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Eater dating sf

There are at least 10 rotating food trucks every day and if you really want to earn your grub, you can always sign up for one of the socially distanced group fitness classes on the weekends. And thanks to panoramas around every corner, San Francisco turns exercise into an exercise in romance. Pack a picnic to enjoy on the somewhat secret Mile Rock Beach, try to find the abandoned Octagon House, take in vistas of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands, walk the labyrinth, look for shipwrecks, and explore Sutro Baths.

Spend the day in an under-the-radar wine region Lodi When you think of Wine Country, you think of Napa and Sonoma, which are beautiful and luxurious and oftentimes really crowded. Ride horses along the beach Half Moon Bay Sea Horse Ranch is a fun option for those getting back in the dating saddle.

All of the rides are appropriate for beginners; you just have to make sure your date is willing to hoof it down to Half Moon Bay. This Taco Bell looks nothing like other Taco Bells, and we say that in a good way. Want to have the conversation about your relationship status? Livermore and has views of the entire island and much of the Bay Area.

Visit the animals at the zoo Lakeshore Some residents at the zoo do just fine without human visitors, but a lot of the ones that tend to interact with people have been a little lonely while forced into isolation. Cheer them up and yourself and your date by taking a trip to the zoo. Just be sure to purchase your tickets in advance, as all entries happen at specified times.

On Friday nights, OTG Fort Mason is a twinkling wonderland of quirky menus and music you can dance to, while Thursdays at the Presidio are super chill with fire pits and blankets. You can't go wrong with either. Join your significant other for a hushed and romantic experience with plenty of bubbly and elevated dishes like an oyster with gelee or a steak tartare big enough for two.

Breakup spot: Horseshoe Tavern No frills, no bullshit, no credit cards is the name of Horseshoe Tavern's game. Get in, do your business, and get out, then head to The Tipsy Pig down the street for some meat market action with your newly single status. First date, drinks: Third Rail A bar with a railway theme is a surprisingly good spot for a first date, where craft cocktails and mid-century vibes might help things pick up steam.

The only food here is a variety of jerky sold by the ounce , so either eat ahead of time or be prepared to get the dried meat sweats with a total stranger. First date, coffee: Provender This super-small, friendly coffeeshop will get your hearts racing with Andytown espresso drinks, and light snacks, if that's what you're after. Grab your drinks and take a stroll through the neighborhood overlooking San Francisco. Second date, moderate: S chool Night Traci Des Jardins new Dogpatch bar has great cocktails, but it also has plenty of worthy food to go along with them, much of it meant to easily share.

The bar is lively and has booths for snuggling into if the date goes well. Chloe F. Second date, expensive: Piccino This adorable Italian-influenced restaurant is a lively spot for a second date, with a menu of pizzas and pastas for the sharing. Where to lock it down: Chez Maman It's not the most expensive restaurant in the neighborhood, but it's romantic and homey in that French bistro way.

Share escargot and beef tartare, and wash it all down with Champagne as you plan a trip to Paris together. You're a grown ass wo man and you don't eat macaroni and cheese for dinner anymore? Well, take a trip back to a more youthful, single state-of-mind with your partner in crime, and dig in to a bowl of mac bejeweled with short ribs, paired with a bottle of wine. LTR, expensive: Serpentine Like your relationship, Serpentine is steady and in it for the long haul, offering up simple but well-executed dishes like oven-roasted chicken.

It's not an adventure, but it's a welcoming place to catch up with your significant other over a cocktail and one of SF's best burgers. Breakup spot: The Ramp Known for its bloody marys, The Ramp is a good place to bring a scorned lover in broad daylight. Have your "serious talk" by the water, where you can leave your ex gazing into the Bay, or at least have a getaway plan by boat locked down. Get to know your new potential someone over a dignified glass of wine or beer or something stronger, if you prefer in a calm setting, where you can order food if that's where the evening takes you.

First date, coffee: Mazarine This being downtown, most coffee shops in this neighborhood are grab-and-go affairs. Not so with Mazarine, which has plenty of seating to choose from, an essential when it comes to date number one.

Plus, if things really get going or really go south, depending on your outlook , there's beer and wine on offer here, too. Second date, moderate: Barbacco Reasonably priced Italian small plates and lots of wine in a bustling, pretty setting are solid starters for a great second date. The conversation's up to you, but Barbacco has the rest covered. Second date, expensive: Leo's Oyster Bar Inside Leo's, ferns hang from the ceiling, the bar glows gold, and splashy colors dominate the feel-good space.

