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Dating an addict

You may watch them start to spiral out of control and feel trapped. At Banyan Philadelphia, we understand that this can be difficult, so we have a few tips to help you determine the best course of action. First and foremost, if you are dating a drug addict, try to get them help immediately. As someone that they love and trust, you may have a better chance of getting through to them than other people. You may hope that they will return to normal on their own, but sadly this is not usually the case.

They will often require a formal program like PHP treatment to get back on their feet. Once they are in recovery, it is probably best to give them space as they should be focused on themselves. Do not be afraid to leave. It can change their personality and behavior. Sometimes an addict may even become violent and abusive. These red flags are sure signs that it is time to get out. Dating a recovering addict is far different from dating a person who is currently abusing drugs or alcohol.

A recovering addict may have a few skeletons in their closet, but they have taken active steps to create a brighter future for themselves. If you want your relationship to be successful, determine what they expect from you. If you love to party, drink, and do the occasional recreational drug, then you two may not be a good match.

You may need to abstain from drinking, drugs, and even particular environments when dating a recovering addict. Other addicts may be sober for many years and be more lenient with what they can handle. Educate yourself. If you want to be in it for the long haul, it is probably a good idea to learn as much about the disease as possible.

Before your relationship goes too far, you may want to talk about the past. Addicts may have done some wild and seemingly crazy things, so it is important to know what you can and cannot handle. Just remember that who they were is probably much different from who they are now. Loving an addict is heartbreaking. It can also be a way to compensate for the bad feelings you might feel towards the person for the pain they cause you.

Be honest, and be ready for difficult things to come up. Do it with a trusted person or a counsellor if you need the support. It might be one of the most important things you can do for the addict. The easier you make it for them to maintain their addiction, the easier it is for them to maintain their addiction. Focusing on an addict is likely to mean that the focus on your own life has been turned down — a lot.

Sometimes, focusing on the addict is a way to avoid the pain of dealing with other issues that have the capacity to hurt you. When you explore this, be kind to yourself, otherwise the temptation will be to continue to blunt the reality. Be brave, and be gentle and rebuild your sense of self, your boundaries and your life.

The addict might deserve a lot of the blame, but blame will keep you angry, hurt and powerless. Addiction is already heavily steeped in shame. Go for progress, not perfection. There will be forward steps and plenty of backward ones too. Recovery never happens in a neat forward line and backward steps are all part of the process.

Loving someone with an addiction can tear at the seams of your soul. It can feel that painful. If you need to let go, know that this is okay. You can still leave the way open if you want to. This will leave the way open, but will put the responsibility for their healing in their hands, which is the only place for it to be. And finally … Let them know that you love them and have always loved them — whether they believe it or not.

Saying it is as much for you as it is for them. Not really sure where to start.. He was outgoing, funny, gorgeous and loved ME. He got on with my friends and family I was so happy. Some excuse that he went up north and forgot his phone.. Then he introduced me to his mum qnd then not long after asked me to be his girlfriend! This is when I realised he had a problem. He then started persuading me to do it with him..

Things kind of got better for a few months and the relationship was good. We put everything behind us and he moved in. As soon as he moved in, was when it got worse. He stole money from me in the night and was doing coke whilst i was asleep, he would dissappear out for hours whilst i was crying and ringing him begging to come home..

I didnt know if he was dead or alive! When I went on works events he would call me up and ring me for money , then made me feel like I made him worried and it made him do it. Our first christmas he disappeared on christmas eve, done it and done it right through to boxing day. The first time I was due to meet his dad I was getting my nails done and when I finished he picked me up in my car and was using… at 11am?!

He had lost his job and now was depending on me.. Is he unhappy in our relationship? I thought of every excuse in the book and asked myself why would you CHOSE to do this to someone who loves you so much?! I would never do this to someone.. I felt like maybe he was with me for somewhere to live as I soon found out from his mum that his addiction had stemmed from over 13 years ago. She infact had kicked him out which I didnt even realise… how was I so blind to not realise what was going on in front of me..

