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Double your dating 2nd edition ebook are erin andrews and maksim dating

Double your dating 2nd edition ebook

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The simple thing you can do at the end of a conversation with a woman that leaves her eagerly waiting for more… and… gets HER to make the next call — pg. How to find and meet the guys who are the true masters with women and dating and get them to share their closely guarded secrets with you — pg. Master them all and no woman will be able to say no to you. I love this one… — pg. And the best part is that women LOVE when you do this — pg. My special secret to turning any phone conversation with a woman into a steamy erotic encounter that makes her want to hang up the receiver… and run straight over to your house!

Would you believe that I took the time to study comedy so I could attract women? Would you like to know how to attract beautiful women without the benefit of looks or money? I thought so. Starting on page 29, I go into detail and explain exactly how to do it. It took me over three years to find these five things — but your woman will be thrilled that you know them.

This booklet will show you:. When I was first starting on the path to success with women and dating, one of the single most important things that I did was to find, meet and learn from guys who were already having the kind of success that I wanted.

I believed that if these guys could do it, then so could I… if I knew the secrets. And it turned out I was right. If you love it which you will , keep it and stay subscribed. You can cancel anytime you want with no questions or hassles. In other words, you get to keep your bonus for free either way… even if you cancel right after you get it.

Your transaction is secure — using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. When you get the book, scan it a couple of times and read the parts that jump out at you right away — then go back and read it cover to cover. Next, read the three bonus booklets and then try some of the techniques.

Let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting, attractive woman? Just ONE. What would that be worth to you? How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? For most men I know, it would be priceless.

I personally invested over three years and thousands of dollars to learn how to be successful with women. The question is, are you going to know exactly what to do and say to succeed? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened? View 2 comments. Aug 08, T. Oakley rated it it was amazing. David DeAngelo is clearly aware of these teachings, but his thesis was refreshing because he focuses on getting your inner insecurities fixed as opposed to just covering them with tactics and seduction plays.

Saying that, he also details a bunch of simple "techniques" to be applied according to the individual's needs, but really it's the "big picture" concepts that really stand out. Even now that I'm in a relationship I still refer to the ideas in this book from time to time as a reminder of sorts.

Rival company RSD have excellent YouTube videos that go much deeper into a lot of this stuff but its funny how the more detail gets turned over, the more the basic fundamentals resonate. The author basically describes the actual state of male-female relations as opposed to how mainstream convention dictates, but this is done in a non-judgemental, "it is what it is" kind of way.

Mutual respect and consent is of course at the heart of his message. Aug 23, Joseph Ashburner rated it it was amazing. This book isn't some sloppy pathetic infantile pick up artists cookbook for geeks with low self-esteem. It's not even about having sex with as many women as possible - rather, it's about understanding women. If you want to know what women want, this book comes as close as anything ever written. It is the kind of book that will take a decade to internalize, but the end result a thorough understanding of women, what drives them, how they think, and how to make them happy will pay itself over a th This book isn't some sloppy pathetic infantile pick up artists cookbook for geeks with low self-esteem.

It is the kind of book that will take a decade to internalize, but the end result a thorough understanding of women, what drives them, how they think, and how to make them happy will pay itself over a thousand fold to the dedicated student. David DeAngelo is a genius - hats off to the first man to ever truly get inside a womens mind and live to tell the tale. Nov 22, Saeed rated it it was ok. Models: Attract Women Through Honesty is better. Pick that one.

Oct 15, richwire rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. If you've been in a dry spell, read this book. It will change your thinking and get you on the right path to relating to women. Nov 25, PJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: grow. They are not methodical, full of pick up lines and over analyzing conversations, like Magic Bullets.

These books teach you a mindset change, where you can be you, powerful, direct, and confident, which leads to filling your life with sexy, fun and intelligent people. Tips: Be hard to get. Friend zone girls. Always keep advancing. Seduce the girl throughly before sex. Tease her, smell her, don't touch her, make her beg!

These are traits that are attractive to women, you already have one or two of these. Try to perfect them, and get some more. Jul 06, Milototo rated it liked it. He mentioned some good points but I did not like the childish way of writing, too many short paragraphs with lots of rapid letters. I disagreed with him in some point like when he said that girls will appreciate the fact that you took the time to read about how to attract them!