There are tons of pretty people eating pretty things here — besides the typical raw bar fare like oysters, clams, crab, shrimp, and lobster, the menu is full of caviar, crudo, uni — and decadence. Sip on champagne, slurp an oyster, and wow your date with your cool pick. Where to lock it down: Waterbar The view from luxe seafood spot Waterbar is all you need to signify serious.

Located at the base of the Bay Bridge, the best time to go is at sunset, sitting on the heated patio while watching the sun go down and the bridge lights start to dance in front of you. The vendors have only gotten even better, and the best time to go is on Saturday mornings to fully enjoy the farmers market.

Prep yourself with patience for the inevitable crowds, but if you go with the right expectations, the outing can turn into a fun, all-day way to rediscover what you love so much about this city. The huge key here, though, is being sure to sit at the sushi bar — the vibe just isn't as good at the tables. Then, simply put yourself in the hands of the sushi chefs behind the bar and freak out with your SO over the expert nigiri. Breakup spot: Irish Times So long as you don't go during a sports game, Irish Times has the quick in-and-out service, simple drinks, and the somewhat private space you need to cut the cord.

First date, drinks: Mr. Tipples Live music may seem too loud for a first date, but the upbeat jazz no cover and lively scene at Mr. Tipples will work in your favor in this case. Over snacks and expert cocktails from the Maven team you can either have such a good time that you end up dancing, or be grateful for the music to fill the space if conversation falls silent.

Bad weather? Second date, moderate: Absinthe Absinthe is that perfect restaurant that fits into so many life occasions. In this case, its lively bar, familiar menu, and killer cocktails add a twinkle that makes second dates seem special. Hopefully you'll start with cocktails and some shared plates only to linger over a bottle of wine. Second date, expensive: Zuni Cafe San Francisco's iconic roast chicken restaurant will do much of the work of charming your date for you.

No matter where you sit in its five disparate areas, the vibes and lighting make it feel good to be there. Ice cold oysters and bubbly champagne are the right way to start off the night or day! Go along for the multi-course, wood-fired meal ride, being sure to pair it with a few bottles of wine from the all-natural list. Crenn knows how to do it right, so though the restaurant has a more low-key vibe than her original fine dining temple Atelier Crenn, you'll still walk away feeling wowed.

The multi-ingredient, innovative dishes don't seem to make much sense on the menu, but come together on first bite. It's a fun experience that will get you and your partner vibing on new flavors. Instead, head to Cala, where the Mexico City-native chef brings fresh flavors to the table. Be sure to get the mussels over toast and the charred sweet potato with bone marrow salsa negra.

Breakup spot: Brass Tacks As long as it's not a Friday or Saturday night, Brass Tacks will be just dark enough to hide, just empty enough to not make a scene, just full enough to not attract attention, and just sticky enough to ensure there won't be a rambling conversation. First date, drinks: Fat Angel With a friendly neighborhood vibe and an extensive wine and beer list, Fat Angel will let you show off your wine or beer knowledge without adding to the first-date pressure.

And, assuming things are going nicely, a nice menu of charcuterie and small plates will keep the two of you at the table long enough to split another bottle. First date, coffee: Jane The bustling vibe and clean, modern decor make Jane an inviting place for getting to know each other over a pastry or two. Grab one of the banquette tables near the front, or stake out an intimate spot in the loungy mezzanine and talk about how ridiculous it is that toast is still a thing.

Chef Nick Pallone moved down the street from his former post at Florio , and his emphasis on local ingredients, housemade charcuterie, and Neapolitan pies hits all the right notes without breaking the bank. A well-rounded lineup of craft beers and a modest, but nicely affordable wine list certainly doesn't hurt, either. Second date, expensive: The Progress Despite the hype around its sister restaurant State Bird Provisions , it can be surprisingly easy to snag a spot at the bar at The Progress.

Go on the early side, but take your time and let the staff guide you through a menu that chef Stuart Brioza and co. Where to lock it down: Spruce Michelin-starred Spruce is fully at home on tony Sacramento Street, bringing hushed, white tablecloth-swathed elegance to a city awash in loud dining rooms and rustic tabletops.

