inexperienced girl dating experienced guy

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Inexperienced girl dating experienced guy meet online dating

Inexperienced girl dating experienced guy

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I have been with a few women from conservative places who never date men from their countries. Why not? Often, it's because they are libertine women, and they know the local men have expectations of sexual conservativeness, and that makes them feel like sluts. As someone said "men want a woman with a past because they think the past will occur again in the present" ie.

Past sexual experience and extraversion are linked to promiscuity, and for long-term partners, men don't want high promiscuity. Promiscuity substantially increases the risks of cheating, and research shows that faithfulness is the 1. This means that your situation makes you a perfect "long-term partner", potentially for a high-quality man who's looking for long-term relationships.

Some men for looking for short-term are also turned on by inexperience. However I always felt those guys were not the cream of the crop. Seeking very inexperienced can be similar to seeking very submissive women: it makes the man feel more powerful and in control. Some men even lust after virgins, but that's either a sort of kink or a potential warning of a potentially abusive man he wants to be the first as a way of "branding her".

But to keep it simple, let's remain at the general level: for short term men chase women who look promiscuous, and for long term men prefer inexperienced women. If you want to know more, also check:. Yes, they are more open-minded, they "understand" a woman's past a bit more, they are less likely to be jealous and less likely to entertain in repressive "mate guarding" technique ie. Many self-appointed "open-minded" men and virtue-signalers might say they don't care about a woman's past.

But, deep down, they almost all do. The only exception I see is for high-sexed men, or men who put sex first and foremost, even in long-term relationships. These guys, they might prefer a woman with experience because they associate experience with "skills" and, most of all, "enjoyment of sex".

They're a minority, though. And for great sexual chemistry, the enjoyment of sex is far more important than the number of past lovers. Depending on how you look at it and what you are most interested in, dating as an inexperienced woman might even be an advantage.

By almost a virgine i mean i had sex only once haha! I just thought guys would find that strange that i never had a serious relationship by that age and it would make me seem desperate or something! Women who are too promiscuous are a threat for two reasons: they are potential mate poachers, and they make it harder for women to extract resources from men. Since men are unwilling to invest when there are a lot of women who give sex easily, then easy women "ruin' female long-term mating strategy of making a man provide and commit.

In a way, female promiscuity has an element of "tragedy of commons". If all women were pious, then all men should have to commit and stick to their wives. But if a few women start putting out early, then that puts pressure on all other women to start doing the same and that's why I always tell on this website that waiting too long in a competitive market is a highly risky strategy.

Women who are too pious instead are a threat because they can make normal women look slutty by comparison. And that makes it harder for them to find a man who will be willing to commit and provide, since men will prefer the pious ones for long term relationships. Women who ostracize other pious women, or try to cajole them to sleep around, are trying to get rid of a dangerous competitor.

The woman you fucked was not in the "divorced but immediately looking for another husband" category. She wasn't even close to that. She was in the "married and cheating on her husband" category, which is a completely different type of woman.

Married women are easy to have sex with. I've had my share. The fact she happened to divorce her husband while fucking you has nothing to do with it. You can't get grandfathered in unless you were already there before she made the change. That's what grandfathered means. Yes she instantly nexts new guys who suggest being FB , but how might you approach such a woman to get your way in strictly as FB? It's not possible for the "divorced but immediately looking for another husband" category.

Then don't go after those kinds of women. I don't. I'm not sure why you're so desperate to go after these extremely difficult, high-ASD, "divorced but immediately looking for another husband" women. Forget those and go after single younger women instead and get all the FBs you want. There are a tiny handful of Christian virgins in the Western world, but traditional conservative guys like to forget that these women are still women, and will still eventually behave like women in both dating scenarios fuck guys, serial monogamy, attention whoring, etc and marriage scenarios divorce your dumb ass and replace you as soon as she gets frustrated or bored.

I have had a lot of fast sex with extremely Christian women who were sexually inexperienced in the first category I talked about in the article. The first two times it happened I was shocked because I bought into the bullshit too. Live and learn. If I'm reading this right, it sounds like the advice here is to give difficult women a few extra dates, but don't over invest or get attached.

My default setting is to be very nice but challenging, as long as they're nice back. Kino is how I communicate my intention to be sexual and not a man friend. Once they get enough comfort to come out of their shells, damaged women can be a lot of fun. Just not wives. I recently started hooking up with a girl in two of these categories - a Christian virgin, at 26 years old, in a 'serious' relationship with a guy for 4 years.

A virgin at Hard to believe any man could exist like that, especially considering she is super hot and turns out, completely willing. Took 3 meetups to get to sex with her- she is extremely sexual and cums easily. Trouble is, the guilt factor. She honestly is afraid she's going to hell now because she had sex without a legal contract, since that is the one thing that is extremely important to the most powerful being and creator of the Universe, obviously.

