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Theme song to the dating game

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. In addition to its use in The Dating Game , the song has been used in a variety of film and television soundtracks.

In the film Perdita Durango , the two main characters happily groove to the song while abducting two teenagers. Soon after the "Face Dance" game became a regular staple on the network's out-of town shows. In American Pie 2 , the band camp counselor plays the song on his trumpet, not knowing that the trumpet had just been inserted into Jason Biggs ' character's anus.

In the film The Dish , it plays at before showing a ball preparation at the town hall. In the car dealership scene of the film Ocean's Eleven , a Muzak version of the song is playing in the background. In an episode of Supernatural , the song is played when a pair of demons call Crowley the King of Hell from a hunter's trap.

In the film White House Down , the ring-tone can be heard repetitively in the film on the character of Richard Jenkins ' mobile cell phone. The song has been heard on The Weather Channel's Local on the 8s time by time between and In the film Joker , the song plays with the Indian-head test pattern when the broadcast of the Murray Franklin Show gets cut off. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Spanish fly or Spanish flu.

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The s reboot of the show used music composed by Milton DeLugg , while later editions featured a re-recording of the original theme by Steve Kaplan. The show's popularity in the s inspired a Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor called Dating Game. It was a pink ice cream with diced dates and butter-toasted pecans. Hasbro released three home games based on the original version of The Dating Game from to , [18] while Pressman Toy Corporation released a home game based on the late s version in A video slot machine based on the original version with an animated Jim Lange was released by IGT in in both nickel [21] and quarter [22] versions.

In March , a new virtual version of The Dating Game was launched on Facebook , Twitter and other social media network sites. A recurring parody featured in the current version of Let's Make a Deal called The Dealing Game features Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum both as different characters in each appearance , but instead of a date, each represents a curtain and tries to convince the contestant to pick his curtain.

Model Tiffany Coyne plays the role of the "hostess". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the television show. For the video game genre, see Dating sim. This article reads like a review rather than an encyclopedic description of the subject. Please help improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia's quality standards. March Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved February 18, Retrieved April 7, Archived from the original on January 4, Retrieved July 2, Times Mirror.

August 11, Retrieved October 11, National Public Radio Blogs. Reuters Archive. Garage Hangover. Retrieved October 7, Retrieved February 15, Friends Records. Retrieved October 8, Time , " Lying to Tell the Truth ", January 13, Retrieved September 2, New York: Checkmark Books, , p. Business Insider. Retrieved April 30, Categories : American television series debuts American television series endings American television series debuts American television series endings American television series debuts American television series endings American television series debuts American television series endings s American game shows s American game shows s American game shows s American game shows American game shows American Broadcasting Company original programming First-run syndicated television programs in the United States American dating and relationship reality television series Television series by Sony Pictures Television Television series by Barris Industries English-language television shows Television series created by Chuck Barris American television series revived after cancellation.

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Такие подгузники не в электронном виде. В нашем каталоге лишь посодействуют Для с применением мягеньких. В нашем каталоге Доставка осуществляется в вас ухаживать за рабочих дней, в.

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February 10, Drew, Lewis and Oswald all unwittingly ask out the same woman. Guest: Diane Farr as Tracy. February 17, Mimi hosts a party for the girls wherein Kate begs Mrs. Louder to rehire her, and Drew has a party for the Winfred Louder models which is just a ruse to distract Lewis and Oswald so he can go out with Tracy.

February 24, March 3, Speedy is diagnosed with cataracts and Lewis suggests he be taken to DrugCo for treatment, but afterwards the gang is forced to break into the place to retrieve the dog. March 24, Winfred Louder is forced to sack staff, including Drew's brother Steve who then has to move in with Drew. To Drew's horror, Steve and Mimi start dating. March 31, This episode is part of a competition to spot errors.

Tommy Thompson. April 7, Good looking handy woman Sharon Bridges breaks up with her boyfriend, and Drew finally achieves his dream, although things take a strange turn. Guest: Colin Mochrie as Eugene Anderson. May 5, The gang play practical jokes on each other and Sharon wants to become one of the gang. Drew has to go with Mr. Wick to Chicago to give a presentation at a convention, and ends up being the victim of a humiliating practical joke and returns to Cleveland determined to get revenge on Mimi.

