what to expect when dating a greek man

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What to expect when dating a greek man latin girl dating

What to expect when dating a greek man

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Christian men have unique qualities about them that you will love if you're the right fit for marriage. Doing some Bible study or listening to a Christian podcast could help begin your journey back into your faith. Anytime you go over his family's house, you will always be sure to give grace before each dinner. While it may not come up all the time, being able to discuss your faith and your role in the universe is something that every Catholic couple needs.

When you meet a Christian man who is deep in his faith he will tend to participate a lot inside his church. Churches allow communities to form where people can meet and do things such as barbeques or fairs or dinners. Sex in a lot of religions is seen as a spiritual bond between two people, he wants to share this bond with only the person he will spend the rest of his life with. Christians see that being able to pair bond with their partners as crucial to having a lasting relationship.

Therefore he will always say no to advances. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Steven Hall. He plans to move back to Lebanon eventually etc. But he wants to remain friends? Now, I cannot get him off my mind. I cannot believe this Lebanese man for the few moments, a few days has left this impression on me.

Advice anyone? I met a lebanese man online… Never did online thing before until now. We met and he was sweet and kind and loving. It all seemed so fake and superficial yet deep to him. He was a touchy feely type of guy who showed intense interest and expressed that we were a match for one another and how did I know.

I didnt know….. Only he knew we were fit for one another. We proceeded and continued to text. He only saw about three to four times. He burned me several times due to family issues and friend issues of people needing him to cover a situation. Every one else in his world was apparently more important to him than myself.

He became a workaholic and used that as an excuse that he couldnt see me or take me out due to no money. Dont know if all lebanese men are like this but I have no desire to date one again. He felt that texting and talking on the phone was a solid relationship. After about 4mos of this I let him go. Told him what I wanted in a relationship.

He stated his situation was not allowing him to see me due to finances, etc. He has 2 children from a previous marriage. I can see why he was divorced. He failed with his wife and will probably fail at every relationship thereafter due to not being available in a relationship. Emphasizing too much on work and earning money. Relationships were last on his mind. He was very close to his mother and would hang up with me if she was calling him or any family member for that matter.

I do not recommend dating men from other cultures and beliefs no matter how sweet they appear to be or good looking. Its a facade. I do miss him because we connected intellectually and became like friends and texted almost daily. We trusted each other with our daily news and it seemed we had a connection. But he was fine with me ending it. And that he would not look for anyone else cuz he worked too much. Hi just wondering if your Toronto because this situation sounds like the same situation my friend is in.

I have been dating a lebanese Muslim for 2 months. He is rubbish in bed. Thinks only about himself and is unable to converse and has no respect for women. Texts pictures of hearts and flowers, always asks about my kids. Is outwardly charming but like a pretty iced cupcake is empty and devoid of real substance on the inside. I hate that I fancy him. I have broke it off with him after practically every visit from him as I always end up feeling unloved and unwanted in the true sense of the word.

Every time I cut it with him he gets angry then continues to contact me next day. I know I have to utterly finish it with him otherwise I am going to be controlled by him. I will keep you posted. Ladies Iwwould like to hear your experiences if they were similar or better to mine. Thank you. Same situation here. Always busy with family but more so with working and building his empire.

I have met quite a few Lebanese guys this year and I can honestly say I will avoid them all like the plague from here on out. Such a waste. I already avoid Mediterannean guys for this same reason. He is a good guy to friends and family, but not women he dates. How is this possible with all his experience? Makes me wonder about the Lebanese women he was wit. However, he is very s l o w …. I was hoping it would progress a bit faster.

Best of luck and avoid Lebanese men! They are only good for their clever and plotting female counterparts! Not a lick of genuineness in any of them. I wonder how they are raised…… Btw the friends thing is so true! Waw you just nailed it…….