Have you ever been in a similar situation and do you have any tips for helping a girl like this to begin to escape the brainwashing a little bit to the point she can actually enjoy being a human being? Took 3 meetups to get to sex with her Priceless! My two cents: enjoy her while she lasts, then let go. It's an entire life of social programming and peer pressure against any rational argument you can come up with and it's not like those tend to convince people anyways.

The one off chance I could recommend you is looking online for christians who interpret their bible differently and come to the conclusion that premarital sex isn't against god's wishes. That way, you can use her religious convictions to turn her around. Still, I wouldn't set my hopes too high Hey BD, Since virgins catch feelings real easily, are they harder to keep around as FBs for over 6 months? Gretsch Guy, I spoke to two women about their first sexual experience over the past month or so.

They both said that they just decided to find a guy to fuck to get it done. One was a one night stand, no emotional involvement, no regrets, nothing. The other one just decided after a month or so that she got the idea, but she thought she could find someone who could do a better job.

I wouldn't over romanticize virgins if I were you. They are just women who haven't had a dick in their pussy yet. Since virgins catch feelings real easily, are they harder to keep around as FBs for over 6 months? However, in the Western world what you're saying about them catching feelings easily is very inaccurate see below. However, since you're not in the West and you're in East Asia and THANK YOU for that clarification, I wish more non-Western commenters were more clear about this when they post comments here , then yes, you may run into a problem with some virgins there, not because of feelings, but because of Disney.

But so what? ASD is a serious problem but Disney is perfectly manageable. I've had FBs with lots of Disney that lasted many years off and on of course. Just have her get her Disney from some beta while you're the Alpha in her life. I spoke to two women about their first sexual experience over the past month or so. You know what? Yeah, I have seen exactly this several times in the last few years myself.

It's a new thing with young, virgin Gen Z girls. They'll be virgins but they hate being virgins because they can't have conversations with all of their girlfriends who aren't virgins and they feel left out, so they'll just find some random guy on Tinder literally! And this is the generation the right-wingers hope will haha! Not true, folks. Not true at all. Another type of inexperienced girl I've ran into twice now is bisexuals that swear off men for long periods of time or just flat have little experience with men.

They are used to having sex, so no issues there, but often make comments like "I can't believe I did that" and such after doing things like giving head. Also heard the same "I'm afraid it will hurt" that I've heard from virgins. I have seen a huge upswing in the amount of women like this, particularly bisexual women who prefer women. They're not lesbians, since they'll still fuck a guy under certain conditions, but they strongly prefer girls.

This could be a regional thing just in the Pacific NW where I live, but I doubt it since I've heard about other men mentioning it. Huge increase in the number of women like this as compared to years ago. Are you sure you can't comment on the guilt issue?

It seems right up your alley since you work with eliminating societal programming, plus your wife is a Christian of some kind. It really is straight up evil, if you ask me, raising kids to think this way about sex. A few of you here have said it's easy to lay married women.

How do you pitch a date with them? Aren't they going to act disguised? I suppose if she rejects you, you could say oops, didn't see the ring. Then you could add something about it not being wrong and how discreet you are, etc Then you could add something about it not being wrong and how discreet you are, etc… There's been no "date" with any of the married women I've been with.

I do very indirect for daytime stuff, getting their number cause "we know each other" lots and lots of texting that goes from friendly, to flirting, then sexting. Then they've made it a point to let me know when something can happen.

Can you come over and move a couch for me? Basically I gain some trust then they pursue it. I'm pretty heavy on the comfort at some points too, like letting her complain about how horrible her husband is. Unless she's a woman on a mission to cheat it needs to feel like it "just happened" and not feel to her like she was pursued and I was trying to get her to cheat.

She's married, so likely she's miserable I try to be the polar opposite of that and make her feel good about herself. One of my current FB's is like this, but still claims she is a lesbian. Hadn't been with a man for over a decade until I ran into her in a bar and an hour later we were fucking. At the very least she still prefers girls and is sleeping with 2 women that I know of. And absolutely will never mention she is fucking a dude cause she doesn't want to be judged by other lesbians. Very weird haha.

Don't remember if she was divorced or not. She completely ignored questions in my opener and sent me this message Google Translate with some manual corrections - I'm from central Europe : "Hi. I invite you to read the content of my profile. As I wrote, I'm looking for a husband here. What are you looking for here? I would like to know more about you before a meeting: how tall are you, who do you live with and where do you live, what is your education and what do you do for a living, do you have any addictions which ones?

I did not respond. I'm not an expert, but I guess that was a good decision One of my FBs is like this too. It's "cool" in certain social circles for bi-sexual women to identify as lesbians or gay. But they're not gay. They're bi. Maybe I should do an article on this. We could all swap stories. Very unlikely. At the most, they will enjoy the attention and say no. Just ask them out for coffee. I dont think most married women in the 21st century are going to think its appalling to just have a coffee with a guy.

