updating job descriptions

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Updating job descriptions

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However, because many employers these days are asking their workers to take on greater responsibilities as a result of cost constraints brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, now might be an opportune time to review these documents. Because the pandemic has forced many companies to alter the way they operate for the foreseeable future, any changes to processes and approaches need to be addressed in job descriptions, according to Paul Wolfe, senior vice president of human resources at Indeed.

Every job description should be based on the results of a thorough job analysis conducted through a collaborative effort among human resources staff, supervisors and employees. Other specifics regarding the role, such as performance standards and management expectations, scope and limits of authority, hours, job location, and travel requirements, also should be included.

How do we compensate employees who are going to be distributed? How do we keep the same level of engagement with a more distributed workforce? And how do we effectively onboard new employees in this new way of working? Solo HR practitioners, in particular, should involve managers in updating job descriptions, performance expectations and competencies, says Jeff Smith, a psychologist and director of Best-Self Academy at 15Five, a management consultancy headquartered in San Francisco.

Together, they can ensure that job descriptions are up-to-date and useful for critical HR needs such as compensation benchmarking. And when creating a job description for a new position, HR professionals, working with managers, should first consider what the business needs are and why the role is critical, Smith notes. Ask employees and their managers to identify the key tasks and responsibilities of the position, perhaps using a questionnaire or worksheet.

Interview and observe employees performing the job at different times for at least a week to collect additional information about how they complete job tasks and the amount of time they spend performing each task. Interview co-workers and customers who interact with employees performing the job. Collect data from outside sources, such as the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, for comparable salary levels and job duties and responsibilities.

Compare the job with other jobs in the department, as well as to similar job grades and job families, to show where it falls on the pay scale. Review the results with employees and their managers, using their feedback to tweak the findings and get an accurate representation of the job duties and responsibilities. One of the most common mistakes HR professionals make is to use job descriptions as job postings.

It covers the essential functions, qualifications and physical requirements of the job. It motivates them to succeed. Another common mistake HR professionals make: writing job descriptions that are too wordy or overly complicated. This can result in unwieldy laundry lists of responsibilities, skills and tasks that might not be relevant to the key performance outcomes.

Although job descriptions and job postings should not be seen as interchangeable, they can work in tandem. Survey research by Indeed reveals that job seekers experiencing one or more barriers to finding a job, such as a gap in work history, frequent job changes or minimal work experience, are particularly susceptible to bias in recruiting practices.

One way to build inclusivity is to focus on skills; in addition to hard skills, such as technical expertise, consider soft skills, such as decision-making and problem-solving, that are easily transferable across most jobs or industries. Employers also can promote more-inclusive hiring and level the playing field by trimming their job descriptions and focusing on levels of experience rather than years of experience.

While job descriptions are about functions, job postings are full of descriptors, Smith says. Theresa Minton-Eversole is a freelance writer based in Alexandria, Va. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

By Theresa Minton-Eversole November 23, Reuse Permissions. Once completed, they may be relegated to dusty three-ring binders or long-unopened text documents. Experts say this is a mistake. You can see how talent flows through the organization and holistically how it all fits together. How often should job descriptions be reviewed and updated? Once a year at a minimum, experts say. But circumstances might call for more-frequent updates.

After we finish the reviews, we set goals and objectives for the next review period. A great opportunity to update is when you are hiring for a position, Flewelling adds. If there is a change to the job, do not wait until an annual review to make alterations. Even if a job and an incumbent employee have not changed, or even if incremental changes have been made to the description annually, HR professionals may still want to consider a complete job description overhaul every so often.

When Kannisto and his task force went through the process of creating HR job description standards, they explored job descriptions from the s up to the present. He says it became clear which ones were written in which decade. He compared it to watching a World War II movie made in the s: Even though the movie is about the s, the film quality, the colors, the hairstyles and other minor details date the film.

If you read a job description for a longtime employee, it will sound dated if it has been fine-tuned only annually, he notes. Creating and maintaining job descriptions should involve employees, managers and HR. Each person has a role, often with overlapping responsibilities. At Sauer-Danfoss, managers use a template to write or update job descriptions that are reviewed by HR, Bidwell says. The manager is in charge of keeping descriptions up-to-date when someone leaves and as part of the performance management process.

The manager is asked for his input. HR professionals. HR is the only one who can be responsible for that. We want to look at specific skill sets and understand the reasons why those exist. Alexandra LeBlanc, lead sourcing specialist at Seven Step RPO, a recruitment outsourcing firm in Boston, places job description maintenance into a larger context. Experts say employees should be encouraged to ask HR for a job description review if there appear to be inconsistencies between what the job description says and what they do.

We can adjust compensation appropriately at that time. Bidwell adds that it is important to review the job description and not just match the description to the person currently doing the job. If an employee brings an enhanced skill set to the job, that does not mean that those special skills need to be written into the job description or the compensation needs to be increased, unless you determine that this is a core element of the job.

If you pull out a job description every time you work on performance reviews, compensation planning, succession planning, training and development needs, you are a lot more likely to maintain it. The author is a freelance writer and former HR generalist and trainer in Wixom, Mich. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. By Kathryn Tyler January 1, Reuse Permissions. Page Content.

