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Alison cronin monkey world dating anyone bestiality dating

Alison cronin monkey world dating anyone

She got a response along the lines of O well that's the law, which would be 'fine' if this wasn't an organisation founded for the protection of chimps in the exact same position and Alison hadn't said on national TV that it didn't matter if the primate was endangered or not Monkey World will rescue them. Clearly all primates are equal but some are more equal. I have personally contacted them about the Banana Derby which straps capuchins dressed up as cowboys to dogs and races them.

It travels the round USA at fairs and private events. Now to me this is awful animal abuse. Again the response might as well have been what eves. I also sent them pictures of macaques being used as photographers props in Moscow in the depths of winter, which is very cold, not macaque friendly weather at all.

This time I didn't even get a response. Now I'm not nieve and I know MW can't save all the primates and fight all legislation but they don't even seem to try anymore. Other than their petition and presenting evidence in a parliamentary review on the primate pet trade but Alison contradicted herself and was speaking through the other panels presentation. Much smaller organisations with much smaller budgets are doing much more.

Along similar lines myself and many others have contacted them about marmosets that are in desperate in need of rehoming but MW won't do anything about it claiming there is no room. However, on Monkey Life they recue pleanty of marmosets and they even made a video of Alison rescuing a marmoset last week, do they only rescue marmosets when a camera is pointed at them? They say they have no space for more marmosets but what are they going to do when all those baby orangs grow up?

Especially as orang adult males will not co-habit. In the keepers talk about the Woolley monkeys the keeper said that the woolies were being breed as numbers are reducing in the wild, which is a tad misleading as it wouldn't be unreasonable for those listening to conclude that the offspring are being breed to be returned to the wild.

Which is miss leading as most of the woolies bred in captivity are hybrids and carry a virus that is not present in wild populations so it would be irresponsible to return them to the wild. Also seeing as they have produced many more males than females it would be responsible to stop breeding for a while. I guess this point could be levelled at any zoo part of the breeding programe but MW sells it's self as a rescue centre. If they keep breeding the primates on the programme in the near future the primates they've breed could start creeping very close to the number they have rescued.

I visited a couple of weeks ago on a hot Saturday, the kind of day that is going to attract large crowds to a zoo or a rescue centre. Which you'd think would increase the amount of educational staff you have working about the place right? Not at Monkey World there were zero staff members about. Some people were banging on the glass off one of the chimp enclosures annoying the chimps, I went looking for a keeper to get them to stop after they told me to f ck off. As I said there were no keepers about but I came across a wedding.

The wedding party was being guarded by four members of staff to keep us plebs away. Another member of staff was directing guests from the gate to the venue despite there being very good signage. So that's 4 staff for wedding guests 0 for primates. There were that many staff people were just standing around. The situation was the same in the shop.

Now obviously people that work in the shop are unlikely to be able to work in the park as education staff or keepers. But the staff ratios seem to scream that the areas where the park makes money are considered more important to staff than staff to answer guests questions or take the opportunity to educate the public and get their message across. And of course make sure people are keeping to the rules. I take my hat off to the marketing team, they certainly know how to sell themselves.

This was evidenced last week with their fundraiser attached to the marmoset rescue last week. Monkey World feels more and more like a conventional zoo. Am I being overly harsh on monkey world? Has anyone else 'gone off' their favourite zoo? Any ideas for a replacement for Monkey World? Frankly you are being overly harsh about just about everyone and everything.

What positive improvements come from such an attitude? Perhaps you might go to work for this organization you have so long admired and help them with their mission. Do positive change rather than harsh on others' work. Just don't work on the customer service end, not your strength. Zooplantman , 26 Jul Joined: 12 Jul Posts: 62 Location: Exeter. I suspect there is more to this venomous diatribe than meets the eyes!!

Monkey World is awesome!! Yes there is the fact I too thought Monkey World was awesome but their recent reluctance to rescue monkeys in need has tarnished my opinion. Their all over chimps and orangs but not worth the effort for a common marmoset or capuchin. Joined: 30 Sep Posts: 1, Location: Ware.

