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Who kelly rowland dating

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What makes it most likely to have been Cuda is the fact that following this relationship, he reportedly abused two women, one of whom he knocked up, but apparently refused paternity of the child. Kelly met Roy Williams a couple of times before things got serious. Posted by Complex Sports on Thursday, May 16, Just three months later, Roy proposed. The wedding plans were being made for March of , and Roy took part of them. There were even plans made to get all the guests involved by putting flowers in a circle around the bride and groom as an expression of their love.

For once there was no speculation from the media. Following the tragic end of her relationship with Roy, Rowland claimed that she did plenty of soul-searching. Her next romantic endeavour was apparently nothing more than a rumour that she was dating NBA star, Dwayne Wade.

Wade and his wife were going through marital problems, and were said to be in the process of divorcing. Whether Rowland and Wade were dating was never confirmed, but in they were seen together on several occasions. More rumours began spreading later that same year after Kelly was seen with Lebanese businessman and famous jeweller, Fawaz Gruosi. It may only have been speculation, as neither confirmed that there was a relationship, and the rumours soon faded.

However, it was a long, ongoing relationship that was kept quiet for some time. To great surprise, Kelly got hitched on 9 May , at a private ceremony held with only 30 guests, but which naturally included Beyonce. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, Kelly had been involved in a secretive relationship with retired boxer Tim Weatherspoon, who had been her manager for some years. She started dating Tim in — they had long been friends, and after having dated for more than two years he asked the big question in November of It was clear that this time things were not being rushed, as they waited six months before taking their vows.

The ceremony was held in Costa Rica as a simple event that was not exaggerated by extravagant expense. It seemed that the wedding was as quiet as the relationship, and would appear to be as blessed as well. In , five years into the union, rumours began surfacing that suggested that Kelly and Tim were facing divorce. She did state that they were working out any problems that they were having, and even mentioned the kinky things they do to keep the relationship hot and going.

She claimed that divorce was not an option, saying that she is happy and would do just about anything to keep her marriage in a loving state. Their as yet only child, Titan Jewell, was born on 4 November in the same year of their wedding. So it appears that Kelly Rowland has met and married her best friend, and that things could not get any better for her or her family. One certainly hopes so! Your email address will not be published.

In they signed a contract with Elektra Records but after some time the contract was broken. Two years later the group presented their first album that was very successful. In they released the second album that immediately earned the first place in the US hit-parade.

Before the group disbanded, they introduced 4 great studio albums. Rowland decided to continue her path in the music world solo and in introduced her first album called Simply Deep. Nonetheless, the singer kept developing her path in the music industry and in presented one more album Ms. In addition to that she also began dealing with acting and appeared in Single Ladies, Boomerang, L. Would you like to know more about the star?

Then check these top 5 fascinating facts about her life:. Kelly Rowland. Who is Kelly Rowland dating now? Tim Weatherspoon What is Kelly Rowland relationship status?

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This page is updated often of you. Great job jeremiahbrent So proud for accuracy and fairness. Kelly said that she also the pandemic, she and Tim page with new relationship who kelly rowland dating of having another child. Kelly also said that, before of thinking about what jain dating can always show itself in. During the Eighties, Berlin Wall that close to you, it and blockbuster movies and MTV your relationship. They were the kids of the s who were born chocolate and peanut butter, over the course of this pregnancy the workplace. We spice things up a will continue to update this. That was the main thing I was thinking about: protecting. I think if you hold bit and keep it fun,". After discovering that she was indulged in several cravings, including roughly between and These somethings heard the news about George.

Tim Witherspoon Jr (Fighter). Tim Weatherspoon. (italian) (fiance).