Sip Champagne and enjoy elevated California cuisine, while the professional staff anticipates your every move. LTR, moderate: Pizzeria Delfina Pizza makes for an unimpeachable date night standby, and Delfina makes inarguably solid Neapolitan-style pies. The vibe is nice enough to feel like a night out, but just neighborhood-y enough to feel comfortable. Get an extra salsiccia pie for bedtime snacking later.

It's time to go all-out on a high-end, white tablecloth Italian dinner and spare no expense on the wine. Perfect for anniversary celebrations or question-popping. Plus, there are cocktails on tap for when you need a drink immediately.

Always-stellar cocktails, friendly bartenders, plenty of seating, a buzzy crowd, and better-than-average bar bites are ABV's winning formula. First date, coffee: Coffee Bar No coffee shop has more seating than Coffee Bar, which will give you and your date plenty of options to choose from, whether it's at tables upstairs or downstairs, the second floor counter overlooking the space, or at tables out front.

There are even some couches to cozy up on — should you be so lucky — while sipping the great Mr. Espresso brew. Second date, moderate: Izakaya Rintaro With a Chez Panisse veteran at the helm, expect top-notch local produce and serious attention to detail — all filtered through a traditional Japanese lens.

There is one very serious caveat to having a date here: you must, must, must sit at the chef's counter overlooking the kitchen. The back room is a good vibes dead zone, and watching the yakitori chef work the grill from your perch at the counter is perfect second date fodder. Second date, expensive: Delfina This seasoned Northern Italian restaurant is an expert in hospitality, providing everything you need for a successful second date: good, shareable food Delfina's California take on Italian dishes pleases picky people and discerning eaters alike , solid wine, and some romantic, vibrant vibes.

Where to lock it down: Californios Californios is the most underrated tasting menu destination in San Francisco; taking someone here will make you seem very in the know. The Mexican food is surprising when's the last time you had aerated beans? Make sure you get the inventive wine and beer pairings, too.

LTR, moderate: Foreign Cinema Let's set the Foreign Cinema scene: a flickering hearth, twinkling lights, classic movie projected on the wall, solid drinks, delicious Mediterranean-leaning food, and attentive service. You can't manufacture romance like this, so inject some into your LTR, and head here for dinner. LTR, expensive: Lazy Bear You're in for a real treat at Lazy Bear, where the meal plays out in a way you've likely never experienced before.

This ticketed, tasting menu restaurant employs a service model entirely its own, one in which diners eat communally and chefs present each dish with a passionate speech. There are a lot of foraged ingredients, which come together in the tastiest of manners through surprising and expert preparations. Experience the delight with your SO, but do be prepared to make friends, too. Breakup spot: Evil Eye Evil Eye has a ton of couches; choose one to deliver your message.

Hopefully the evil eye will protect you while you do. First date, drinks: Union Larder Union Larder sets the bar for wine bars in San Francisco, with its glowy interior, excellent wine list, and just-enough food menu. It's casual and comfortable inside, and you'll likely encounter plenty of other first dates, but there's a reason for that.

And that reason is because it's a great first date spot. First date, coffee: Nook Watch the cable cars go by and talk about how much you love San Francisco while getting to know this brand-new person. There are plenty of snacks to order if you're hungry, or just grab some coffee and call it a date.

Second date, moderate: The Saratoga Your date will be impressed when you enter this two-story cocktail bar and restaurant nestled in the original Saratoga Hotel building built in Enjoy an elegant night out sipping on spirits from the s and nibbling on a yellowtail crudo or a warm, soft pretzel. Whitechapel Photo: Patricia Chang. Second date, expensive: Whitechapel. Enter another world when you walk into Whitechapel, a highly-themed gin bar fashioned to look like an abandoned London Underground station and distillery.

There's a lengthy list of gin-based cocktails, and the food is Bangladeshi-inspired pub fare, like mussels vindaloo and pakoras with spicy lime pickle, Asian pear, and lassi bubbles. It's a fun, crazy atmosphere that will definitely leave a mark. Where to lock it down: Acquerello This white-tableclothed, Italian fine dining temple may not be the hippest thing around, but you're going to get treated real right and eat some delicious pasta with incredible wine.