One thing is for sure is that when Monkey Army starts a post its usually a cue to start up a hornets nest. We have locked horns before and you are a bit of an idealist. Keep up the great work!! Mo Boothroyd I know it's 2 years since his death but only became aware of it 3 weeks ago watching Monkey Life which we did not get in Australia on our satellite channels.

All I can say is wow, what a wonderful man. He and Alison have shown bravery just be facing the situations they have head on, and their dedication to bring suffering to an end wherever they could. Huge admiration for them both and wish her well in the future. Margaret Only the good die young!

He has done so much good thinks, we love the programme! Alison keep up the good work! DIos bendiga monkey word, ya todos los que la apoyamos en el mundo I am sad by the death of jim, very young. GOD bendiga monkey world, already all the ones that we support it in the world. As a recent widow but after 55 years of marriage my heart goes out to Alyson and the only comfort I can offer is that the pain does get ess acute and work is a great help.

All the very best with Monkey world and keep the programmes coming. We shall never forget him. Jane Charlton. Helen from Holland Monkey Business is my most favourite programme on Animal Planet and once again I am reminded of the great team looking after primates and making sure they're well taken care of.

We should all remember the great work that Jim started and continue to support his work and support Alison in her struggle to rescue primates. We all love what you're doing and admire your efforts and continuing struggle. We love the programme and learn so much about it. It's great. May God bless you and your work. Elrine Greig Bless you, Alison, for the courage to go on - in South Africa, the Monkey World show is one of the favourite programmes - hang in there, Honey!

Margaret Lavender Absolutely amazing and wonderful work which gave Jim much happiness when he and Alison rescued a chimp and the others after seeing them in appallingly sad situations. It's wonderful to see through the years, the small babies grow in strength and independence due to Jim, Alison, Jeremy and all the dedicated staff at Monkey World. What a dreadful shock it must have to Alison to lose Jim but I hope the strength of his convictions, and your own Alison, has give YOU the strength to carry on your dedicated work.

I know what you are missing as my husband died unexpectedly 4 years ago. Today 24th May would have been our 51st wedding anniversary. I send you all my very sincere good wishes - love fromMargaret Lavender. Marina Dorscia Hull Like those very special few we lose for example like Dian Fossey, Steve Urwin, Jim will always be rememered as so many have said, and he will indeed. Its been just over two years now since Jims death and i hope Alsion is coping and carrying on the good work.

Remember Alison behind every good man or woman stands a very special some one who also has that passion and drive, as Jim did. Our love to you Alison as you continue with yours and Jims work. I am sure there have been some dark days but as you know,when you look in to the eyes and the expressions on those little faces that you see every day will keep you grounded and strong as well as focused.

Kelly Cooper I have enjoyed all the programmes. Monkey world has helped so many apes may it long continue. Johanna I wish Monkey World all the best for the future. Keep on the good work and go for it. I take my hat off to you!

Well done Alison. I trial to find som explanation, but this happen. I believ that she continues her work at Monkey World. He loved them so and his joy could be clearly seen whenever he and Alision would finally succeed in any of their hard fought rescues. Just couldn't believe it when I saw the film was dedicated to his memory.

Be strong Alison so that you could continue the good work which you and Jim have done. Those darling primates need you all the more now. Rest in peace Jim even though you would continue to look over the Monkey World and give your loving spiritual guidiance to everyone there that give such devotion and dedication to those wonderful charges.

The world has lost a good good man and you were a great inspiration and would be sorely missed. Please let me know how to make a donation. Eileen Helen Uppheim Jim Cronin's passing is such a loss for animals, however I'm sure Allison will meet the challenge of saving monkeys and apes with the same passion as her husband.

I've yet to visit Monkey World but it's high on my list of things to do the next time I'm home in England. Good luck and well done to everyone at Monkey World! Keep up the fantastic work!! Sheila Bennett We love the programme and watch regularly. We think you have all done more to educate people about the plight of the monkeys than any other programme.