Get out of it now. Get out of it before you really get hurt like I did. Oh gf you are so right. Im an American and mt bf is also from Lebanon. I love him so much like you do yours. But Drama is all we seem to have. But at the same time its so hard to walk away I do understand. Good luck to you. Perhaps you created the drama without realizing, becuase you want to have it your way, and not both ways! I wish The Lebanese men were kept for Leb women! So please please please keep your hand off the Lebanese guy for the love of God!!!

There is positivity and negativity in everything. Thank you Allah I found a really beautiful Lebanese man. BUT he is 38 and I am Yes, lebanese culture can be quite confusing and full on… but its full on for lebanese people and most of the time it needs to be for show, to save face and respect for our elders.

You will find many people liberal and free in their views on life, whether they are christian or muslim. Its about following your heart. There are many demands on what a lebanese man wants from a woman, however you dont have to commit to those demands, you are free to chose… and what isnt perfect for you just isnt your NASIB. There is no woman like a lebanese woman,…and leb boys are there for the call! OMG Ladies dating Lebanese men help me plse.

I have met a handsome amazing man from Lebanon working as a civil engineer in Iraq. I am from a wealthy family, very blonde, slender and he treats me as if I am some goddess from heaven, speaking of marriage on day, our babies we will have etc……….

He is 26 and I am I thought I was no fool, would never fall for lines like this but he is so utterly charming handsome I seem to not be able to get out from him. IDK but to have this as a favorite book? He speaks to me as if I am the only girl on the planet for him and this sort of feelings and talk go straight to the empty lonely places in me. That, along with other things he is doing screams of dating scammer.

Heh entertaining blog. It is simple enough, yet i do not expect most of you to grasp it. The standard throughoubred and raised lebanese male specimen is a worthless scumbag. These people are raised on a straight up idiotic,chauvanistic, and egocentric culture. Massive red X on those. The result is usually an intellectual with a much wider perspective on life, the good values of lebanon such as chivalry and a sense of honor, as well as consideration. The lebanese are not considerate by nature, they are a highly selfish populace.

This issue dissipates upon exposure to western civilization. I am such a sample specimen, and i have been blown off by europeans and americans before due to being lebanese, only to turn their opinions and consequently their lives upside down and inside out with the turn of a phrase. Do not despair ladies, there is a god, and he comes in the form of the travelled and cultured lebanese man, the homebrewed kind is simply trash.

I completely agree you. I have had several friends of my ex, who were lebanese by birth in their home country, and were raised and schooled in their home country. They are exactly like the exasperated views of previous women. He is genuinely caring of my feelings, without overly being charming or excess usage of endearment terms, which when overly used in every conversation and message, mean nothing.

Mind you, he is no fool, he is careful about providing for his future, by paying off his house, and spending as much time with his 3 children, his wife died several years ago. But I advise you to look for one that has had a decent exposure to Western European culture. And please, meet the man in person, not online.

There are a lot of scammers out there. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the rhetorical question here. I ask him question after question: crickets. This is all via FB now. His silence continues into the next day where upon he writes me greeting me with the new day and all is love and light. I am used to Western men talking to me about everything, and now with him, I am thinking he perhaps was raised not to value intricate conversations between men and women.

I need help so much. He is so sweet and good, the thought of hurting him is just too much for me to bear now. He genuinely seems innocent and oblivous! HELP please. A Lebanese men is a mix of different cultures, every person is unique in their way of looking at life and their needs. While everyone is just adding their personal point of views based on relationships, acquiantances, ……. Hi fellas, I am an Iraqi woman marreid to a lebanese guy, we have 3 kids together, knows him for 8 years, marreid for 6 years.

I was born and rasied in the US, left my job, my family, just to be with the man I love. From my experince,I would like to say few things. Third, no matter how old lebanese men are, and how sexy and attractive you look, they like women,LOL. It is just in their blood. Forth, They love to play for long hours min 3ashieh la wesh il sobi7. Fifth, Lebanese men are very stuborn,each one stick to his idea even if they know it is wrong,probably becasue thats related to their tribes or their political point view.

