robert pattinson and nikki reed dating

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Robert pattinson and nikki reed dating ashely dating

Robert pattinson and nikki reed dating

While Nikki Reed's character Rosalie Hale always envied Bella Swan's ability to have a baby, Reed actually has a daughter of her own in real life. Reed is married to fellow actor Ian Somerhalder Somerhalder played Damon Salvatore on the show The Vampire Diaries , which premiered a year after the first Twilight film was released. As Us Weekly recalled, Reed and Somerhalder got together in and had a "whirlwind romance," noting that the two got engaged "just six months after they started dating.

They had always been attracted to each other, but always in another relationship. It may seem quick, but they knew it was right. The couple was so sure about their love, that they tied the knot in April , just a few months after getting engaged. I guess the saying "when you know, you know" really rang true for these two!

They eventually became a family of three: Reed and Somerhalder welcomed their first kid together in July Reed really is living out Rosalie's dream. As soon as Twilight hit the big screen, fans swooned over Emmett Cullen and many still do. So, what's Kellan Lutz up to these days? Well, aside from telling Entertainment Tonight that he and Miley Cyrus never actually dated, contrary to what an Us Weekly report from led many to believe, that is.

You better believe he's enjoying married life. In , Lutz told Us Weekly that he has an "old school" approach to relationships, which meant that he and his wife, TV and podcast host Brittany Gonzales , "didn't live together until [they] got married. A couple months after their wedding, Lutz took to Instagram to share some wedding pics and wrote , "It was an amazing mainly because I got to marry my soulmate and the love of my life.

In , Lutz and Gonzales announced they were expecting their first child together. In November of that year, they unfortunately shared the tragic news that they lost the baby. Alongside a black and white photo , Gonzales wrote, "Our sweet girl went to heaven and I delivered a baby at 27 weeks I'd never get to meet. Jackson Rathbone, who Twilight fans know as Jasper Hale, ended up meeting his wife right around the time of the final film. According to People , Rathbone started dating blogger Sheila Hafsadi in , and the couple welcomed their first child together in July By October , the two were married and Rathbone gushed about his wife to People saying, "It was one of those things.

I always said I believed in love at first sight, but I never really had that feeling before. Looks like Rathbone, who continues to work as an actor , found the real life Alice to his Jasper! And while Rathbone and Nikki Reed played adoptive siblings in the Twilight films, they've actually become so close in real life that Reed is the godmother of Rathbone's firstborn.

In September , Rathbone took to Twitter to share a photo of Reed with his kid. While filming the Twilight movies, Peter Facinelli had seemingly found the Esme to his Carlisle, as he was married to fellow actor Jennie Garth. But unfortunately, it wasn't a lifelong romance for Facinelli and Garth, as they split up in after about a dozen years of marriage.

Facinelli spoke to LaPalme Magazine via People about going through a divorce with three daughters in the picture. As long as they know they're happy, they know they will be okay. And since his split with Garth, Facinelli had other relationships in the spotlight. At one point, he was engaged to actor Jaimie Alexander, but in , E! News reported that they split and decided to "remain good friends. According to Entertainment Tonight , Facinelli and Harrison began dating in September of , which was around six months after he split from Alexander.

After over three years together, People reported that Facinelli and Harrison got engaged in late during a trip to Mexico. Both Facinelli and Harrison shared photos from the special night on Instagram with Facinelli, writing, "A Magical night with this incredible woman. A Perfect ending to He had a significant role in three of the films as a member of Jacob Black's shapeshifting werewolf pack.

And in real life, Stewart seems to be creating his own pack with his girlfriend Valentina Cytrynowicz, a musician who goes by Valentina Cy. It's unclear exactly when these two started dating, but Stewart first appeared on Cytrynowicz's Instagram page in April , when they starred in a music video together. Since then, the two have both shared tons of their sweet couple moments on social media.

On Stewart's birthday, Cytrynowicz even referred to him as " my love. And before dating Cytrynowicz, Stewart was linked to dancer Megan Serena Trainer— no, we're not talking about the pop star Meghan Trainor.

Trainer was a dancer in the Descendants movies , and Stewart played one of the descendants in the films. According to Distractify , the two apparently split around , but it seems like they are still on good terms: Trainer continued to post on social media with Stewart, even after their reported breakup.

While the leaders of the Volturi are extremely intimidating and intense, Michael Sheen, who plays Aro in the Twilight films, couldn't be less like his character. That's acting for ya! He's charming and hilarious, he's got a big beard, he's in a sweet relationship with his girlfriend, and he's a dad. A far cry from the menacing leader of a vampire coven. I just saw his IG and you would never know it lookin at that man now. Sheen first appeared on girlfriend Anna Lundenberg's Instagram page in May , and he's been a staple of her account ever since.

In July of that year, Lundenberg announced on Instagram that she and Sheen were expecting their first child together. Alongside a pregnancy pic, she wrote, "The universe has led me to where I am right now with a bunch of active choices on me and my partner's behalf, too, obviously and I am truly excited, terrified, thrilled, comforted and completely in love with what's ahead.

By September , the two actors welcomed their daughter Lyra. While Sheen isn't active on social media, Lundenberg has continued to post adorable photos of Sheen and their baby girl, calling him , "the most incredible father this little ladybug could have asked for.

The Twilight character James sure put viewers on edge, but Cam Gigandet's real life couldn't look sweeter. The actor is all about hanging out with his family and taking cute photos. This is around the same time that Stewart ended her relationship with Michael Angarano, sparking rumors that Pattinson was the one responsible for the breakup. There is no telling if the reports are true, but they are hardly the only rumors Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have faced over the years.

Bella and her future sister-in-laws getting wedding-day ready. According to Refinery 29 , the pair also dealt with rumors about how Stewart fought with Nikki Reed over Pattinson. The reports claimed that Stewart was jealous after hearing rumors that Reed and Pattinson had a thing. As it turns out, these rumors are unlikely to be true. Reed has also since shut down the rumors that she dated Robert Pattinson , stating that they were never romantically involved. Back in , inside sources claimed that Twigs did not want Pattinson to invite any of his former co-stars to their wedding — including Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed.

It should be noted that the rumors were never confirmed and that the pair ultimately parted ways before they walked down the aisle. Pattinson and Reed were good friends at one point in time, though they appeared to grow apart once Stewart came onto the scene.

Once again, sources claim that Stewart is the reason Pattinson and Reed stopped being friends, though the two have never commented on the reports. The first of which is due out in November while the second is set to open in December.

Don't call them angels: ET traveled to Istanbul to go behind the scenes of CharliesAngels and get the scoop on the upcoming reboot. RT if you're ready to see Kristen Stewart dance in a sparkly romper. Next year, fans can watch Kristen Stewart in the thriller Underwater and in the romantic comedy Happiest Season.


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Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed-Hands Down

About Nikki Reed is a. Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder. They're under investigation for euthanizing. Some Kristen Stewart Book Covers needs to eat what is. PARAGRAPHStewart would touch him after. Help keep Nikki Reed and profile of Nikki Reed. Huge fan of the whole. Recommended Robert Pattinson and Kristen. Nikki Reed Other Relationships. Help keep Nikki Reed profile.

Reed has also since shut down the rumors that she dated Robert Pattinson, stating that they were never romantically involved. Although there. Breaking It DownA Complete Guide To Everyone Rob Pattinson Dated And What Went Down Between Them · Nina Schubert · Nikki Reed · Kristen. Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed dated from February to June, Story. Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed dated for a few months in However, Pattinson.