I pushed my friends away and my boyfriend kept using, I kept crying and he kept saying sorry. This happened every month for another 6 months. I called the dealers numbers and got them to block him on their phone but he would buy sim cards and start ringing them off of it. I reported the dealers to the police but the numbers are still in use! Another day he disappeared again, I cried, I rang, I turned my phone off and I said..

He turned up at my door at 2am, I said go to sleep and we will talk in the morning. I was due to go out to an appointment in the morning and I noticed he was drinking.. I came back and the paramedics were there.. I thought he was lying!

Guilt hit me hard when I found out that he had an emergency operation to have his bowel removed. I cried again, I was up all night wondering if he was OK, I forgot everything he had done and I just wanted him to feel better and be OK. He was in hospital for 2 weeks and I told him that it would be best for him to recover and his mums. I didnt feel it was right for me to pick up the pieces after what had happened.

After being at his mums for just 2 weeks, he managed to persuade me to come back home. The relationship was alright when he came out he was clean.. By now I stopped crying, I stopped worrying I was full of dissapointment.. I went out wirh my friends and turned my phone off so that he would stop ringing for money. In the morning I received a horrible call from his mum that he was in hospital and tried cutting himself. We then made a decision that he would go and live back with his mum full time and I said I would support him from home and give him the time he needed to focus on himself.

He found a great group called cocain anonymous which kept him clean for 2 months, he was really excited about it at first and I really believed this would help him to recover. He relapsed last on 22nd December and made excuses and lies to what he was doing, he spent a few days on and off coming back.. I ask myself what was the reason this time? Why would you? I went to my mums on Xmas day when we were supposed to go together..

New years he was still getting over the massive bender he was on and being in lockdown it was just us to so I wanted to make the most of it but he was just tired. Thank you for the article. I have recently ended my 4 years relationship with the person I viewed was the love of my life. He was everything I wanted. Then that drug happened and he told me straight away. I was so disappointed, to have the intention of doing that drug is one thing but to actually do it know how I felt about it was completely disrespectful but I let it slide.

The disrespect he showed towards me and my house after supporting him and his daughter in every way I work full time and come home to strange people in my house again that leave as soon as I get home? I stopped my life for this amazing man I wanted nothing but the best for only for his addiction to continuously disrespect me my safety my boundaries my home.

Addiction is the hardest with you deal with for anyone especially addicts be we also have to have the respect for ourselves to know when enough is enough. I will always love the man I fell in love with and for allowing his child to be such a huge part of my life but not I need support I pushed everyone away for him and I have been left along and behind to pick up the pieces.

I know I need to let him go, but my heart says no.. I should stop communicating with him , he doesnt care about me anymore and his kid. He didnt even come home anymore. I hope one day he realize everything. So true. Too late for me though. I was an enabler for many years and he overdosed at age Wish I knew then what I know now.

Hope your article helps others. Addiction is a beast, it holds no prejudice against anyone: destroys as much as one is willing to surrender to it.. Never intentionally, nievely under the impression that this beast is capable of grace. It is not. This is a great article. I ended a new relationship after 3 months. The signs were there, I ignored them at first but realised I was losing myself.

I ignored my gut until one morning I had a dream about an ex-colleague who died from cancer. She denied her smoking was making her ill. I feel guilt, anger, love and passion for this person. I have had no contact for three weeks and it feels like withdrawal. You become addicted, you start living the lie, it entrances you, takes over your thoughts and feelings. I empathised, I fell in but managed to get out before I became entrenched and drowned. It is all a lie, they are dishonest with themselves, the pain is to great to confront.

They will continue to kill themselves than face their fears, pain, shame and guilt. The desire to change has to be greater than the continuance of the behaviour. There has has to be more at stake staying the same than changing. I never thought that at 53, as a counsellor I would be manipulated, hypnotised and mesmerised. I woke up, it was a close escape, however, I have used this experience to resolve my own inner pain and started a journey of healing my own wounds.