We love Jeremy and hope Alison can continue with and expand the programme to rehabilitate monkeys around the world. What happened to the Capuchin monkeys from Chile - we are waiting to see them arrive in the UK! I think they are all wonderful people that work at mokey world but if it wasn't for jim and alison it wouldn't be a reality. I send my condolances to Alison keep up the spectacular work girl sorry for your loss.

Sue and Dave Hankinson We still miss Jim on the programme. It just didn't seem fair that God would take such a good man so early in his life. Alison must be so proud of the achievements at Monkey World which we visited last summer. Keep up the good work everyone - it is very much appreciated by all your visitors and we're sure by all the inhabitants at Monkey World.

God Bless Jim for all his wonderful work. Maivy Byggmark Sweden We are coming to Monkey World in september and we hoipe to meet you Alison and to give you a warm hugh and thank you for what yo u and Jim has done, and we pray that you will find strenght to carry on. I can't believe it is nearly 2 years ago. Such a shame, I feel so sorry for Alison.

The programmes are so funny especially Jeremy and the chimps. I'm sure Alison will make Jim proud as she continues her work at Monkey World. I regularly watched this programme as my late father Bill Collard, also rescued and bred chimps and orangutangs on a smaller scale.

He was the first person to breed orangutangs in South Africa, I do not know under what circumstances Jim died but it was a great loss to the primate world. What I used to enjoy most was the excitement and enthusism on Jim's face.

Please give my heartfelt condolences to Dr. Allison and congratulate her on carrying on her husband's dream. She is a remarkable woman to take on the plight of animal cruelty mostly due to ignorance. Neil Robertson I've had the very great pleasure to visit Monkeyworld twice and on both occasions it left me wanting to visit the park again. I, like most people, found out about this pogramme from watching Monkey Business on Animal Planet and from there my admiration for Jim and Alison began.

Steve Foo Jims passion for the Monkeys and the work he did was inspiring and with alison and her team i am sure it will continue. RIP Jim. Shelley Jim Cronin and Steve Irwin must be having a great time together! Thank God for sending angels like them to earth to champion the cause of animal abuse.

Ingrid Lewis It is a sad day for me. For a long time I have not been able to watch Monkey World on Animal planet, and today I watched and enjoyed the program but missed Jim's presence. I was taken with sadness when at the end I saw that the program was in his memory. Alison I will pray for you and Monkey World as I believe in what you are doing. Stay strong, the primates of this world needs you. Cornelia Hi there, we are following Monkey World on telly on a regular basis and will come and visit in May Can't wait to see the place in person.

Our kids are very impatient. So are Mum and Dad!! It is so uplifting and infrmative. I was so sorry to hear of the trgic death of jim cronin. My sympathy and condolances to alison. Joan Cue Jim is such a miss on the programme.

Its still hard to believe he's gone. Claire in Ireland Sory to hear about Jim. You both have done amazing work to keep the place running. Truely Amazing x x. I planto visit soon. Sandra Wilson This man was an inspiration to each and every one of us. He had true compasion and love for the creatures he rescued I wish I had met him.

What a lovely man he was. Sandie Wingvist I think Jim Cronin did a really excellent job at monkey world and I really admire his work and the work of Alison and all the rest of the people at monkey world. Keep up the good work. Karl Stimpson I am shocked at finding out about Jims Death so long after. What an amazingly kind man who with the support of his wife and team have changed the attitudes of many. Blessings to his family and team. Keep up the righteous fight. Much Respect. Jim's legacy lives on in Monkey World.

Sympathies to Alison and all the wonderful staff at Monkey World. Well done to you all I am sure that Jim would also be proud of you all. Karen Powell I watch your program everytime it comes on and i love the work you do for the monkeys. You and Jim have done s well to find the abused and ill treated monkeys everywhere best wishs Karn Powell. I hope to visit this year and really cant wait. I was saddened by Jim's passing and I feel elated that Alison is carrying on without him.

