed with the relationship. Turkish women are comparatively difficult to date but easier if you want to hookup.

Let's clear this contradiction before it gets too counterintuitive. As mentioned before, Turkish women are cultural, religious, and devoted to their families. And the last thing a Turkish woman will do is to cheat on her husband and family and be in a relationship with some other man. That being said, there are several unmarried women in the city as well. Istanbul is the economic hub of the country with numerous major companies and workplaces.

A large number of working women in Turkey live in Istanbul, and most of them prefer staying single because it's difficult for them to continue work after marriage. However, these women do engage in quick, casual relationships with their colleagues and other younger men. If you manage to find these females and you have the right techniques to seduce them, getting laid will come in easy. You should visit these places shortly before lunchtime as most women come out for lunch.

You can take note of the restaurant, cafes, and other dinner spots they visit. Then, all you need to do is simply spend time around those places and try to get numbers of women. As mentioned before, your first step in Istanbul should always be to exchange contact details because instant hookups and one-night stands are less probable. Once you get the number, you can follow the same strategy as discussed for girls.

The benefit with women, however, is that you will not need to wait for four or five dates to get laid. In most cases, you will get laid on the second or third date. Online dating is another excellent way to get in touch with Turkish women. So, be sure to be active on sites like Tinder , Badoo , and Muslima. If you want to have date Turkish ladies, your approach should be more or less the same as Turkish women.

Those with a family will, by no means, engage in physical relationships with stranger men. But those who are single, divorced, or widow can enjoy a quick sex every now and then with young, handsome men. Follow the same steps to find and date Turkish ladies as you did for women. Find popular workplaces and hang around those areas.

You can find local cougars in parks and gyms as well. Also, pay extra attention while interacting with mature women as they can be increasingly religious. You don't want to offend their dignity or religious beliefs and end up in trouble in an exquisite place like Turkey.

One benefit of trying to pick mature ladies is that you will not end up in a dating loop. Most of them would be already horny enough to get laid, so the efforts you will need to put in would be minimal. As discussed before, Istanbul is one of the most visited cities in the world, with the peak season being May-September.

During this time, the city would be filled with millions of tourist girls, providing you with excellent dating opportunities. Most of the tourist arrivals in the city are from Russia , Germany , Bulgaria , and the United Kingdom. So, if you're fond of European girls, Istanbul will turn out to be a paradise.

And keep aside the girls, Istanbul in itself is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Some tourist spots in the city where you can find foreign girls are:. You might find a bunch of foreign students in the city as well, mostly from South Asian countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. All in all, you will find tons of foreign girls in the city to get you sorted with the hookups if you don't succeed with the local girls. Here's where you should not have your hopes high.

Turkish girls are not easy, and in no way are they going to get laid with a stranger. So instant hookups are rare with locals, though, you can expect one night stands with foreigners in the city. Although Turkey is a liberal city, sex is not something that is openly talked about.

You might get a bunch of gold diggers at night near nightclubs or bars, but the chances of having sex with girls are bleak. However, if you are already dating a local girl and are looking for a place to have sex, you won't face many troubles. Most girls are fine with a hotel room unless it's not too outdated or lacks basic amenities. You should not risk visiting a girl's home for sex. Turkish families can be very conservative, and the last thing you want is to be seen getting physically intimate with a girl in her home by her parents.

If sex is all that you need, focusing on tourists can be more rewarding. They don't prefer long-term dating, so all you need is to meet a couple of times, and sex will come in easy. In some cases, you will not even need to go on a date. Some foreign girls are liberal and naughty enough to hook up with you on the very night of your meat.

As discussed, sex culture in Turkey is not too liberal; however, there is some relief in Istanbul. Finding sex is not difficult, but it might take some time for you to seduce the girl and make her up for a one night stand. Dating a local might not be the most rewarding if having sex is your only goal.

So, you will be better of sticking to tourists, immigrants, or gold diggers. There are some locations in the city where sex culture is more prevalent. These include:. Visiting these places during the nighttime can be really rewarding.

Hundreds and thousands of men come to these places every night to find sex, and you can be one of them, too. Be sure to dress well, though, as that's something essential. You should have an attractive physical appearance and personality to make girls and attracted to you.

You can still sign up for them, but you will be spending a lot of time combing through low quality profiles in order to uncover even one hidden gem. Despite the tough online dating scene in Turkey and the rest of the Middle East, I still recommend you go ahead and give it a try if you are planning on living in Turkey for any reasonable amount of time. Turkey has beautiful women that are friendly and more open-minded than in a lot of other areas of the Middle East.

Should you decide to sign up for the online dating site I recommend below, be sure to read member profiles carefully as you might come across a lot of fake profiles. Usually, I can spot these profiles easily. A woman who has only one picture posted, is wearing a tight bikini and making an overly suggestive pose are usually clear signals to steer clear. Here is the quick list of the top two dating sites in Turkey. Arab Lounge is a smaller dating site catering to Arab men and women around the world.

