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Dating two years no proposal

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That doesn't do much good for either of you. The first thing you want to find out is what is holding him back. It sounds like he feels that you are The One but is resistant to taking that leap into matrimony. There are a few common reasons why men are sometimes slow to pull the trigger in situations like this. Once you figure out which is the culprit, you'll have a better handle on how to move forward. Here are the five most common proposal holdups I see in my private practice and how to tackle each one:.

In the age of student loans and credit card debt, saving up the standard two-to-three months salary is a tall order. If you believe this is what might be holding him back, let him off the hook by telling him that you would be happy with a smaller diamond or less expensive stone emeralds and rubies are lovely! Many men have a vision of where they would like to be professionally before they walk down the aisle. Have a conversation about what he envisions for his career and what steps he feels are necessary before getting engaged, and then find out how you can best support him in achieving his goals.

You may feel as though his professional and personal lives are intertwining but distinct paths that shouldn't dictate each other's timelines, while he may consider the two to be one linear path. If he expresses this, let him know that you want to stand by his side, as his wife, while he continues to kill it at work. Or ask him to define the career goal he wants to tick off before popping the question so that both of you know what he's working toward, and the goal doesn't continually shift as he climbs the corporate ladder.

Either way, knowing what he has his professional sights set on will keep you from questioning whether there's something bigger behind his hesitation. Despite how much traditional gender roles have changed, many men want to feel like they are able to support both themselves and their partner before marrying, even if they will never actually have to take on that burden. According to a survey by the National Marriage Project, 47 percent of men want to be able to buy a home before getting married, and 40 percent want be able to afford a tasteful wedding party.

If money is what's holding him back, sit down together and see where you can cut back expenses as a couple. Perhaps you can eat at home more often, go on fewer vacations, or find a less expensive apartment when your lease expires. Working together to achieve financial goals has dual benefits; not only does it save you both money, but having a common mission also brings couples closer together. Of course, there is also the possibility that he's undecided about whether he sees marriage in his future with you.

Is there an aspect of your relationship that gives him serious pause? If so, it's important to figure out whether it's something that can change, that he can learn to accept, or that will ultimately end the relationship. It sounds like this is not the case, but make sure that when you talk about your "future" together, your definitions of that word match.

Some people don't feel the need to plan ahead; they are comfortable with the notion that something can make them happy for now—even for a long time—without wanting to commit beyond that. Others are all about long-term commitment but take issue with the legal institution of marriage. You would probably know at this point if your boyfriend were strongly opposed to marriage itself, sensing whether he's given the longevity of your relationship real thought is probably apparent too: Does he talk about growing old with you?

Have you discussed the possibility of children? Is he comfortable when these topics naturally come up? If they do, this is probably not your problem; if they make him flinch, it's time for a larger conversation. Sometimes people like the concept of marriage in theory but get cold feet about putting it into practice themselves.

I see this most often among 1 men who were once playboys and struggle with the idea of letting go of their youth for what they perceive as a more sedate lifestyle and 2 men who grew up around bad marriages, i. If that sounds like your boyfriend, the best thing you can do is help him get into therapy to work through the pain from his childhood that holds him back.

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A long engagement would be just fine by me.

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Dating two years no proposal Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. Related articles. He has told me he already knows he wants to be with me but. They should have nothing to do with marrying you. Rockstar January Do you see this as the kind of balance you want in your life for the next 40 or 50 years?
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Cayman dating sites I know that sounds harsh, but why should I wait around? The characters written do not match the verification word. Buuuttt please do NOT give him an ultimatum. For reference, my fiance and I were together for 3. Photo Credit: Jordan Voth. I think that was an eye opener for him.
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My Story! After waiting 10 yrs! He got married to someone else within 5 months!

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If We've Been Dating For Two Years & He Still Hasn't Proposed If it gets to the two-year mark and there's no sign of my ring, I'm gone. we're nowhere near the two-year mark yet, but he'd better not wait too long to propose or I'll be a goner. I understand your eagerness to get engaged, my boyfriend and I dated 5 years before he proposed to me (we had been living together for 2. › Relationships.