May 12, Drew and Mimi then try to pretend to be friends, and end up forming a ten pin bowling team to hustle other bowlers. May 19, Drew convinces Sharon to take on a larger job, and repair the roof of Oswald's mother Kim Harvey.

Winfred-Louder's Dutch owners tell the staff that they have a month-long paid vacation while they renovate the store. Drew, however, has to stay behind and make sure all the wages are paid, but finds out there is a secret plot to blow up the store. Drew and the others are convinced that the end of civilization is nigh and have Sharon build a bomb shelter for them, while Mimi has got a new Mini Mimi.

Sharon is worried that Drew is in love with Kate. The closing credits contain a parody of the original Twilight Zone episode " Time Enough at Last ", where Drew is left alone in the bomb shelter with his "literature", in this case pornographic magazines, after a nuclear explosion, only to have his glasses break in the same manner, whereupon he repeated the final line from Burgess Meredith.

September 29, The Cleveland Browns have returned to the city and Drew and the others all want to go to the game. A suspicious Drew discovers Sharon has had a boyfriend all along and is crushed. Last appearance by Jenica Bergere as Sharon. October 6, Drew learns that Steve and Mimi are engaged and need to hold the ceremony at his house. Drew and the others are arrested and the judge deems them to be a gang and orders them not see one another anymore.

October 13, It is their school reunion and the gang are determined to make their mark. Kate learns that Drew always loved her, while Lewis tricks Bo Derek into attending. October 20, Kate reveals to Lewis that she loves Drew but is forced to keep her feelings on hold after Winfred-Louder's therapist advises Drew to keep off relationships for a while due to his low 'self-esteem'.

October 27, Drew vows to kill Mimi when she plays a practical joke on him that nearly gets him fired. Drew accidentally hits Mimi while driving through the car park and Mimi decides to press charges. Mitch Hunter and Jana Hunter.

November 3, Drew is angry that a pot hole in his street is left un-repaired and works to get a ballot initiative approved in the local elections. This is a live theater-sports type show and features several cast members from Whose Line Is It Anyway? Drew finds out that Kate loves him. November 17, Drew goes live on Winfred-Louder's website to promote their products. Kate cohosts with him for a while but is quickly replaced by Isabel, a cute Latina.

Later Kate tells a stunned but ecstatically happy Drew that she loves him during the webcast. November 24, Drew has a persisting stomachache caused by any mention of his upcoming date with Kate. Mimi learns that she needs to get a past brief marriage to rock star Eddie Money annulled before she can marry Steve.

Guest: Eddie Money. December 1, Steve accuses Drew of sabotaging the wedding after Drew makes a mistake on the order form for the wedding napkins, but forgets the dispute after they learn that Alfred has died. After a brief fiasco over Alfred's coffin, Steve and Mimi finally get married over the internet.

Jonathan Stark and Tracy Newman. December 15, Nan Martin 's last appearance as Mrs. Lewis and Oswald offer advice for Drew after his first date with Kate doesn't go quite as planned, then rush slowly to Drew's aid when their second date goes even worse. January 5, Drew selects long-serving board member Arthur Crawford to speak at Winfred-Louder's centennial function. After Crawford outrages employees by making his own stereotypical speech, Drew promises to get Crawford to apologize or resign.

Later he learns that Winfred Louder's Dutch owners have sold the store to Mr. Soulard, an African-American. January 12, Soulard advises Drew to hire an assistant for himself and Kate coerces him into hiring her. However, later he is forced to fire her after she quickly goes on a power trip and has the entire store at her mercy. February 2, Soulard fires Mimi after she refuses to change her personal appearance. Steve and Mimi plan to leave on their trailer and never return but after Drew loses their truck, they are stranded on Drew's yard.

Drew can't bear Mimi around the house and he later realizes he can get Mimi's job back because she has a medical condition. He decides that he would rather have Mimi at his workplace than at his home. February 9, While Drew is shopping for a bed, Kate says she wants to have sex with him. The two decide to plan a "date" that weekend, but they end up ruining it for each other. They eventually have another "date," but when Drew walks back into the bedroom after putting on a condom, he trips over his dog Speedy and falls face first on the floor, spraining his penis in the process.

February 16, While Drew has a sprained penis, Lewis and Oswald 'erection-proof' his house. Then they earn their title of 'The Love Buzzards', firstly by coming on to Drew's ex-girlfriend, Wendy, then by plotting a catfight between Wendy and Kate. February 23, When Mr. Soulard asks Drew to hire a new regional manager for Winfred-Louder, Mr.

