updating bb os

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Updating bb os aldersforskel dating

Updating bb os

To manually update over a USB cable, follow these steps:. Connect the small end of your USB cable to your device and the large end of the cable to your computer. If necessary, download and install the BlackBerry Link software on your computer. Note: Software may be downloaded through the connection prompt or www. Open BlackBerry Link. Click Install Update again. Note: Do not disconnect device during update.

After receiving a notification that you received the OTA update, you may download it. To download, follow these steps:. Find out more on this page: Understanding the software version How tos. Lack of memory and storage space can sometimes prevent Blackberry Desktop Software from successfully updating your device software. Try deleting text messages, third-party applications, and web browsing history to free up memory on your device.

Try resetting your Blackberry if your device malfunctions after installing the latest software update. In some cases, a corrupted update can cause software problems, but performing a reset can help restore your Blackberry to a working state.

In some cases, problems with faulty hardware can interfere with your being able to successfully update your Blackberry. Greater volumes of network traffic could prevent your Blackberry from being updated at certain times of the day.

Open the Desktop Software and connect your BlackBerry to your computer. To check for any available updates select Device and Update my device. The Desktop Software will check to see if there are any software updates available. Select Install. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. I've tried to update two Blackberry Curve s to the latest device software 7. What do I do? Check your internet connection. If it's not strong enough then go to somewhere with free WiFi, like your local library, McDonald's, or some other place.

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