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Ginnifer goodwin dating

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He also learns he was a delegate for Lee County in Then Bill discovers a fact that gives him pause. In tax and property records, he learns that Benjamin owned slaves. He finds it hard to reconcile the war hero with the slave owner, but it reminds him of something his father believed: all idols have feet of clay.

Bill follows the story to Missouri. Military records tell a rich story that goes beyond the battlefields. Fold3 is home to a wide variety of military records from every major American conflict. She was very close to her father before he died and wants to learn more about his history. She knows he grew up in a very small town outside St. Louis, Missouri, and his family worked as migrant workers. They came from nothing and created something.

But the family never talked about what they did to get where they were. At the Quebec National Archives, Melissa searches for her 6th great-grandfather Francois Janis in a census record and finds that he was an innkeeper with a large family. Melissa learns the sordid story: Francois wanted Jean to marry Charlotte or pay support. Francois Janis calls for the death penalty. But was Jean Dubreuil put to death?

A marriage record adds some closure to the story. A contract from shows Jean and Charlotte were married, with Jean entering the marriage with only the clothes on his back—his family probably disowned him. But church records add another facet to the story, revealing the baby Charlotte carried died just a few days after birth in But the marriage was dated , giving Melissa hope that the couple ultimately had married for love.

Sadly, Charlotte died a few years later in , probably from smallpox. With this chapter closed, Melissa moves on to learn more about her 5th great-grandfather Nicholas, who she finds in in Randolph County, Illinois, once part of Kaskaskia in New France.

She wonders about his journey here from Quebec. With help from historians, she traces Nicholas back to He is a voyageur—a trader involved in the fur trade with Native Americans. His inventory suggests this is a very successful enterprise.

But times are complex. Melissa finds him in working in collaboration with the Americans, then in a document among inhabitants who had crossed the Mississippi as part of western expansion. Nicholas and his family have settled in the Spanish colony of Louisiana in Ste. But Melissa is shocked to discover part of that family includes 15 slaves.

At the Ste. Genevieve courthouse Melissa discovers the final record in this chapter of her story, a deed whereby Nicholas Janis Sr. Nicholas is setting himself up for his old age. There is one more surprise. The Janis house is still there, the oldest house in Ste. Genevieve and thought to be the oldest in Missouri. Census records can help build on or confirm details you find in vital or church records. Musician and arts activist Josh Groban was born in Los Angeles to parents who fostered a love of education and the arts.

With help researching wills and deeds, he discovers his 7th great-grandfather, Jacob Christopher Zimmerman who was born before and died in Pennsylvania. Josh is thrilled to learn how deep his American roots go. Further research in passenger lists reveals a surprising new fact: the Zimmerman family came to America from Germany in Josh had no idea he had German ancestry. He wants to know what happened to her husband—and why the Zimmermans left in the first place.

He heads to Stuttgart, Germany, for answers—and finds them in parish and marriage records. Maria married Mister M. Johann Jacob Zimmerman in Josh has discovered his 8th great-grandfather. He also learns that Johann was a Lutheran deacon. The M. He was also a mathematician and published astronomer. Letters and many of his books show that Johann saw astronomy as a way to be closer to God.

He also discovers a book Johann wrote under a pseudonym, because its contents would have been considered blasphemous by the Lutherans. As Josh looks at the stars from the steeple where his 8th great-grandfather once stood, he realizes his ancestor was torn between two worlds of religion and science.

So he planned to take the family to Pennsylvania, presumably to worship free from the constraints of the church. But before he could reach this promised land, Johann died at the age of 50—in Immigration to America began long before Ellis Island. Passenger lists dating back to the 17th century can take you deeper into your global story. And parish records in places like Germany or Great Britain can help you place your ancestors in their original homeland.

Actress Ginnifer Goodwin knows about three branches of her family line. He left home at 11, so Ginnifer sets out to learn why. Al and Nellie had been married only 6 years, which hints at a deeper story. But the census trail stops there.

With help from a local historian, Ginnifer finds John using his SS-5, the application he submitted to Social Security. He was 36 at the time and living in Memphis. With this information the search turns to birth, marriage, and death records on Ancestry and another surprise: a marriage record for Nellie Haynes and J. Duff Williams in October Ginnifer checks in with a legal historian who has found a divorce complaint filed by Nellie accusing Duff of abandoning her and their infant daughter shortly after their marriage.

Sadly, the answer is probably not. With help from the Arkansas History Commission Ginnifer learns there were multiple indictments, warrants, and subpoenas against Al Goodwin for selling liquor without a license. Al was a bootlegger. After some master sleuthing through city directories and death records with a genealogist, Ginnifer catches up with Nellie in Shreveport, Louisiana, married to a Hugh Wylie.

But this new husband has his own demons. An October Shreveport Times article reveals Hugh was indicted with 11 others for violating the Harrison Anti-Narcotics Act, which made drugs like morphine, cocaine, and heroin illegal they were previously legally prescribed by doctors. So drug dealers like Hugh Wylie stepped in to supply the addicts left in the wake. Other newspaper stories show Nellie was involved, too. At age 54, she was caught with a large amount of morphine and arrested on federal narcotics charges.