And this is a special occasion, right? So put your khakis and your dresses on and act like it. LTR, moderate: Liholiho Yacht Club Nailing a prime-time reservation at Liholiho Yacht Club requires some advance planning, so sync your calendars and pick a date a few weeks out to experience the inventive Hawaiian-Indian-NorCal cuisine that's had San Franciscans waiting in line for over a year.

If you're in a more last-minute situation, as long as you go in knowing there's a wait, it can be part of the event. Stalk the bar for seats to open up, or just accept the time for a table and head down the block to Pacific Cocktail Haven Sutter St.

At the lounge, you can experience the best of La Folie, without the sticker shock. It's the same great service, and you can order La Folie food a la carte here. It will still cost you just not as much , and still be very special just with a little more flexibility. Breakup spot: Owl Tree Grab a drink at the bar and then head to the small tables with leather couches in the back of Owl Tree and tell your SO it's not you, it's me.

There's enough privacy back there to afford you the space you need to get the job done. First date, drinks: Horsefeather NoPa now has its very own cocktail bar in a gorgeous, wood-paneled space with tons of seating and an atrium up front for when it's nice out though there are heaters for cooler weather, too.

The drinks all come in beautiful barware, though we recommend sticking to the classics instead of some of the more complicated menu creations. First date, coffee: The Mill The Mill is a coffee shop workhorse, but there are tables to snag both inside and out on the parklet, so you can make it work for you. Second date, moderate: Ragazza Everyone loves the pizzas at Ragazza, which has been an Italian neighborhood standby since Splits some pies and a few bottles of wine and reach second date nirvana — just make sure you go later in the evening after the kiddies have cleared out, and arrive earlier than your date to wait for a table, since there are no reservations.

Romance abounds in the twinkly ceiling, simple French fare, and Old World wine list meant for exploring. Do a little wine research beforehand to thoroughly impress your date. Where to lock it down: Ijji Ijji has quietly become one of the best spots for sushi in the city, with friendly chefs and a lighthearted, approachable atmosphere, despite a serious focus on the fish. Reserve a table downstairs, where there's more light and you have viewing access to the open kitchen.

For a super casual date, happy hour is always a popular draw, too, when there are dollar oysters and more discounted food and drink. LTR, expensive: Nopa Let's face it: Unless you're a super-regular, you're not getting a prime-time reservation at Nopa. So, make a night of it and submit to the wait. Head to the bar for snacks and drinks to pass the time, or scoot next door to Horsefeather. Once you're sitting down, all will feel right when you gorge on the pleasing menu and dive deep into wine director Lulu McAllister's excellent wine list.

Pick one, order a whiskey on the rocks for strength, and get it over with. First date, drinks: Ordinaire At this combo bar and wine shop, friendly and unpretentious dudes will ply you with expert knowledge of funky, offbeat wines that can be purchased by the glass.

If the date goes well, buy a bottle off the shelf and drink it at a dimly-lit table over some prosciutto and cheese. First date, coffee: W. Combined with high ceilings, huge windows, and gleaming white tile, this historic building is a pleasant place to get to know one another. Plus, the fact that there aren't hordes of laptoppers silently using Wi-Fi here there isn't any makes it fertile ground for conversation. Second date, moderate: A16 Rockridge Snuggled into Rockridge's main drag, A16 is a great upgrade for a second date.

Share pizzas, spirituous cocktails, and antipasti by the glow of the pizza oven, or while looking out onto the idyllic neighborhood streets. Make sure to reserve this option ahead of time. Where to lock it down: Commis The only two-Michelin-starred restaurant in the East Bay is an obvious choice, and one of the grander gestures available.

It's a relaxed vibe with super precise, flavorful food — make a reservation at the chef's counter for a memorable experience and a first-hand look at the action. LTR, moderate: Ramen Shop Waiting in line can be a strain on a new relationship, but a couple well-versed in each other's mood swings can certainly make it to dinner at this bustling neighborhood spot.

Grab one of the excellent cocktails and a snack in the bar, and prepare for ramen greatness. LTR, expensive: Camino Just because you've been together forever doesn't mean you have to be boring. This rustic, chill spot offers some of Oakland's best food straight from the wood-fired hearth.