Yours most sincerely. Emma Burnett I AM Michelle Collett I am a regular visitor to monkey world and admire all the work that Alison and her late husband Jim have done. Monkey work is a credit to them and i hope to see all the chimps and orangs again this year. Keep up all the good work. How can we have rapists, murderers living into old age, when somebody who has done so much good dies?

He set up a good educational and conseration centre at Monkey World which his lovely wife and visitors and viewers to his programme will, some in a small way, continue his work and love of innocent primates who, because of man, have been mistreated and robbed of their freedom. His family must be very proud of him. We know we are. His life was very worthwhile. Carol Wing Hi Alison so sorry to hear the sad loss of Jim it was such a shock I've been watching Monkey Business for a while Iwatched Monkey Life on sky last nite and at the end it said In Memory of Jim I was in shock So glad you and the rest of your colleagues are keeping up the good work and his memory living on in the monkey world I love watching Jeremy in with them too Keep up the good work Alison Take care.

Karen Doughty I was socked to hear of the death of Jim Cronin. It will be a great loss, I was glad to hear his lovely wife is carrying on their woderful work and I wish her all the very best. Vivienne Murphy How many of us will be able to say our lives have made a difference - Jim has certainly made me realize life must have some real meaning - a wonderful wonderful educationalist - May You Rest in Peace.

Sue I love watching monkey world and at the end of the show saw in memory then just went on here to find out. What a shock so much he and his wife has done. Rest in peace Jim your wife has been a true and dedicated lady to the zoo. God Bless all who work there. Jim will always be remembered for making his dreams come true. Alison keep strong and we all look forward to many more years of reading and viewing the superb work you and your team will complete.

It did not take long to become an addict. So shocked. What a passionate man he was for all primates and all wild life. He opened my eyes and brain to a greater perception of our cousins. A great man who will be sorely missed. Thank you Jim. Steve Batey The passion and love for the task in hand always shone through.

Craig McBallard Jim Cronin was amazing and will be missed! Glad Monkey business is back on! I am absolutely shocked and so very sad. What a wonderful man and what a tragic loss to us all. His care and empathy with these exceptional animals was an absolute delight to watch. I wish Alison well and hope she will have the strength and courage to move forward as she is doing with Jim's amazing work.

Ingrid 'To live in the hearts we love is not to die' Carry on the good work Alison, Jim will be with you every step of the way. Ansie van Zyl Will there be new series of monkey bussiness? I am very sorry for him. So sad Jim is gone,best wishes Dr. It was here that I read "the late Jim Cronin" what a shock. Elizabeth Close Jim and you are doing great work, I have only just found this site new to computers sorry to hear he has gone, take care Alison and comfort in all you both acheived together.

You are an inspiration to all of us who care about the plight of these wonderful souls. I feel as if I have come to know you, the staff and most of the Chimps at M. Your work is so important to the survival of these beautiful creatures. Jim and Charlie are so missed by myself and my family. They have touched our lives in the most profound way.

We will keep them and you in our thoughts and prayers always. Rachelle G Monkey World is cool and Jim's work has paid off. Jeanette Beaupain Holland Now it's februari , and still I find it hard to believe that Jim is gone. I'm writing this because he just 'made me think of him' a few minutes ago, and I felt I had to act on it somehow. I'll just say what I wanted to say the first time when I saw your work: You make me proud to be a member of the human race wich isn't always the case , thank you with all my heart!

Yours sincerely, Jeanette. Caroline Hawkridge I have been watching the programe on Animal Planet for weeks now and I decided i would look it up on the internet and to my shock I find that Jim had passed away in Alison you have done a wonderful job with your late husband I hope the good work that you do carries on.