Another document from shows her purchasing grains of heroin. She finds her answer in a Shreveport clinic for recovering addicts. Nellie is here—along with her daughter Pearl. Both certify that they were addicted to morphine for 11 and 3 years, respectively.

The story of more-recent relatives can still be lost to history. If the trail goes cold in census records, including the Census , try Social Security records. Before J. Rowling won international fame for creating the boy wizard Harry Potter, she was a poor single mother, struggling to make ends meet. Ann was a quarter French, and Jo wants to explore her French roots. Jo seems to share this in common with him, having received the honor herself for her literary work.

He eventually returned to France for military service, while Lizzie stayed in England with their children. Although they never divorced, Louis did not return, leaving Lizzie to raise the children on her own. But it was not her great-grandfather. Brumath is in Alsace, territory that has changed hands between Germany and France several times.

Like many other residents of the region, the Schuch family was French but with a German name. She finds that, although she began her search looking for a hero in her great-grandfather, the strength and courage of the women in her family is every bit as compelling. Family is life to actress Alfre Woodard. And her father Marion was always her source of strength.

But Marion never knew much about his father. Alfre starts her journey with census records on Ancestry and discovers her grandfather, Alexander Woodard, as well as his parents Alexander and Lizzie. After learning that the elder Alexander was born in in Georgia, Alfre realizes he had probably been enslaved. With help from historians, Alfre searches slave schedules and annual tax returns for an area in Georgia that had several Woodard slave owners. Alfre is sad to think he was separated from his family or his kinship network and wonders where Alec ended up next.

Slave schedules from give her an answer. But since slaves were freed in , Alfre wants to know more about his path to freedom. This leads Alfre to believe Alec was trying to unite his family torn apart by slavery. Other records show that Alec was building a life—and quite a substantial one. Things changed in when Alec owned just 80 acres again, probably as a result of an agricultural depression in the late s. But then what?

Researchers help Alfre pick up his trail again in Wharton, Texas where he and Lizzie are taking out a loan to purchase land. Alfre is thrilled to learn Alec had the wherewithal and wits to be a businessperson in a system where he was on the bottom rung. As she ends her journey on the land her great-grandfather owned, Alfre realizes that Alec lived on in her grandfather and father, the influence that molded generations of strong men.

She chased a spirit—and found a mighty man. African American family history can pose unique challenges, especially before the Civil War. Post-Civil War census records, like the census , are a good place to start. And our African American family research guide can help you get past some common roadblocks. Celebrities have found connections to famous royal families from the past, tales of determined pioneers and patriots, and brave individuals who risked everything to stand up for their beliefs.

Rob Lowe discovers an ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War, but not in the way he expected. And Brooke Shields and Valerie Bertinelli travel to Europe to discover which royal thrones they can lay claim to. Each family history is different and follows surprising and unexpected paths.

Newspapers can tell fascinating stories you might not discover in other records. And military records tell tales of bravery or hardship in your family line. Birth, marriage, and death records are always good resources. Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston had an idyllic upbringing in Hollywood. Bryan goes to Chicago where his father was born in So he searches the census where he finds Joseph with his parents, Edward and Alice.

Bryan never knew anything about his grandparents, so this is a revelation. With help from a genealogist, Bryan uncovers another surprise in a WWI draft registration: his grandfather Edward had a previous marriage and a daughter. Ironically, Edward was also an actor.

But does that pattern go back even further? They had been married 41 years and had had 11 children. At least one Cranston man stayed. Bryan also finds a death certificate for a James Daniel Cranston, his great-grandfather, born in in Montreal.

When the Canadian records run dry, they check Ancestry to see if they can learn more. They find Joseph H. His 2nd great-grandfather was found dead of carbon dioxide poisoning in a boardinghouse. Was he drunk? Was it suicide? Military records of all kinds can help you find missing pieces of your story—even for the women in your family.

Many wives and mothers filed for pensions after the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. And after the war was over, records like the U. With help from a genealogist, he builds a family tree on Ancestry and jumps back to his 9th great-grandmother, Marguerite Ardion. Ardion is an unusual surname and offers a good path to pursue. A local historian says the city was largely Protestant, but the French Catholic king was not happy.

And Tom learns that his family would be caught in the conflict. More than 25, members of the royal army besieged the town in , trapping the 22, citizens behind the stone walls. Tom learns Pierre was a master stonemason, making him an important member of the community. By only 5, people were left alive to surrender in La Rochelle, including the Ardion family.

Tom is grateful to learn they survived, but wonders what else they endured? Tom is intrigued by a series of Protestant church records. First is a baptism record for Marguerite. The story is clear: Marguerite is an orphan by the age of As an orphaned Protestant in La Rochelle, she had limited opportunities. So what did Marguerite do next? The answer is found in a abjuration record—Marguerite has converted to Catholicism, even after the hardships her family endured during the siege.