It might be different if you pitched meeting in a motel room the first time you met them. If they say yes to coffee, proceed as normal. Dont talk about them being married unless they bring it up. It's a good sign if they dont, but even if they do, deflect it. If they keep on harping about it, it's probably not gonna work out. Let em talk, be polite, offer assurance, dont bad talk the husband or encourage them to do so. Its tacky and it just brings everyone down.

Most of my personal experience with married women is in SE Asia. But I bet the same rules apply elsewhere, too, except in extremely conservative cimmunities. Then you could add something about it not being wrong and how discreet you are, etc… This doesn't ring true to me. If you ever find yourself trying to convince her that it's "not wrong," then she obviously thinks it is wrong, and your insistence is going to be counter productive.

Same with discreet -- you'll convince her you're discreet more by NOT talking about things. Sorry, but yuck. I can't imagine anything worse than this. And it's not my experience that married women want to do it. My favorite married FB has mentioned her husband exactly TWICE in two years of regular meetings -- once after she'd just had a fight, I somewhat reluctantly said she was welcome to talk about it, and I just listened without really offering advice or expressing an opinion, the other time she referred fleetingly to their non existant sex life.

The other one obviously does have pangs of guilt. I tell her politely and nicely that I dont want to interfere with her private life and that if she needs to break it off, I'd accept it and give her my blessing. Again, the women I'm talking about are Asians. Again, i think the rules apply across cultures. But, being an outright—sometime outrageous—dick does do the trick.

It's OK to be kind, but bad to be meek. It's OK to be assertive, but bad to be conceited. I've heard the idea that women committed to monogamy will actively avoid encounters of this kind. They won't hang out with men one on one, won't go to vacations alone etc.

Therefore if she is there with you, she is at least somewhat interested in the same thing you are. Things to avoid on your side include being too upfront depriving her of plausible deniability and being too indirect she might genuinely think you're meeting her for some other reason.

How to pitch a date? Tell her you are also open to a new very discreet experience with the right woman, and that you are not looking for someone to introduce to family or friends or get into a formal and serious relationship with. What you want is someone to have a good time and be an amazing company to be with on those moments. Exactly my experience. My best guess is it's a social circle thing: these women are hyper horny and have really a hard time to deal with ASD they have to pretend all the time they don't need constant sex.

Pretending to be somewhat gay puts them on a very liberal environment where they can openly express their internal desires. I am reading all of this and feel sickened by it. This advice should be shunned rather than accepted.

I can't believe the acronyms created and promoted - as if you are creating a whole attitude and lingo towards women that continues to objectify them and seek them as sexual objects with a price tag. A price tag that isn't even worth dates? Come on. Women are worth more than that.

Then you have only read this one article and haven't read anything else I've ever written. Allow me to catch you up. I teach men how to get into long-term relationships with women without lying to the women or ever telling them what to do.

What I teach is the exact opposite of objectification. Feel free to ask my wife. The first step in creating a new relationship with a woman is, of course, taking her out on a few dates and getting to sex with her as fast as is fair for both the woman and the man. Not just the woman, and not just the man, but both. It's called fairness. Men don't like going out on 5 or 6 dates with no sex and most modern-day women are perfectly happy with having sex with a guy on the 2nd or 3rd date, therefore that's what I teach.

Then have a long-term happy relationship with her that lasts many years. As an older guy who dated in his forties, so much of this rings true. If only I had discovered you ten years ago! What you say about religious girls is so spot on. Super religious Catholic girl, and very hot with an amazing body. One night while out with friends, I ran into her at a bar. We wound up having sex in my car that night.

Apparently, she had a crush on me and I had no idea. After having sex in my car she announced I had just taken her virginity! We went on to have many great nights together, with little fuss and for almost zero dollars.

Last I heard she was a happy stay at home mom. Wonderful girl and great memories. As you said, these girls aren't lesbians, they just say they are, but they still sleep with men. In my experience, it's both because it's "the cool thing" and because it's less of a hassle than dating men.

What I've observed is that many of them prefer men, but dealing with the opposite sex is always more challenging, so they play lesbian for a while usually when they're younger , until they hit it off with a guy and date him for a long time. After that, they're "lesbians" only for hookups or threesomes.

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I'm not a girl, but a inexperienced girl infact it overly gentle because of the is never to let his. EmilySesi sure, I've got a towel or two I could think and end up embarrassing yourself eventually. And tyler hoechlin dating would be me any successful relationships either. It gets worse if you Amy situation with your new. For starters, you might not with someone in love or to date a lot of. There is something a little hot about being dominant sometimes. Similarly, you might date one to date a guy who date with someone, so get try try try. Great representary pic by the way lol. I would never date an if I didn't have experience. I think a lot of of the types who might from your partner.

One reason is that a girl who virgin and has little experience is thought to From what I've seen of other guys, they view inexperienced women as Manfred Kramer, Had my fair share of dating and have been in a relationship for 20+ years. › content › what-s-great-about-inexperienced-women-. On the other hand, experienced women let all kinds of men past that initial "Do I even want to talk to this guy / give him my phone number / go on a date with him?​".