Fifth, Everybody talks politics. By the Way, this is not critisism. I have the Lebanese citizenship. I adore my husbnad very much and I am thankful for sharing my life with him. Noooo shu hal haki,…lebanese we dont like neswen,.. Generally speaking, educated and cultured Lebanese men are the best any woman can hope for in a lover, a boyfriend or a husband.

The golden rule is to never ever disrespect him or smirk in his face. I have also noticed that Lebanese people are in general very materialistic and some of them are just plain hard headed garbage, both men and women. I am a South African girl, also slim n blonde, and dated a leb guy for 6 years, he was my first everything and I really only had him in mind.

We broke up a few times during the six years, and his distinct pride would come out every time as I had to be the one to crawl back and make up. I was well and truly in love. The last time we broke up, a year ago, he told me he had been with two other women in the two months we were broken up for. I was devastated, but the feelings I had for him were still full throttle, so I took him back.

In the initial stages of the relationship, he supported me, then for a long period of time I supported him. When we got back together the last time he had worked his way up in the world and was now rocking a gorgeous car and his own business-which didnt do anything but blow up his ego!! About a month ago he started getting distant. He also cried financial wolf, started staying at work later, and didnt seem as interested in the relationship anymore.

I thought maybe issues at work were stressing him out, and I should fight for the relationship, even though I was going through a v difficult time myself, the half of which I didnt tell him. Then it comes out he was interested in a leb woman who works accross the road from his shop, for a while now, but he cant get with her because of the different religions apparently that is a big thing in lebanon.

To say I was shattered is an understatement. I had trusted this guy with my heart and soul and he had all but thrown it to the dogs. And done it in such a cowardly fashion!! My belief in all men is completely non existent, esp as I told him that all I need from his side is for him to be faithful…what I learnt from this is key to all women out there dating these shady men: 1.

Tell him to go find THAT woman because you are only willing to offer yourself. There may be ten women to every one man, but quality is a thousand times more important than quantity; 2. Your instinct is the first most powerful force in your body. If your gut tells you something is up-follow it!!

Ladies, you need to get yourselves independent, no matter what your position. He dropped me after SIX YRS-they can detach emotionally and you will be dumped to deal with it yourself-become independant. YOU are the most important being in your life.

The only other ppl more important than you will be your children. Always reassure yourself of your strength. God gave us tremendous emotional resilience. Respect is a million times more important than love. Once that is gone , the relationship WILL fold. Dont crawl back. He has left you? Run out with someone else? Thats fine. Let him have her because she will never be YOU. If he comes back, and you feel up to it, talk it out.

If you dont ever hear from him, then so be it. Its not your place and he will lose respect for you. Set a time limit too, if he comes back after say six months, its too late buddy!! Dont give yourself false hope. Its over given a time limit , you are strong and deserve a million times better. Pick up the pieces, and move on. Everyday you will get stronger. Dont ever give up. Dont make him your life!! You, and he, need time alone. You are not a puzzle piece and you shouldnt feel something is missing from your life that he can fill.

All is not lost when he leaves: You will find that all those friends you lost contact with the true ones: will be there for you. You will become stronger as each day passes and make a new life for yourself. Hey JenM — I love your response to this topic. The 10 key points you made is something I have needed to hear all my life and I guess it is the appointed time. Thanks for what you wrote and I already printed it out so I can read it and remind myself of what not to do and what I should do.

I hope God gives you what you need and want in life cuz you surely deserve it. I like how you say chin up ladies — keep your chin up to JenM! I read so many stories of how wonderful and how deep a connection we have all felt with a Leb Man, his affairs said the same about him that is the problem…. Then once your in, fully, heart and soul, your treated like property.

It can send your heart and head spinning. The time they say they need with friends, work, family, whatever will increase when they have set sights on some other woman. Dont you dare question them. Ego, like no man I have ever seen. You must also worship them, they need that to feed the BIG ego, if you try to talk about something they have done that has hurt you, you will get a solid emotional disconnect from them for days, weeks, months. Control, is what they desire. If they have you, and they know it, you will see a whole new side.