I hope all of you people out there find peace and serenity and make a decision that ultimately is of benefit to you. My advice, work on your self-esteem, work on loving you and those affected by the addicts behaviour. It is like grief, ambiguous grief — the person is still alive but, there isnt a fully alive person there. They are unfortunately, comfortably numb and thats what they value. This article on loving a person with an addiction is just what I needed to hear, in the place of such brokenness and heartache.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight. I have stumbled across this article and thankfully so, after yet another sleepless night wondering where my husband is, will he come home? Is he alive etc..? After reading this, I have realised that I do too much for him, I enable him, I protect him from all the destruction his addiction leaves behind, I pick up all the pieces, I try and shield the family from the destruction, and I am finally at the end of my tether.

I have nothing left emotionally or financially. Maybe in doing that there may be a light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel, if not for him then for myself. The plan was that he would be to be with me, we had all these plans. On every occasion that he was supposed to move, something would come up to delay the move. I would see him about every month to 6 weeks for a few days. And we talk and text every day.


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Call Now Like the song says, breaking up is hard to do. If you are dating an addict, or married to one who is still caught up in a relapse cycle, it can be hard. It also hurts if they choose their addiction over you. You want to support them through their illness, but you also know their addiction is taking a toll on you.

How do you know whether to stay or go? Dating is hard enough as it is. Despite your plans, you may fall in love with someone struggling with substance abuse. Like most people, you want a romantic relationship that is healthy. Does falling for someone with a drug or alcohol history mean you have landed in a relationship with a bad person? Studies show, however, that addicts with closer family ties have a stronger chance of recovery. An addict in recovery may be one of the most aware people you will meet.

On the flip side, there are some inherent risks of being in relationship with recovering addicts:. It is important to set boundaries that keep you and your relationship as healthy as possible, especially if you are struggling with addiction yourself. In these cases, you may both be better off in a different situation for a while. Have you loaned money to your addicted partner or lied for them, over and over?

Are you paying less attention to your children, family members or friends? If you are ignoring your own needs, it may be time to take a hard look at the situation. You may believe you can stop them from relapse or support them in their recovery process. Yet you must determine if the kind of support you are giving is healthy — for both or you. For example, are you doing things that protect your partner from the consequences of their actions?

It prevents them from learning how to stand on their own. It interferes with them taking the necessary steps to become healthy and may stop them from being responsible and fulfilled. Your partner is emotionally unavailable to you. Otherwise it can undermine your emotional and physical health. Is your overwhelming concern for them making you lose sleep? Are you finding it difficult to concentrate or work? Is worrying about your addicted partner distracting you from life?

This is also true if you are a partner of or dating an addict. It also leads to arguments about the addiction. These upsets can trigger relapse. Both partners get caught in a vicious cycle that is difficult to overcome. This is an approach that can help resolve these types of conflicts in a relationship. You may feel fed up with a repeating cycle: relapse that has led to breakups and periods of renewed sobriety that have led to reunions. Then back to square one. Ask yourself: Do you see any possibility for change?

Is your partner making any strides in changing behaviors, or do you feel stuck? Being in a relationship with an addict can be draining. Your nervous system is on high alert. You are always anticipating the return of the problem. When he first revealed he was addicted to meth, I could have been honest and told him I had no clue what to do and somehow convey the depths of helplessness I felt.

I should have attended Al-Anon meetings and attempted to have my own support group in Seattle instead of letting anxiety take such a strong hold over me and then isolating myself from meeting new people. Supporting an addict can be draining, and no one should have to carry that alone.

I should have made time every day to reconnect with myself in some way, whether it be meditation , exercise, or prayer. Relationships often become unbalanced when one person is an addict, but both people need time and space to focus on themselves and their needs. For instance, it would have been more helpful if I told myself that if I saw him using while we were together, I would have distanced myself from him. But using drugs while being together is unacceptable to me, and if I find out you are using, I will have to distance myself from you for my sake.

Setting boundaries earlier on may have prevented my unintentional enabling, which created behaviors in him that I later resented. Like many others, I felt pretty paralyzed by fear of hurting the other person. I wished I had more strength to leave this person I was in love with because he was self destructing and refusing to really help himself.

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Encourage him to get help When he first revealed he was addicted to meth, I could have been honest and told him I had no clue what to do and somehow convey the depths of helplessness I felt. Get support for myself I should have attended Al-Anon meetings and attempted to have my own support group in Seattle instead of letting anxiety take such a strong hold over me and then isolating myself from meeting new people.