The Timing How often should job descriptions be reviewed and updated? Everyone Has a Role Creating and maintaining job descriptions should involve employees, managers and HR. Web Extras Additional Content.

No law requires an employer to have or maintain job descriptions.

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Updating job descriptions Your email address will not be published. Everything from recruitment and training to performance evaluations and compensation all stems from that document. You have successfully removed bookmark. Delete Cancel. HR professionals.
Top datingsites Get unlimited access to articles and member-only resources. When job descriptions gerald anderson dating crystal clear, employees know exactly what tasks are expected of them and can prioritize accordingly. From Email. Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. A lot of wasted time can be avoided by both the employer and the employee when the job description is posted or made available to job seekers interested in the posted job.
Christian online dating website Page Information Page Properties. If you have an up-to-date job description, you can use it for recruiting, performance management and compensation. That job description that is retrieved from the employee's personnel file or from the posting will provide a good description of the duties and requirements of the job to the EEOC's investigator. Image Caption. Page Content.
Dominic sandoval and lauren froderman dating Ensure that the right people apply. Knowing the skills required at the different levels would be beneficial to an employee wanting to advance in the organization. Please enable scripts and reload this page. By Aarav. The author is a freelance writer and former HR generalist and trainer in Wixom, Mich.
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Free french online dating sites Business Plans. No law requires an employer to have or maintain job descriptions. Boost Employee Productivity When job descriptions are crystal clear, employees know exactly what tasks are expected of them and can prioritize accordingly. When Kannisto and his task force went through the process of creating HR job description standards, they explored job descriptions from the s up to the present. When their importance is not recognized and they are not used effectively to reflect the jobs they depict, employers are tasked with a variety of unnecessary issues.
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No law requires an employer to have or maintain job descriptions. However, there are several benefits to having detailed job descriptions for each position in your organization. Recruitment: Having a detailed job description will assist you in knowing what knowledge, skills, and abilities are necessary for a position and what you should look for in a qualified candidate.

Furthermore, it highlights the key duties performed by each position. By having this information at the beginning of the recruitment process, you can create a custom job posting that clearly communicates the expectations of the position. Orientation: Job descriptions are a useful tool during the onboarding process. Managers and supervisors can use the job description to map out an orientation plan to set employee expectations and ensure that the new hire is properly trained to perform all job duties.

The job description should provide detailed information that enables the compensation analyst to make appropriate job matches to published compensation survey data. Performance: Do you think your employee exhibits strong performance?

If an employee is exhibiting sub-par performance, the job description can also be a useful communication tool to explain exactly what tasks should be performed, what work rules should be followed, and what quantity or quality standards must be met. The annual appraisal is also a great time to sit down and review the job description with the employee to see if the job has changed over the past year. Work with them—they may even do the work for you! This is a common problem, especially among well established companies.

Jobs and even departments begin to resemble little fiefdoms in which the long-time employees behave more like royalty than peers. If only a single source is complaining, you should probably take a careful look at the job description—but you would be wise, too, to find out if the job requirements might not have begun to outpace the employee's aspirations.

In either case, meeting with the employee and his or her manager in a neutral setting is a good place to begin to find the answer. However, if you are hearing complaints from multiple sources, it may be time to get a team together to take a critical look at all your job descriptions. Job descriptions are not static documents, nor do they stand alone. Even if you plan to revise only one job description, work through the following steps before changing any part of the description:.

For the most part, lead responsibility for writing job descriptions has rested with the human resources department. In recent years, however, the team has expanded to include others, simply because of the overlapping nature of jobs with other departments, and other managers' direct knowledge of the way in which those jobs function and relate to other jobs within the same department.

After you have gathered as much information as you can, apply it to the job description and verify that:. Inevitable changes in the nature of the organization, such as the size, staffing, and products or services on offer, should compel you to commit to an annual review of all job descriptions. Naturally, when positions are vacated, you have the perfect opportunity to overhaul the job description without having the burden of doing all of them at once.

Another good idea is to provide new employees—and new job descriptions—with a quality review after three or four months. If a few adjustments need to be made, they can be done before minor problems become major problems.

If they come across an exceptional posting, "just-browsing" job seekers may become so intrigued that they will apply, even when they had not really intended to. Active seekers—many of whom will have to go through the upheaval of relocation—may need additional encouragement to apply, and thus the job description may also need to describe the community and surroundings, and include information on the local recreation facilities, schools, crime rate, demographics, and so on.

Once you have decided to make use of the Internet to attract and recruit new employees, research where best to list your job vacancy. There are links to companies with more information and services at the end of this article. Jobs are an organization's foundation; people are the cement holding the foundation together. If job descriptions fail to reflect the dynamic relationship between individuals within and between departments, the tendency is for individuals and departments to become isolated from one another and have little regard for the interactions needed to accomplish organizational goals.

Neglected job descriptions cause employees to lose their enthusiasm, managers to lose sight of one another and their objectives, and—eventually—the organization to lose market share.

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