most intimidating dog breeds

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Most intimidating dog breeds subliminal dating

Most intimidating dog breeds

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Looking for the scariest dog breed you can find to keep people away?

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Asian canada dating The second section covers intimidating breeds which are not seen as frequently. They do not cower in the face of danger and can be fiercely protective of their kin. I have 4 right now. True to its labor-intensive history, Rottweilers are incredibly strong dogs. He is sweet as can be, but even most other dogs are in fear of him. Like so many of the other breeds on our list, Great Danes may look frightening, but they are typically gentle, affectionate, and loving with their families.
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Arabs dating Color Some empirical data demonstrates that black dogs are more intimidating than those of other colors. On the other hand, Dobermans are highly intelligent. The Doberman is the quintessential work dog. You can also install a cute built-in toilet in the bathroom for your pet. They are extremely wary of other people and need proper socialization to get them used to a family. While many people own dogs, there are a large number of people afraid of dogs.

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Some of the heaviest Great Pyrenees dogs grow up to pounds and can stand up to 32 inches at the withers. As a guardian dog, the Great Pyrenees use their powerful bark to full effect, which can scare off an intruder or burglar.

A Great Pyrenees is also a very independent dog and can scare off intruders all on its own if it feels threatened. When not provoked, a Great Pyrenees can make a great family pet. They are very caring and can learn to be gentle with children and smaller pets. They do require a fenced-in space since they often try to explore the edges of their territory. They were first bred as fighting and hunting dogs, until the French Revolution.

They were then used as a guard dog for livestock. Though they look serious, they are a lively and affectionate breed that thrives in an equally active household. Their expression may give some intruders pause. Behind their serious mask is a powerful individual that does not back down from a challenge or threat. Outside of a threat, they are quite happy to spend time with their family, even if they do drool over everything!

The Tosa Inu is another huge breed originating from Japan. They were originally bred as fighting dogs. This breed is considered dangerous in many places , including the UK and Ireland. When unprovoked, most Tosa Inu can be a gentle, calm giant. What makes the Tosa Inu scary is its ingrained aggression towards other animals.

If trained well, they can be a lovely pet, if one that drools a lot and lunges at squirrels a bit too often. Another scary looking dog breed is the ancient Tibetian Mastiff. This pup weighs well over pounds in adulthood. They have an expressive face and a fluffy coat that makes them look even larger.

This breed is so ancient that its origins fall before the Common Era! They were initially used to protect campsites, villages, and monasteries. Given their status as solitary guard dogs, Tibetan Mastiffs tend to be independent and strong-willed. Some may not accept strangers at all and will use the full force of their bulk against them.

Tibetan Mastiffs can jump up to 6 feet high , and the sight of a huge dog scaling a high fence is not something to balk at! The Canary Mastiff is also usually banned in areas that do not allow certain dog breeds. They have a reputation for being aggressive and are responsible for a significant number of permanent and non-permanent injuries.

A Perro de Presa Canario benefits from a lot of socialization and outings. They also chew often when stressed or bored, which can pose a challenge to many dog owners. Another massive dog breed, the English Mastiff is a powerful and muscular breed that can weigh up to pounds in adulthood, often outweighing even their owners! They tend to be silent guards and only bark in dangerous situations. A born guard dog, an English Mastiff is always on alert for intruders and does not need to be trained to guard.

Fortunately, they try not to attack with their teeth but tend to pin down or trap an intruder in a corner. Given their sheer size, an English Mastiff would find it easy to tackle and hold down most adult intruders. The Boxer is a large, often mischievous dog breed. They tend to be bright, alert bundles of energy with the tendency to play about.

They require lots of walks and an active household. This is expected of a breed that used to be fighting dogs back in the day! Boxers are also responsible for many bites due to their high level of energy. A grinning Boxer may deter some friends and foes because the combination of power and speed a Boxer possesses is dangerous indeed.