My best wishes go out to you and your team at Monkey World. God bless you. Caroline X. I watch monkey world every day and decided to look on the internet to find out where it was and got the shock of my life to read Jim was dead. I wish I lived near you Alison as nothing would give me more pleasure than to help you and your staff in any way possable I could. Keep up the good work and god bless you all for your brave work. Deborah x. Anne Osbourne I was saddened to hear of the death of Jim Cronin.

My sympathies go to his wife, Alison and I wish her and her wonderful team all the luck in the world. After watching Monkey Business on TV in Australia, my views and understanding of all primates have changed for the better. Keep up the wonderful work. Mort I had the pleasure of once meeting Jim and Alison while in Dorset , their passion for the plight of these poor primates was moving , I would put on my boots and work at the sanctuary at the drop of a pin , it is not often enough in life we meet such wonderful people.

God speed Alison in keeping his dream alive. Maureen Sudell I have been watching monkey world recently and have only just heard of the terrible death of Jim. What a man, so passionate and determined to make a difference to the monkey's of this world. Alison, you must be so proud of the man you married, keep up this good work you are doing. My very best wishes to you, and the team at Monkey World.

His sudden death was such a shock I lost my own husband 21 years ago and know what a loss it is. I am so glad that his wife Alision and his staff are carrying on his good work. I am so looking forward to seeing more of Monkey Business on T. God Bless you all. I have always felt passionately about wild animals in captivity. I would like to thank Jim and Alison for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the right way to undo wrongs against these magnificent animals.

I found myself shocked and upset to learn of Jim's death, it seems so unfair. With the best felt respect to all the staff at Monkey World, and especially to Alison. The work that Monkey World does is fantastic. Long may it continue. Hopefully, we will get to visit the centre at some point. Lynn Cobbold We as a family always watch Monkey World and would like to say what a good person Jim was and carry on with the good work Alison.

What he did for all those monkeys is unpresidented. The day that he died is one of the most darkest days in all of history, because all animals have lost their ambasador. My condolences to Alice and all of Monkey World. Let's make a better day with Jim in our hearts. Tina, Slovenia. Jacqueline Smith I visited Monkey World with my husband and two young sons in the first few days of its opening,it was very quiet at the time and we were met by a really nice friendly American guy with dark curly hair.

He proceeded to give us a personal tour of the site answering our and the boys many questions as it was the first time we had ever seen apes in such free and open living conditions. I could tell from our conversations with him that he was a man with a dream and that Monkey World was just the beginning of that dream. It was nt until I left that I remarked to a lady working there what a great time I had particularly recieving such personal attention that she told me that the man was the owner Jim Cronin.

I hope that he managed to achieve in his lifetime some of that dream and that Alison who I can see from the TV programmes also shares that dream can carry on the good work that they both managed to achieve so far. Marilyn Harrison Newport South Wales We love monkey world, it's the second time the series has been on television and we are loving every second of watching it again.

We send all our best wishes to Alison and her team keep up the good work. Do you have an adopt a monkey programme I would love to adopt one. David Denton I just watched an episode of Monkey Life and noticed that it was dedicated to the memory of Jim Cronin,I visited Monkey World a couple of years ago and met Jim and Alison, what a lovely couple to talk to and what a lot of good they have achieved.

I feel very sorry for Alisons loss but as long as there is a Monkey World his memory and his work will go on. You all do such a fantastic job. Brian Rayne-Pickering Iv been watching monkey world on tv the last few months, and what a shock to find Jim as died a sudden death Will see you all soon.

Deepest sympathy Brian. Alison keep up the good work and remember God needed a good person in Heaven and then He saw Jim. He is still there looking after you all. Ash south africa I have been watching monkey business for many years and just watched the first episode of monkey life. I was shocked to see it was dedicated to the memory of jim cronin.

I respect the work he has done and the legacy he has left behind. My heart goes out to Alison and others close to him. He seemed like a lovely man. Regards from SA. Sophia My heart goes out for alison, but jim did a great job and has affected the lives of many - man and monkey. Both of you have been the source of great entertainment over the years and Jim will be sadly missed - and always remembered as e great man.