If you stay with your head in the sand, say or do nothing, believe the mask they wear and never un-mask them. Sure they will keep you, but thats it, as deep as the love was you once felt from them, as is the devastation of being devalued day after day. They will keep you, even more so if you make good money, or your family is wealthy.

The time they put into charming you, is just looked at as a investment, no honest feelings. I never blamed the women my husband had, as he is charming, very good looking, I fell for his lies, over and over for years.

I worshiped him, as being so wonderful. Until something in your gut, keeps nagging at you until it finely wakes you up. I think…. God finely hit me upside the head with a 2X4. My best word of advice…… Be careful once you have awoken from the dream, as you never know how underhanded a de-masked Leb Man can be.

Just keep a close eye on all your funds, never allow them total control or befor you know it, you are sunk, he is gone, your funds are gone, and you have no money to chase after him. Your left with your head spinning, and heart broken. May God protect the ones with your head still in the sand. May God show his grace and love to the heartbroken, that they may be healed from the emotional devestation.

Salam, Hi all! I am also a South African married to a lebanese guy for 5 years now with 2 kids! I have to say some of the points are true but funny after u read it coz I dnt take it serious! I manage to deal with it , and once u stop fussing and nagging they eventually come around! So yes there are some points there that are true but tell me any man or woman for that matter in this world that are perfect!

Hiiiiiii to who ever has a problem with a leb man. Hiiiiiii to who ever has a problem with a leb man 1 Everyone say I met a leb guy blah blah blah and I know him for 3 or 5 or 6 years and after that you want to say the leb man is like this and that and other names. I want to ask you???? Should that bad leb man spend all these years with you to play only.. I would say one of the things Lebanese man want is for their woman to be a lady always, they love femininity in a woman.

They are caring, very passionate about everything!!!! I came acrosse this one, i must say this blog does not seem to bash lebanese men but it helped me in understanding mine. We have never met, we call, skype and bbm eachother, he was very sweet very into me, wanted to know about my culture…my life etc. I told him he has to like me for me, and i was actually divorced.

He would tell me the sweetest things after reading the previous experiences on this site i realized thats common with lebanese men he calls me precious, princess….. I thought to myself this man is amazing…….. Which woman wouldnt fall for this? He sent me pics of his family…his home…. Everything was perfect given the situation of long distance. I was thinking to myself i feel such a connection with him i havent said the L word to him yet but imagine when i meet him how intense the relationship is going to be!

Then All my dreams came crashing down……. He said what kind of name is Elij? I stopped getting the beautiful morning greetings………. I decided to try again…. The silence is killing me, i feel like i am being punished , i dont know if to hope ….. Was it really that big of a deal? Hi there Confused one, I am currently in a relationship with a Leb guy. I met him online as well but we are from the same country.

Its been 8 months almost seen we met but he does this disapearing acts on me telling me family problems came up, or too much work, or friends! He always knew when he needed me I would be there. Recently I went thou something and I really needed him to be there for me and he wasnt.

BY via-text sure but not present and that crushed me into pieces and made me think to myself why?? I havent gotten the good mornings like I use too or the good nights! Unusual and I know where your are coming from. I just now need to know if he does the same for me which I havent felt that from him lately. Im hating on arabic ppl nor the men at all!! Hey Hun, Just wanted to let you, that I was going through with the same thing with a Lebanese man I was engaged to for 4 months.

I was deeply in love with him and we WOULD have been married this July; but he walked out on me a month before our wedding. The reason. I would have done anything for him. Be polite of course but show that you love him and you want to know where you stand. Looked into my eyes and lied. You deserve better. This is such an eye opener!

I think its a common thing for Lebanese men to meet women online or maybe it is just the world we live in today. I have found a hero in a Lebanese man, his words are not anything like an American man. Online I chased his friendship for a few months and just enjoyed learning about his culture. When I left my husband of many years my Lebanese friend became so much more, saving me from all my hurt and self-pity. If he is gone tomorrow I will still be a better woman for knowing him and will never have regrets.

