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Consolidating my bills

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A new loan to consolidate credit card debt you just accumulated may not be possible, because the more debt you have has a negative impact on your credit rating. The key to becoming debt free is to change your perspectives about money and using credit. This can be painful at first, but when spending habits change, money management becomes easier.

A debt management program through a non-profit credit counseling agency can help you consolidate your credit and give you resources to learn more about achieving a financially secure future. We can help you consolidate debts without falling deeper into debt.

We work with your creditors to develop a plan to pay off your bills within your means and a targeted timeframe — usually five years or less, depending on the amount of money you owe. Our program for consolidating bills can reduce your monthly payments and interest rates. You send a single monthly payment to ACCC, and we distribute it to your creditors. You can also track your progress in paying off your balances at any time through our secure members-only web portal.

We have worked with tens of thousands of clients since , so we have a long, successful track record in helping people like you become debt free. We are also among the approved credit counseling agencies by the U. Department of Housing and Urban Development for reverse mortgage counseling and foreclosure counseling. Call us or chat online today for more information about our counseling services for credit, housing, and bankruptcy. Once you develop the habit of using credit, it can become addicting.

After all, credit makes you feel like you have so much spending power. It allows you to acquire something even if you cannot afford to pay it in cash. The convenience of a cashless transaction and the boost in spending power can easily lead you to open multiple credit accounts. Even if you are careful not to maximize your credit limit, paying all of the bills each month can become overwhelming. This is probably why some people find themselves wanting to consolidate their bills.

If you are wondering if you can consolidate your bills — yes you can! In fact, you have a lot of options to do so. What you should probably look into is whether this is a great idea or not. The thing is, there are so many options to deal with your debt situation. However, you have to figure which of the options suit your financial situation the best. Sometimes, you think that consolidating your bills is enough to help you solve your financial troubles.

But in reality, it will not really solve the problem. There are so many things to consider when you want to consolidate the many bills that you have to pay each month. For one, you have to think about your financial capabilities. Consolidating your bills mean you still have to pay the same amount and no reduction will take place. Not only that, you have to check if your existing credit accounts can be consolidated.

Some loans will require you to pay a prepayment penalty. There are so many things to consider before you can finally decide if consolidating your multiple bills is a good idea. If you want an expert opinion, feel free to check with us if you qualify for debt consolidation. We have licensed debt experts who can talk to you about your specific debt and financial situation.

The initial consultation is free and you will not be obligated to enroll in anything. You can hear out the expert opinion of our debt professionals and decide for yourself how you want to proceed. Before you consolidate your multiple debts, you need to ask yourself how this move will improve your financial situation. Here are the different ways that it can boost your finances. When you say that you have plans to consolidate debt, the first thing that comes to mind is to borrow enough money to pay off the existing ones.

After that, you will be left with a bigger loan that you will focus on to get yourself completely out of debt. While this is a good plan, it is not the only way that you can consolidate debt. In fact, there are two ways for you to consolidate bills without borrowing money. Debt management. This is one of the options to consolidate your multiple bills.

This involves a credit counselor who will discuss your debt and financial situation. You will both come up with a debt management plan or DMP. This is a repayment plan that is specifically created to suit your financial capabilities. If you need a lower monthly payment, this is what the DMP will give you.

The credit counselor will present this to your multiple creditors and lenders for approval. Once approved, you will send a single monthly payment to the credit counselor — which is a total of all the monthly payments that you need to meet. The counselor will take charge of disbursing the money to the different creditors and lenders in your DMP. Balance transfer. This is another option to consolidate your debts. This will not require you to borrow money.

This involves a new credit card that offers a zero interest rate during the first few months. This is one of the ways that credit card companies encourage new clients to open an account with them. After applying and getting an approval, the creditor will arrange with your original creditors and lenders so your balance will be transferred to them. This will require you to pay a balance transfer fee. Once the transfer is done, you will be left with a single monthly payment because all your debts will be under one creditor.

It is encouraged that you pay as much as you can while you still have zero interest on your transferred balance. All of your payments will be credited to your principal balance — which is a great way for you to aggressively pay off your debt. If you want to consolidate your debts without borrowing money, these are the two options that you should consider. Apart from debt management and balance transfer, there are other options to consolidate your bills.

However, these are the options that will require you to borrow money. Here are the three options that you have. Debt consolidation loan. This refers to an unsecured loan that is offered by lenders for the sole purpose of combining multiple debts into one.

Since this is an unsecured loan, you need a good credit score to be given a low-interest rate. Once the lender approves of the loan, you need to provide them with details about your other debts. The lender will proceed to pay off the original debts — which is how the consolidation happens. Personal loan. This is another unsecured loan that will help you consolidate debt. This is practically the same as a debt consolidation loan — except that it can be used for something else.

The lender will give you the loan amount and you will be the one to disburse the funds to your original creditors and lenders. This is also a loan that you can get from family and friends — if you find one who will be willing to lend you money. Home equity loan. This is the only option that involves a secured loan.

If you own enough equity in your house that can cover your multiple debts, you can use this to consolidate your bills. Since you will be using your home as a collateral, this loan will have a low-interest rate. Of course, it will even be lower if you have a good credit score. You just have to be very careful with this option because if you fail to pay this back, you could end up losing your home in the process.

If you think that you want to consolidate your bills into one easy payment, you need to follow certain steps to ensure that you can set it up properly. Failing to follow one step could influence the decisions that you will make while consolidating your debts. Some people will think that getting a professional to consolidate their bills is necessary.

This is not always the case. There are situations wherein working with a debt expert will be more beneficial than trying to work things out on your own. There are three important questions to ponder on when you are deciding if you will seek help or you will consolidate on your own. Do you know what caused you to have multiple debts? This means you understand why you have a lot of debt without feeling confused about the whole thing.

Can you control your spending? Sometimes, people land in debt because they cannot control their spending urges. Do you know how to consolidate your debts? If something confuses you, it is not really a good idea to proceed blindly.

You have to stop and study your options and how you will consolidate debt. If you try to consolidate debt without fully understanding what is involved, you might end up wasting your time, effort and money.


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Better consolidate your bills into one simple payment with a debt management program from American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC). Debt consolidation is the combination of several unsecured debts—payday loans​, credit cards, medical bills—into one monthly bill with the. Like a loan, your debts will be consolidated into one monthly payment. But unlike a loan, credit counselors.