Kerry Corrigan A true ambassador to the plight of all primates. Monkey Business being by far my favourite. Jim, Alison and Jeremy have inspired me to want to do more anyway I can. Many a tear I've shed watching the programme, be it a birth or learning the sad histories of these beautiful intelligent creatures. Jim Cronin lives on in this amazing safe haven. I wish Alison and all staff all the very best and can only hope South Africa can one day build a sanctuary like Monkey World.

After all, what is Africa doing for its primates. South Africans need to be educated in this field. Many thanks, Count always your blessings and never your losses. Martine Royal I'm so sorry for your loss Alison, you two made a wonderful team who saved many primates and touched many, myself included.

I've only just read of Jim's passing and wanted to express my sincere condolences and sadness and know Monkey World will miss Jim dearly. All the best to you Alison, I'm happy to know monkeys in need still have you. I only started watching Monkey Business recently and was very intrigued by the show and the humble and noble Jim who I thought was inspirational.

I jumped on the net to learn more about the show, I was taken back by the sad news, even though it is more than a year later. Just goes to show how much impact Jim still has. Suzanne Tatman I regularly watch monkey life the staff are so dedicated and compassionate was saddened to hear about the death of Jim Cronin such a loss feel so sad for Alison God bless you.

Diane Cookson May God bless Jim's soul and give Alison the strength to continue their amazing ministry with animals. My heart goes out to alison,and the rest of his family and friends. Helena Torrao My wife and I, have been so inspired by watching your fantastic work on Monkey Business, we would like to know what we can do. We live in South AFrica. We feel so strongly about the plight of primates, that we are prepared to wait another two years for our daughter to finish school and sell up and find a place where we can be of service.

I hope everyone at monkey world are ok, Jim was a great man. He stuck to his dream and made monkey world, and now Alison is carrying out his dream. God bless them all. I always watch Monkey World and love it. He was a wonderful man. God Bless you Jim and give Alison the strength to carry on. Love Sabine. Your icon so sad that you have gone but happy at what you have acheived. I know it seems hard now alison but your passion and love of jim will make you stronger, and money world will go on and you and your team will continue with jims dreams.

Mark Poole I only found out after the renamed shoe Monkey life said 'in memory of' and I was shocked. With Steve urwin and Jim cronin gone the world is a worse place. He was a truly great man and an inspiration, I am glad alison is carrying on Jim's work and hope her all the best. Bethany B what a legend. He and alison have done sooo much for help all those monkeys and take great care of them.

He will be remembered by those around him and all those who watched the programme. I always enjoyed watching and seeing how he shared such a bond with those animals, it was really amazing! My heart goes out to alison. JIM will always be in monkey world watching over all of those he loved dearly god bless you alison. Christopher Turner I have only been watching the program a little while but thought the plight of both of you to save monkeys was impressive to say the least.

Only the good die young , it's true. Susan Seeger I am ashamed to say that it was only today watching Monkey World with my 12 year old son that I realised that your husband had died. My sympathy to you and all your family. I wish you strength to continue and I have no doubt that you will. Ian and Julie Martin An inspiration and a leader of rescusing primates all around the world he will be sadly missed. To his wife Alison goodluck with all your work. What a legacy to leave behind.

So much he still had to do. My condolences to Alison. Pat and Alan Gwynn We have watched Monkey World with interest over a long period of time, and have always been filled with admiration for the work of both Jim and Alison Cronin and all their staff. When we heard about Jim's death we were greatly saddened. The world of Conservation has lost a real friend. Although we have not yet visited the Sanctuary, Jim always seemed such a lovely man, and we feel as if we knew him.

I know that Alison is continuing his work and I hope she gained strength at a very difficult time by knowing that so many people admired Jim. Keep up the good work Alison - the world needs you even more now. I love the way you and Jim have taught me to love the Chimps. My heart is sore to hear th sad news on Jim passing over.