As their name suggests, they also tend to stand on their hind legs and bat at people, much like a boxer! This action can frighten even friends who are not used to dogs. Boerboels are another type of mastiff bred in South Africa in the s. They were initially meant to be guard dogs that protected farms and people from natural predators like hyenas.

These dogs are fearless and stare down challenges to their authority right in the eye. Boerboels are among the fastest and most agile Mastiffs. They can easily chase down burglars and intruders with the right training! Boerboels also sport powerful jaws, which can come in handy at the right moment. The Dogo Argentino is a powerful, elegant dog bred to hunt, chase, and catch dangerous game. They are most identifiable by their short, white coats.

They have a high prey drive and need lots of physical and mental stimulation. This prey drive can lead them to wander about or chase small animals , so they may not fare well with other pets in the vicinity. Dogo Argentinos have also been used in dogfighting rings and have been banned in several countries, including Australia, Denmark, Singapore, and others. They still have the power and speed of hunting dogs, so an intruder may have to think twice about breaking into a home guarded by a Dogo Argentino.

A Fila Brasileiro is another mastiff breed with a heavy muzzle and a lot of loose skin. A well-bred Fila Brasileiro is extremely protective of their owner and often learns to protect their owner all on their own. They are not easily disturbed by strange noises or a new environment and can adjust well to kids. Not all Fila Brasileiros will like people, however. Filas that have stopped socialization too early may grow to distrust all strangers. Some Filas may end up lunging at the end of their leash if improperly socialized.

But when done right, they can learn when to act and when to give a stranger a friendly lick. Finally, the Bullmastiff is another mastiff dog that has a negative reputation. Bull Mastiffs were first recognized in and were initially bred by farmers to track and capture poachers. While most well-trained Bull Mastiffs are quite gentle and easygoing around people they recognize, they have been known to attack unfamiliar people. The very sudden sight of an animal seemingly napping at one moment then growling at the next can be quite off-putting!

They have a tendency to flip drastically between a calm demeanor and attack mode, so proper socialization is very important. Though these are generalizations of each breed, always remember that each dog is different. Each and every puppy and dog has its own personality, and it is up to the owner to discover and learn from trusted breeders and online resources.

With the right amount of preparation, one can find a loyal protector, a loving friend, and a powerful ally in one of these dog breeds. All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week.

Kelly Wilson Last Updated: February 18, 12 min read. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Post Comment. Your weekly treat! More From Breeds. You can trust that this dog will be able to scare off any shady people who may come near your home. The wolf-like appearance of the Siberian Husky naturally lends a certain element of intimidation to this dog.

Huskies are very high-energy dogs that can actually be quite aggressive and even dangerous without proper training. Just keep in mind that keeping and training these dogs can be quite difficult, as they are known for being spectacularly stubborn. This is definitely not a good choice for those who want a nice and easy low-maintenance canine companion.

The Caucasian Shepherd is a huge dog that can grow up to a whopping pounds with a maximum height of 2. These dogs are impressively powerful with a mighty stature that would be sure to intimidate even the most fearless person at times. With proper training, these dogs can be quite calm and well-behaved most of the time.

The American Bulldog can grow up to 28 inches tall with a maximum weight of pounds. These dogs are often used by farmers to protect their livestock, due to their naturally aggressive and energetic nature. They are also very loyal and confident dogs that can keep you and your family safe. Proper training is an absolute must with this breed. While it might not look like the scariest dog at first, just wait until it bears its teeth at you!

The Boxer is a very energetic and playful breed, but it can also be quite scary when it becomes aggressive. The Wolf Hybrid is another dog that is known for its unpredictable aggression, which can be quite frightening. These dogs are hard to train, but their loyal nature makes it well worth all the effort.

Welcome to my blog. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents show. Alaskan Malamute. Pit Bull. Tibetan Mastiff. German Shepherd. Siberian Husky. Caucasian Shepherd. American Bulldog. Honorable Mentions. Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Top 10 Best Dogs for Anxiety. Japanese Akita Labrador Vs. Golden Retrievers….

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