dating and mating in the secular world

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Dating and mating in the secular world faith dating

Dating and mating in the secular world

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The most popular way of finding a date now is the Internet dating sites; Macarthur says that compatibility is the holy grail of Internet dating services Macarthur, Many times the problem with seeking a mate through Internet dating sites we find there is no accountability. People are seeking compatibility, however it is difficult to find true compatibility because people have a tendency to spice up their profile.

The secular view says follow your heart. It is a very self-oriented thought process. Are they compatible for me? Because the secular view is so inward looking it has led to astronomical numbers of people now believing that co-habitation is the best way to find out if they are compatible. This however, according to Myers has led to higher rates of divorce Myers The secular self-oriented view is; will this person be compatible with me The dating and mating selection process as been looked at from two angles, the male and female approach to mate selection.

Men are considered more physical beings and their initial reactions are initiated by physical attributes of the other sex. Men look for beautiful skin, curvy body, attributes we contribute to a great child bearing mate. From personal experience I believe this to be true, when I look at a woman that I find attractive, the hips, complexion and healthy appearance are vital parts to finding her attractive.

The text explains these views as viewing woman as fertile mates. Women on the other hand chose mates on how they relate to the individual. Women look for attributes of the male being a good provider for their offspring along with being around to raise the kids. Of course women were compared to picking their mates wisely because of the factor they have to nurture one child at a time, where on the other hand a male can disseminate and spread his genes without adversely being effected.

This statement could be true to some but these days of child support, I would have to believe that men and women are Dating and Mating: Secular View vs. How do you find your partner for life? And when you meet that someone, how do you know you've made the right choice? These are questions we all ask at some point in our life during the dating and mating process. There are many different views and answers to these questions, but in this paper I want to focus on the secular world views and the biblical views and how both views contradict each other.

The Secular View on Dating and Mating Popular or mass culture including advertising and self-help books is the most obvious and direct influence on the attitudes associated with the pursuit of romantic relationships Paul Hollander, Expert Advice on Dating and Mating, p. In seeking a mate the world tends to go to the internet dating sites, and social networks for direction.

People are also swayed by what the media says is ideal to pursue through TV shows, movies, and talk shows. So the world puts all of there focus completely on things like Dating and Mating Ronald A. Stephanie Hazelton Psyc Pro. Lydia Tchividjian July 9, Being a Christian has made my dating and mating process experiences highly different. I had a hard time at first with dating as a Christian.

I would go out on dates and completely cast guys out because of little things that they would do. I was being very self righteous in my opinion. So I decided to let my hair down a little, but when I did that I ended up losing my virginity to a man that was not meant to be my husband. I had to regroup myself and get my life back on the right track. Through much prayer and mentoring with a close friend, I got back to the place I needed to be. These are some of the main reason why there are some big differences with dating and mating as a Christian and as a worldly being.

Dating and mating as a worldly being tells you that meeting someone that fits with you is a great thing. The pre caution that you should take is making sure you use protection. The world tells you that there is nothing wrong with these actions. I know better than that. In the bible it tells us that sex is suppose to be between a husband and his wife. Our bodies are supposed to be a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto Christ.

Holy Bible Now how can we be a living sacrifice if with are just freely sleeping with any and everybody that we feel we Although many are Christians, we still do not follow very well they ways in which God wants us to choose a mate. Dating, in the bible, is commonly referred to as courtship. You are to make sure you marry a believer or else you risk your how you could raise your children.

Also, the wife must submit to her husband, just as the church submits to God, because the man is the head of the relationship. We are to love our spouse, but we are to love God above all others Matthew However, we live in a far from perfect world, a world that involves adultery, jealousy, lying, etc. As imperfect as our world is, often our dating and mating rituals are just as poor. We far too often engage in moral wrongs, like premarital sex, and having children out of wedlock.

We, as a society, are generally more concerned with what a person looks like and how much money they have, instead of what their values and morals are. When involved in a relationship, many Critical Thinking Portfolio Task Topic 1: Meaning of Life: Economics of Life Rebecca Marshall — Online dating has increased in popularity over the last few years with the most recent RSVP Date of the Nation Report showing online dating as the second most preferred way to meet a new partner compared to the RSVP report which showed online dating as the fifth preferred option Medianet, There are a number of benefits to online dating that may have contributed to its rising popularity.

A network externality will occur as more and more people become familiar with and confident in using online dating platforms, expanding the pool of potential suitors. Specific group dating sites have also been created that provide a mechanism for assortative mating homogamy preferences whereby individuals are able to select potential partners based on similarities such as environment, education, socio economic status, aesthetics and a range of other categories, increasing the chances of finding a suitable partner while keeping search costs low.

However, online dating also has its negatives as information is shared in an environment where cheap talk can distort the information, such as appearance attributes, due it However, it is very important that Christians apply biblical principals when approaching dating relationships. It is unfortunate that even believers have dismissed the way that the Lord intended for us to establish relationships. Sociology , August , 33 pp. This study was designed to examine the attitudes of undergraduate students toward interracial dating.

The study examined the influence of race, gender, and previous interracial dating experience on interracial dating attitudes. The independent variable of racial identity salience was also examined. A final sample consisted of students, recruited from first year political science classes at the University of North Texas. An 11item self administered questionnaire was used to collect the data.

A weak association was also found between greater racial identity salience and less positive interracial dating Dating - An Issue of Personal Choice First there was the passing notes, hand holding and name-calling of middle school. What do you want to be accomplishing in these prime dating years? More importantly, is that what you are accomplishing? On the contrary, there is a quite a range of opinions on the subject with marriage incorporated into a number of them.

Marriage is not a frivolous topic. Consequently its precursor, dating , also bears significance. One might also think that college students, being in the midst of their Teenage dating in GenX The fast pace world with globalization being the bottomline agenda for every organization. Continuous change along with integration of new technology and new innovations being carried out by the NASA gaining importance in the market.

With new high end technology like ipads, tablets,iphones etc, more portable and easy interactive interface. Access through different online portals such as facebook, orkut etc to different locations of people, having numerous connections to be made. When we think of the generation pased by we think of arrange marriages, casual relations among your own relatives or with your extended family not beyond that.

Arranged marriages being carried out on the consent of both the families involved. Interaction of boy and a girl as a brother and a sister, further the interaction with your concerned husband choosen by your parents. Girls were not allowed to go outside their house for work and they were told to not talk to men outside their families.

You have been given full freedom to talk, to room around with your brothers and sisters. And also given you access to internet sites for your references used in college studies. Nowdays, teenage students of age nearby where Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Home Essays Dating and Mating: Secular Continue Reading Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Mating Essay Read More. Dating Essay Secular vs Christian Dating Essay Essay on Biblical and Secular Models of Counseling Biblical Theology Essay

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Biblical Blue Pill vs. Secular Red Pill. Which Is Superior For Men's Dating Success?

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