Thank you for all the work you do to save these wonderfull animals. Jodie S With greatest sympathy for alison i've been watching all of the monkey businesses on animal planet and the all new monkey life and i cried as they talked about jim. Jim has been a fantastic rolemodel for me and i idolise him for that i to would like to help save the primates from cruelty and sufference when i am older.

God bless jim and God bless alison and thank you for keeping the park open and keeping jims dream alive. Carole i just happened apon this site tonight, how can Jim be dead, he is my hero, god bless alison, long live Charlie. Jim was a wonderful man, and you are a brave good and wonderful person.

Maureen Smith I feel so very sad at the news of Jims death,i have watched Monkey Life on TV and always look forward to the next show,what a fantastic thing you all do. My wish is to visit and see all the monkeys that i feel that i have come to know. I would just like to send my condolences to Alison,familyand everyone who do such wonderful work. Paula Barrett I have just heard the sad news of Jim Cronin - it is just a sad loss for his family, and the world and good luck to Alison whos carring on with passion on saving many more primates.

RIP Jim - you will be certainally missed by many. My grandson partner and i watch with such awe and wonder at the fantastic work you do and have done both as a team you two and now alison we watch as often as its on and are planning to visit you in the summer holidays and I for one cant wait we are proud of you and all you do its time people cared and you are such fantastic ambassodors much love and best wishes keep up the great work and we will see you soon jan dunc and josh xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Robert Carne A brave and nobel man who will be missed by all,Wishing alison every success in the future. Denise McNay I have been watching Money Business and have been overwhelmed at the love and care the monkeys receive from the staff at Monkey World. I have just found out about Jim Cronin's death when accessing the website for the first time today.

It made me feel very sad for his family and friends and the monkeys too. He and his wife have done marvellous work helping endangered species. I am glad to hear that his wife intends to carry on his work. My condolances to her and all his friends and family. Gillian Enkel He's work was inspirational, the monkeys and apes of this world have lost a true friend. My family will remember him for ever. Truly very sorry for your loss.

Wish Dr. Alison Cronin all the best in her endeavours. Kindly show more episodes of monkey business not just repeats. This makes children and adults more fond of these animals. We would like to know more about these individual chimps and others. Gary Harper You are all at Monkey-World living 'Saints' for the commitment, effort, time, understanding and above all else, the love and care you show to all your most preciouse 'guests.

I can only say that I have nothing but the upmost respect and admiration for each and every one at the centre and will wish you all the very best, staff and guests alike and a special thanks to a great and careing man-JIm Cronin. I'm sure if the animals could talk they would be saying "thankyou" to you all, each and every day! Bill Western What a wonderful person Jim was and Alison still is.

Such warmth and compassion displayed by both. They had the courage to tackle major issues with animal cruelty and there is so much of it being swept under the carpet. I hope Alison has the fortitude to continue the great work at Monkey World. Michele Burland Jim Cronin is the Patron Saint of prime-mates, his work will continue, because not only was he an Angel working on earth, he is an angel working from Heaven. Jodi 15,liverpool I'm really love the animals in monkey world and i have Jim and Alison to thank for thats they have made me relsised about the cruelty to the monkeys around the world and i hope to grow up with the same dream as the pair.

I am heart broken jim has passed on. P Jim - you made it happenJodi x. Jim was a true gem of this world and has regained my faith in mankind having just watched all the Monkeyworld series. Please let me know where donations can be made which will be secure. Liz Handley A truly inspiring human being who gave so much of himself to the conservation of primates. I am totally in awe of his work and his death reduced me to tears.

Good luck to Alison and everyone at Monkey World. Sue McQuilliam I would just like to say that i've been following the Monkey Life series on Animal Planet and have only just discovered the very very sad death of Jim Cronin. It's a sad loss for the family, monkeys and for anyone interested in ending the cruel practise in the trade of primates I know that the Monkey Sanctuary will continue as per the promise made, however, to have lost such a driven and passionate individual will certainly have left a large void in the community.