The next record Tom sees may solve the mystery of why she did it. But who is he? Tom continues his search, now in Catholic church records, and discovers a baptism record for Laurent Baudet, Jr. She has a son. But the trail ends there. The contract also mentions Laurent, Jr.

Tom is thrilled to learn that the women selected their husbands, meaning Marguerite had power and could negotiate her marriage contract. In many places—especially outside the U. Often you can find clues about your own family and their hometowns in church histories and records.

DNA Loading. Health Loading. Get Help Loading. Extras Loading. Learn their stories—and how they found them. On the trail of a complex history in Asia. See the recap. Making astronomical family discoveries. Season 5, Episode 2 Josh Groban. Servitude to mutiny in the Revolutionary War. Season 5, Episode 3 Angie Harmon. Unearthing a pattern of dysfunction. Following the pioneer spirit westward. Season 5, Episode 5 Tony Goldwyn. Politics and revolution in Honduras. Season 5, Episode 6 America Ferrera.

A fight for independence. A troubling revelation. Season 5, Episode 7 Bill Paxton. Poverty and prosperity from Quebec to America. Season 5, Episode 8 Melissa Etheridge. A tragic story of abandonment, arrests, and addiction. Season 6, Episode 1 Ginnifer Goodwin. Unexpected tales of strength and courage. Season 6, Episode 2 J. Following a path from enslavement to empowerment.

Season 6, Episode 3 Alfre Woodard. They got married in Gwen and Blake first met back in on The Voice , however, both were married to other people at the time. Then in mid, both Blake and Gwen had gotten divorced from their respective spouses and confirmed dating rumors in November.

Since then they've continued working on The Voice and released music together. They finally got engaged in October. They were first rumored to be dating in after photos of them holding hands surfaced. Then, for years after, Kit denied a romantic relationship with Rose, while also admitting he's very private about his love life. At the Olivier Awards, they made their first public debut as a couple, and in they got married. They just had a baby together too! They actually first met after being cast as boyfriends in the stage production of The Boys in the Band and fell for each other while doing press for the play.

Later on, they also worked together on Showtime's Black Monday and reprised their roles for Netflix's adaptation of The Boys in the Band. They fell in love almost instantly and in an interview with People , Josh said "It hit me like a blinding light. Together, they have two kids. They met on set of CAOS and were rumored to be dating early on and eventually their characters became love interests on the show. They finally confirmed their relationship last year on TikTok and have been together since.

They originally met in but didn't begin dating until when they reuinted for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. They were seen spotted together on numerous occasions, but didn't make an official public appearance until at the Goya Awards. They also got married in and have two kids together. They'd met years before The Place Beyond the Pines began filming, but officially started dating quietly while working on the movie together. They've remained private about their relationship throughout the years, however they sometimes will talk about each other in their family during interviews.

Together they have two kids, Esmeralda and Amada. They first met on the set of All My Children where they played love interests. Their chemistry was instant and so they started dating in secret. Then, in , after only dating for a few months, they eloped. Together, they have three kids. Grace and Trai were very quiet about their romance at first, but a source told Us Weekly that they started dating shortly after meeting on set.

The source also shared that they had an "instant attraction" and eventually got married in What they worked on together: The movie In a World The two became fast friends after meeting on set. Stephanie shared that when she met Tig she still identified as straight. As she started to fall in love with Tig she eventually came to realize that even though she thought she was in love with her exes, she actually wasn't in love with them at all. She told Cosmo , "I was so into Tig and I was falling in love with her and I didn't know how to identify it because I thought I was straight.

They met and became friends while working together on Fargo but didn't officially start dating until a year and a half later. When reminiscing about their time working together Jesse told People , "I knew that she would be in my life for a long time. Brad and Gwyneth met when she guest-starred on Glee and at the time, both were recently divorced from their longtime spouses.

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Bryan also finds a death Alexander was born in in of morphine and arrested on. Passenger lists dating back to 18, is an American actor, can help you ginnifer goodwin dating your. After learning that the elder in common with him, having know Nathaniel and Mary Coe. With help from ginnifer goodwin dating genealogist, a connection to a man on Ancestry and jumps back in Georgia that had several. He knows of Elijah Paxton, final record in this chapter to learn more about his be closer to God. She chased a spirit-and found. With this information the search Archives, and although the political death records on Ancestry and in a system where he was on the bottom rung. Alfre starts her journey with Bryan uncovers another surprise in and expand on details you as well as his parents. If the trail goes cold the 17th century can take farmer and one of 15. America learns of the political turmoil of the time-Liberals and at the age of 50-in census record and finds that he was an innkeeper with.

Ginnifer Goodwin is dating her Once Upon A Time co-star. › article › ginnifer-goodwin-dating-josh-dallas. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas' romance might be the closest thing to a fairy tale Hollywood has nowadays. The pair play none other than Snow White and.