Arab Lounge is part of the World Singles Network and lets its members extend their search for matches to other sites in this network. Though the user-base is smaller than many other sites, with about 30, visitors a day, overall I found the site well-designed and easy to navigate and use. To sign up, specify your gender, what gender you are looking for, and your birthday and chose a username and password.

Next, provide your name and location, then select options from boxes for basic information race, religion, marital status, etc. Arab Lounge has a number of search options. Basic search is by age and location, while detailed search allows you to further narrow down your search by physique, family roots, religion, and race. As a platinum member, many more search criteria are available. You can also browse members who are currently online, search Matches users who match your criteria and Reverse Matches users who are looking for people like you.

As a free member you can send messages, but only read those sent by Platinum members. There is even a short personality test to help match you with other members. A nice small feature is the option to indicate your mood by selecting an emoji. Finally, the FAQ and Tips sections were both surprisingly full of helpful information.

This site is another great option, but you will need to speak or understand Turkish to navigate around the site. Siberalem has been around for a really long time since , making it a popular option for locals of Istanbul and Ankara. You can either sign up directly on their website, or download the app to your smartphone or tablet free of charge.

First, write a title for your profile and then answer a series of questions about your physical appearance, style, life, family, and other general information. Be sure to spend some time on this. A well-written profile will yield the best results.

Next, add your best photo.


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Be in one of the singles nightlife areas mentioned above and you will find a great place to party. Another good way to party with women from other countries is to go out with one of the Erasmus Student Party groups. If you wanted to learn more about the nightlife for singles in Antalya to decide if you want to visit there or not check out that link. When trying to pick up Istanbul girls during the day there are some things you need to consider, and we will cover them a bit more in the tips for tourists at the end.

The first is that many Turkish women are very conservative and have no interest in hooking up. There is a huge number of highly religious people here, unless you want to become their serious boyfriend nothing is ever going to go down. Again, more on that later. Girls from other countries who are just visiting Turkey are going to be enjoying a holiday and more interested in having fun and getting laid with guys they just met.

With that said if you also want to target the local Istanbul women try to meet them at malls or shopping districts like:. We just hit on this a bit but many women here are highly conservative and have no interest in hooking up. For foreign men who are just traveling through town there really are two options if you want to get laid quick: pick up other tourists or more westernized locals.

If you want to meet them your best chance will be at nightclubs, or on Adult Friend Finder. There are well over a thousand single girls in Istanbul who log on each month and try to meet new guys, often times they are interested in dating foreign men. This can be a great way to find some under cover freaks who look conservative on the streets but are anything but between the sheets. The singles nightlife is great here, but Adult Friend Finder gives you even easier access if you want to get laid.

There are plenty of guys who would prefer to find a loving and loyal wife, if so Muslima is a great place to look. Now that you are fully caught up on where to meet single girls near you our Istanbul dating guide is going to help you seal the deal. If you can show her a good time then it may just happen for you.

Some of the best romantic restaurants and cocktail bars for your date night are:. Once your meal is finished go party at one of the nightlife areas we listed above or have a special date night at the Moda Stage Theatre. We always suggest to spend the afternoon outdoors in spots like these on your date during the day if the weather is accommodating:. The Grand Bazaar is also really cool, and you can always find things to do around Taksim Square.

Or you could visit some of the big tourists attractions and museums on your day date in Istanbul like:. For a weekend getaway with your special someone consider heading to Ankara or get out of the country and try Varna. We have hit on much of these throughout the post but we still want to give some travel tips and advice on the Istanbul dating culture.

Lets start with the travel, as you can see by the map we are going to include the whole center of the city is just loaded with nightlife. As far as where to stay you can go the tourist route and get a hotel near Istiklal Street. If you want to party with locals get a room in one of the districts we mentioned before like Besiktas, Levent, Sisli, Bebek, Beyoglu or Yenikoy.

As long as you choose a place in the city center you will easily be able to find things to do. Here is a map of the subway , currently you get around 5. As far as the dating culture goes most Turkish women are highly religious and conservative.

However in a massive city like this one you are going to find a lot more liberal and westernized ladies around. If you are trying to decide who to approach and have the choice of a traditionally dressed woman or one in a mini skirt with tattoos which do you think is better? No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating nowadays is hard. For single expats in Istanbul, dating is even harder.

In a perfect world, you and your soulmate would bump into each other on the streets of Istanbul, lock eyes, and fall madly in love the next second. Is online dating easier for single female expats in Istanbul than for their male counterparts? Register Login Language: English en. Register to contact people from your country living in Istanbul just like you!

All around the world Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country. Online dating guide for expats Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life.

Why dating for expats? Online Dating Tips for Men vs.