I know that he is with all of the angels and Rodney in heaven. I great guy and a fellow Italian Bronxite! He will be missed and we shall remember. L the standard and passion has been set for future generations to follow and build on. Alsion, Jim and their dedicated staff have done a fantastic job in Dorset. Jim's passing is a huge loss but Monkey World is in Alison's very safe hands.

Can't wait to visit this summer. Denton Manchester Good luck to Alison and all your wonderful staff Jim was a special man sent to do a special job and he has certainly done that and I think he will go on to impress our future generations God Bless Jim.

Dawn Jeffers I am shocked at the passing of Jim. I watched the Monkey world programmes and thought he and his wife were a unique couple dedicating their lives to protection of primates and the stories of Monkey World which I have always found fastinaing. I would like to pass my sincere condolences to his wife who has also worked tirelessly in their cause.

He was a brilliant guy and I am really pleased his wife has continued their dream. Amanda Harris I visited monkey world last week and saw first hand the great work they do there - the keepers were all so knowledgeable and dedicated. A very sad loss, but an amazing legacy. Campbell Not many people would take on the kind of things Jim did..

I have never seen such dedication to wildlife as were jim and alison I pray for jim and also for alison who must have thought her world had fallen apart. Rest in peace jim your work and dedication here in england and around the world will never be forgotten. I hope that Alison is faring well in spite of the sad loss of Jim, one of the few in this life who did what we others only speak and think about.

May the legacy of Jim Cronin live on and may Alison, her dedicated team and Monkey World continue to help those that cannot help themsleves. Gloria Mc Gaw I was very shocked and sad to hear the news what a great loss to the world his friends and family never missed an episode of monkey business. Carla I've only just heard and I am so upset about it.

I'll do what I can to support Monkey World from here on. Jan Kupler I'm so shocked to hear of Jim's sudden passing. Alison must be devestated and my heart goes out to her. I got hooked on the TV series after the rescue of Trudy. The Cronins and their dedicated staff are a blessing - if we had more of them on this earth it would be a better place for us all.

Rest in peace Jim - and be strong Alison- you are loved by so many. I'm so very very sorry for your loss. Jeremy please look after Alison with tender loving care the same as you do to the monkeys. Love to all Mavis x. Jim has left behind a lasting legacy of worthwhile work. A vision which Jim created and together with Alison continued. He made his mark in this world before he left it and the real winners, all the rescued primates will thank him each day they are safe and happy in their fantastic home at Monkey World.

He raised awareness about their plight and did something about it. I am sure you are watching over the centre. Well done Jim you have made a difference. P JIM. No follow-up are they O. I admire your work and will be sending you a donation.

Tara Hi Alison me and my mum have watched monkey world save monkeys all over the world for a very long time and still do. We were very shock when we found out Jim had died we were really upset but none of us will feel how you felt. Bye Taraxxxx. Nicola, Peterborough Me and My Husband first started watching monkey world on animal planet and we have been hooked ever since we haven't been to visit the centre in dorset yet but we are planning to go in the future,What Jim and Alison have done in highlighting the plight of Primates in the world is amazing with the help of Jeremy,Mike and the other care staff and people behind the scenes of Monkey World Long may people continue to support them so that Jim's legacy can live on.

Sarah Tomkins You were an inspiration to me and i will always be in awe of the incredible work you did and selflessness which you showed in dedicating your life to caring and rescuing abused primates. God Bless. Donna stephens I was shocked to hear about jim. I have been watching monkey business on sky.

Keep up the good work alison. Myself and my daughter are coming up to see monkey world in august. Cant wait to see charlie and gordon. I have never been to monkey world but will make sure i do soon i have been to John Apsinals many times in canterbury and hythe and also Jersey zoo and like you they all do splendid work. Rest in peace Jim. Your work will never be forgotten. He made a great impact on animal lovers the whole world round. We just think it..

Jim did it!! Forever in our thoughts and minds and trust you to carry on the good work.

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