Is he nut? No girl ever is gonna feel comfortable with you if she knew that you have strategy. I also disagree with He mentioned some good points but I did not like the childish way of writing, too many short paragraphs with lots of rapid letters. I also disagree with the fact that we should open doors and pull chairs for these girls, this will only make me seem desperate and needy.

What makes her better than me to pull the chair for her? Stop being too gentle. In addition, he mentions the things that I have to read about like horoscopes and other girly bullshit so I can chat with them! When can I be myself if I am going to chase their interests?

Oct 21, Benny Bastard rated it it was amazing. Be a challenge, have standards and screen girls, be confident, be playfully cocky. A must-read for men. Mar 28, Jeff Brateman rated it it was ok. This book is a guide written by someone who found out how to be a d-bag. His personality sucks, he doesn't know how to write, and he's a douche. You can't have someone make a personality for you and expect to wind up with someone who knows you, because it's not really you. Someone without a personality will find this guy to be a god.

The rest can take small things from this book and adapt them to their own personality. Dec 17, Justin Warembourg rated it liked it. This was a book that a friend gave me back when I was in college that I had never read. I instead gave it to my younger brother to read. Eventually, it found it's way back to me. One Saturday I read the book cover to cover. It has some fairly good information about dating in it. I may keep it as a reference. Feb 08, Paulo Dias rated it it was amazing.

This book changed my life. It totally changed the way I understand women and thusly allowed me to have a fair understanding on how they think. Sometimes, even better than themselves. It was, actually, my first book towards psichology and behavioral science. Nov 26, David Rodriguez rated it really liked it.

Muy buenos conceptos y muy bien explicado. Apr 02, Jamees rated it it was ok. Another eBook. Not memorable. Nov 12, Marcos rated it it was amazing. Dec 11, Amirhossein added it. Good book. Sep 20, Ivan Luyimbazi rated it it was amazing. Nov 23, Anthony Gonzalez rated it did not like it.

First of all I would like to point out that this book like cotton candy looks great presentation but is bad for you. So many reasons. I read this book AGES ago and I remember it was less than 90 pages not that you need a page book to operate a woman.

But he is nothing but a scam artist that is great at marketing and presenting his products which lack substance. This is the beginners's guide to meeting women. His material is vague and abstract. Yes women don't like a wuss but doing everything to become desirable is sucking up to a woman indirectly rather than sucking up directly to a woman. I could write a book on how bad his material is but I don't have the patience. Having an interesting life, traveling, learning a musical instrument, exercising to look good and being healthy and having friends might help you get laid but those things should be about making you be happy period.

Not about the end result of getting laid. Be happy outside of women no matter what life throws at you. You need to be happy by choice, by positive attitude not by whether you are successful with women or not. If you want to read a book that will change your life and is only 42 pages long it's called Beyond Routines by Jakob Bachman. Read it. Thank me later. It is an anti-PUA guide that relies on indifference to attract women. From meeting women in bars to meeting them online, etc etc.

Listen David Deangelo is not the God of women. He is now married and to be honest his wife isn't that cute. If he was the God of women he would be dating someone who looked like 10 with universal appeal. He is just a master at packaging crap and selling it with a sleek interface. It is a polished turd. Nothing more, nothing less. I hate to bring a man down, but he is a con artist. If his material got me laid I would give him 5 stars.

But the only thing that got my fat, short, boring ass laid in life was confidence. You gotta know who you are, what you will stand for, what you want, and have standards. Another thing I don't like about this book and a lot of PUA material.

Just work on your confidence and value yourself, your time and your standards. What's the worst realization after dating my fair share of women in life? It is that I don't really like most of them when I get to know them on a deep level. And I would like to have a wife one day. This book is so lame and so ineffectual that it is not even worth stealing. Listen to me cavemen didn't need a pickup book to get a woman but I bet the strongest provider who actually had the confidence to talk to a cavewoman got laid.

I remember him always telling his disillusioned readers and clients they are wusses for weak behavior. But let me tell you treating dating like it's quantum physics is where you become a real wuss. I'll say this again for the 3rd or 4th time all you need is confidence. In the South Park movie they even said this. I am writing this scathing review because not only did this not get me laid.

It actually regressed my dating success with women and I don't want you making the same mistakes I did. I write this out of love for you guys. I am sure there is enough women to go around ; Why did this regress my dating success? Because I used canned lines, cocky and funny remarks to women that were borderline insulting, and I was still insecure with women underneath.

Women could smell it a mile away. May 30, Joseph Knecht rated it liked it.

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