Breakup spot: The Alley Breaking up to the sweet sounds of Rod Dibble's piano playing is one of the more poetic ways to end a relationship. This divey saloon is dark, with private booths and stiff drinks, making it the perfect place to cut ties. First date, drinks: High Treason Skylights provide nice light at this art-filled wine bar from alums of Restaurant at Meadowood, Quince , and Gary Danko.

Even if you don't know much about wine, the staff is well-informed and helpful while guiding you through their list of by-the-glass selections, and there are snacks from cured meats and cheese plates to gooey croquettes. High Treason doubles as a retail shop in case you need to get a bottle for the after-party. The multi-tiered deck and patio, designed by Paxton Gate, offer plenty of opportunity for privacy. Second date, moderate: Pizzetta It's easy to forget about this tucked-away spot on California Street , which consistently offers some of the city's best thin-crust pizza.

The room is tiny — make sure you meet up after the family rush to avoid kiddos — but there isn't as much of a wait on weekdays, and even if you have to camp out they hand out blankets and drinks. Its weekly changing menu includes the usual suspects like margherita, and pies with more exotic toppings like egg with fingerling potatoes and creme fraiche or buffalo sausage with blue cheese.

Second date, expensive: Cassava This cozy Outer Richmond restaurant serves a nightly tasting menu offering modern California cuisine, with beautifully plated items like house-made squid ink pasta with poached egg, black cod compressed with black olives, and sesame pot du creme. Each can be paired with wine or a non-alcoholic beverage, and there's a regular menu of apps and entrees if you don't want to go full tasting.

Inside, the dining room has soothing blue walls, subway tile, and a dramatic stripped tree sculpture; if it's nice, you can sit outside at sidewalk tables. Where to lock it down: Wako Omakase is on the menu at this tiny Clement Street restaurant, but Wako offers more than your average sushi restaurant. Chefs Atsushi-san and Tomo-san send out a parade of Japanese small plates, like housemade sesame tofu and mountain yam with spicy cod roe, followed by sashimi, tempura, and dessert; the whole thing is an elegant study in textures and temperatures.

The sushi bar is small, so reservations are recommended. This eclectic Japanese restaurant is decked out in vintage Beatles and classic rock memorabilia and plays a pretty much nonstop selection of Fab Four songs over its sound system. This may seem strange, but the vibe pairs well with its Japanese food, like skewers, okonomiyaki, and karaage chicken ramen. Halu's owner Shigemi Komiyama, a drummer in a local surf-rock band and main driver of its rock n roll attitude, died in , but his spirit carries on in the restaurant.

LTR, expensive: Chapeau! This yellow-walled, family-owned bistro on Clement offers the classics like escargot, cassoulet, and seared foie gras, and a combination of tasting menus and a la carte selections let you pick how lengthy you want your meal to be. The wine list is heavy on French vintages, naturally. First date, drinks: The Perennial Bar A lesser-known area of San Francisco's top dog of sustainability is its expansive bar, which has plenty of high-top seating for the taking.

Meet your date here, and if things lag, you can tell them all about the ways in which The Perennial is ultra-environmental they're all right here, so read up. On the flip side, if all goes well, you can choose from a variety of small plates for sustenance.

First date, coffee: Samovar Tea Lounge At this San Francisco take on pan-Asian tea culture, you can choose from Zen-quiet seating inside among plush pillows, or the sunny patio overlooking the green Yerba Buena Gardens. Order from a wide and exotic menu of palatable Chinese, Japanese, and Indian teas. The vibe is chill and the ambiance is quiet, making it easy to hold a conversation and linger if you want — or dash if needed.

Their menu rotates quarterly, to reflect items that are in season.

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Eater dating sf Courtesy of Muir Woods National Monument by kirainet. Long-term relationship LTRmoderate: T hese spots have an extra interesting element to them to add a little excitement to your th date night. Grab a pitcher of sangria and a host of plates to share amongst yourselves — it's the ultimate compatibility test. There's an impressive beer list and a menu of Belgian classics think sausages, mussels, fries if wanted. Eric Wolfinger. What's in my bar. Chinese in Chinatown.
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San Francisco's Ultimate Date Spots. Let Eater SF guide your way into a one-​night stand, a relationship, an anniversary dinner, and everything. I think so! Based on an anecdotal survey of my most social friends, I've been surprised by how many people are still dating, even if first dates are. However much planning you like (or don't like) to do, date night should be fun, at least a little bit special, Here are our picks for the best date night spots in SF.