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If they begin dating in early recovery at this time, they may become too dependent on the person they are dating. They could lose the new identity they were starting to build and find themselves only able to identify themselves with their relationship.

Falling Back into Bad Habits Poor mental health and substance abuse are often connected, so some people who go through recovery also need mental health treatment. Because of this, part of their recovery will not only mean staying sober but also managing their mental health. For some people, dating and intimacy help them feel better momentarily, but like drugs or alcohol, they may make them feel worse in the long run.

If recovering addicts begin falling back into these dating habits, they may also feel tempted to fall back into other bad habits like their substance abuse. Especially if they try dating someone from their past, they may derail their entire recovery progress. Love as a Drug Before someone starts looking for addiction services and enters treatment, their substance of choice takes over their life and consumes them. Once they get sober, they have a void in their life where this substance once was.

It is common for recovering addicts to replace one addiction with another to fill this void without even realizing it. Dating too soon after rehab could actually cause someone to replace their substance abuse problems with an addiction to relationships or intimacy. With such a strong attachment to others and this new addictive behavior, the recovering addict may never learn how to stand on their own two feet. Toxic Relationships Unfortunately, not all relationships are healthy, and when you are in early recovery, you are likely in an emotionally vulnerable state.

This state may make you more likely to find yourself in a toxic or unhealthy relationship because you are still struggling with some self-esteem problems or are too heavily reliant on others. Ultimately, a toxic relationship that was established in early recovery may be harder to escape and could lead to serious issues, including relapse. What to Do Instead of Dating in Early Recovery Because not dating in early recovery can be beneficial for several reasons, it is best to avoid dating for at least a year after you get sober.

Instead of setting a hard cutoff and counting the days down until you can date again, you should be focused on yourself. Your progress is the biggest indicator that you are ready to start dating again, not necessarily how much time has passed. Instead of dating in recovery, you should be focused on doing these things instead: Building a support system Attending recovery meetings regularly Getting healthy, active, and fit Following a good routine Starting to build a career Mending relationships with friends and family Exploring your thoughts, feelings, and emotions Learning to love yourself Once you are able to learn to love yourself and build a life free from drugs or alcohol, you can then confidently look for a romantic partner without the high risk of compromising your progress.

At Banyan Boca, we understand that addiction recovery is a comprehensive journey. To help our patients prepare for various aspects of life outside of treatment, we use several evidence-based practices as well as therapy programs including everything from yoga to dialectical behavioral therapy in Boca. Addiction has many negative stereotypes that our culture pushes on us at every turn. Are you curious to know more?

Keep reading to learn the truth about addiction and what questions to ask before you start dating a recovering addict. Addiction is a disease. Most of the time, the will to get better is not enough for a person to enter into a state of recovery. Addiction is lonely.

Addicts may lose the support of family and friends. They may even lose faith in themselves. For a recovering addict, some days will be harder than others. Although these changes may feel like a challenge at first, remember that dating anyone may call for changes in your lifestyle.

If you enjoy consuming alcohol or other drugs, dating a recovered addict may call for a huge change in that part of your life. Although some addicts are comfortable being around substances without using them, others may feel triggered by this experience. Remember, everyone has different needs in relationships. People can also suffer from an addiction to love or sex. Someone who has been in recovery for two months will have very different needs than someone who has been in recovery for 20 years.

As we know, professional recovery programs are the best way for addicts to heal and remain successful in recovery without relapsing. Dating someone in AA can be a hugely beneficial experience for both parties. AA dating means that the addict will have the support of an understanding group of peers and that their partner will feel confident in their recovery process.

Two addicts in a relationship can even visit meetings together. Every addict has different triggers as well as different physical, emotional, and mental needs. Some people in recovery may want their partner to have an active role in their recovery efforts, while others may want to keep that part of their life more private at first.

Some people may share more about their past and others may take longer to open up. Make sure you get a clear answer before you commit. If you doubt your ability to fully support them, be honest. Falling in love feels good. It gives the brain a rush of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

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