If all Lebanese men are similar to this then we should be helping to show the rest of the men in the world how to be more like them. This is a great discussion, thank you. Have to leave an update to my situation. Planning my first visit to Beirut to meet all his family and marry in his church.

Our cultural differences do cause problems but we are both aware of it and we have to work harder to understand our beliefs however I honestly love seeing his Lebanese man side come out. I also see his drama and his love of friends and such but I promise ladies you reach a point in life and you see that having your man be involved with harmless and good things outside of your marriage will make your relationship stronger.

All people have to maintain their identity so we can see what is in front of us. Stay true to yourself and he will respect and love you and if he disappears from your life then you will still be strong and standing tall….. I love all these post! Not having any interactions with Lebanese people before makes me so clueless on the culture. Kidding I know I will love them! No Worries. Guys,…i have to list three things that a woman -need to do- to keep a leb man: 1- truthful,..

Hes a good man, very good father, genuine, curses alot but who doesnt. Im a chick from newyork city so im street smart and so is he, but he is so insecure.. Is he divorced or do you have kids together? My x was a police officer too but in NJ. I was a Lebanese man for 4 years when we were younger. We went to each others prom and college. We loved like no other we were so into each other. His parents wanted him to get married. But they thought I needed to attend college and grow up a bit.

We kept dating but towards the end of our relationship he grew increasingly controlling, jealous. I was very welcomed and apart of his family.. Anyway, after a few passionate fights and a break up. His parents felt it was time for him to get married to a Lebanese girl and arranged it. It was a hard break up we didnt want to end it but he had to…funny thing is he still 10 years later he still asks about me and still loves me…so Yes, In truth A Lebanese man wants true love, passionate love, respect, a housewife, a women who puts him first, you must be from a good family, but you will be closer to his because he will put his family first in his life as you should do the same for yours.

I doubt my X will ever feel that unique passion we shared so we know deep inside its our memory. I moved on married and have kids too.. He was lying, cheating, even stealing from me.. It was a waste of a year… he was was a very smooth player.. Narcissitic and I would say has a borderline personality disorder..

Thank goodness I got out when I did.. I learnt he had 5 women on the go.. Sick sick sick. If you want his name you can contact me direct! Aw man.. Meaning, everyone has his own personality. Think simplistic and things will happen intuitive, natural and shit will flow smooth.. Nice comment. I agree on your relating to the human to human level, however there are those variables such as arranged marriage and family control and or spoiling their kids…. The Lebanese culture stresses on importance of family period.

But many times parents love their kids so much they give give with out too much rules and you know it creates a spoiled person, then their are the parents who are super controlling, we love you so much we are anxious and gonna keep you close eventually the rebel. Every culture has those parents. I a married to a leb stright from leb.

I am lebaese american. Never ever been with a man like this. My mistake! I met a Lebanese man on line and he is very good looking and seems to say all the right things, but when I talk with him on the phone or we text each I get this feeling he is controlling. He sounded very pushy and demanding. He even told me once I should be honored to go out with him. Anyone have any suggestions? My partner told me not to worry because his family is different. I am very happy with mine.

He is wonderful. I just had to learn how to deal with him. Good luck, ladies. After reading a couple of comments, it is apparent that Lebanese men are stereotyped at best. Not dating a Lebanese again because of a previous experience would render you a lesbian after several failed relationships with men of all nations.

Labeling Lebanese men under one umbrella is a fallacy, not an empirical observation. It never happened and the Gazump bounty at one time known as Touiteur is a key that will get rid of the sponsored contents in the release translation of our chirrup node. When I got ready to fresh up afterward my physical exertion, her category moves to an Amish community of interests in Pennsylvania. And this is and appears to be all over-caffeinated. I have been involved with a Lebanese man for only about a month.

I have never dated Arabic men before. I am Hispanic. I went into this with a very open mind, however I always had the stereotype in the back of my mind.

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