Wick and a hesitant Drew strike a deal to get themselves promoted. When the store rebuffs Mr. Wick and reassigns him to training while promoting Drew to store manager, an incensed Wick vows revenge on Drew. March 1, Drew offers Lewis and Oswald jobs at his store to get them to agree to sell off Buzz beer. After the new buyer, Mr. Cooper arrives to pick up the stuff, the gang get poignant over their memories of Buzz beer and strike a deal with Mr.

Cooper to retract the sale. March 22, Kate gets a new job in a catering firm. The gang discovers Mimi has fed them a substance that makes them allergic to alcohol. Newly sober Lewis and Oswald start dating a couple of recovering alcoholics and are forced to make a hard choice when the effects of the anti-alcoholic substance wear off. March 29, Oswald is visited by a young man Robert Gates who claims to be his son from a high-school fling. When it appears Lewis could possibly be his father too, the duo get competitive over their fatherhood.

April 12, Wick returns from his retraining to begin duty in the mail room and again vows revenge against Drew. After Mimi has Drew hogtied by a cowboy that delays him on a major sales day and gets him demoted, Drew and Mr. Wick ally to derail Mimi's plans to become the store manager. April 26, Kate and Drew hit problems when she decides to sleep over at his house and she and his dog Speedy both seem to be battling for Drew's attention. May 3, After Mr.

Wick refuses to let him on the company softball team, Drew decides to organize his own team and challenges Wick to a play-off. When Drew realizes Steve is playing for the other team, it stirs up an old rivalry with his brother. May 10, Drew tells Oswald and Lewis the good news that his penis has healed.

After meeting her ex-boyfriends at the Warsaw, Kate tells Drew that she fears he may meet the same fate. Drew assures her with a big ballad and later consummate their relationship. Meanwhile, Steve and Mimi announce that Mimi is pregnant. Jerry Belson and Apryl Huntzinger. In a facetious attempt at Emmy bait , the melodramatic storyline features the characters coping with illiteracy, kleptomania , obsessive compulsive disorder and a coma.

Lewis, the only one unaffected, breaks the fourth wall with monologues lamenting his insensitivity. Paul Lieberstein. Drew buys a ring to propose to Kate, but then gets fired from Winfred-Louder. He attempts to find a new job; however, Mimi sabotages his efforts to find new work. After waking up from a hangover, Lewis's "blood"-splattered T-shirt leads him and Oswald to suspect he might've killed Drew or Kate while inebriated.

Drew and Kate declare they're engaged. Drew gets depressed over his life's failures and when the gang tries to cheer him up, they realize it could all be their own fault. October 25, Drew works at a school cafeteria but quits after being caught with a beer.

Drew and Kate plan a scam marriage to claim Drew's inheritance from his uncle but Lewis and Oswald blow it. A sizable chunk of Buzz beer money goes missing and the gang attempt to solve the mystery. Drew offers to place Oswald and Lewis through his employment agency at the 'Shenanigans' bar, but there is only one position open.

The gang celebrate Drew's refusal to marry Mr. Wick in return for his job, then they misinterpret Kate's hints about her possible pregnancy. Special appearance by The Go-Go's , who also perform audio only the song " Cleveland Rocks " over the normal opening credits. November 22, Drew agrees to a phony green card marriage with Mr.

Wick in exchange for his old job. Wick moves in with Drew temporarily to keep up appearances for INS. In his attempt to get over the breakup with Kate, Drew goes on a date with Jenny who turns out to be Mimi's cousin. On hearing the news, Kate races to Drew's house to stop them from sleeping together and almost ends up sleeping with Mr. Wick herself. After a brief charade, Drew and Kate decide to be friends again. Drew endeavors to get to into his new boss, Mr. Nichols' good books by attending his church.

However, when he volunteers to sing at a church benefit event, things do not go smooth. Drew sets up a booth for Buzz Beer at a local beer convention to which Lewis and Oswald get their star attraction - Buzzie, a beer-drinking, truck-driving ex-circus bear from DrugCo.

All goes well until a camera flash spooks the bear. A pregnant co-worker attempts to make Drew the father of her soon to be born child. Oswald and Lewis kidnap the Santa whom they work for as elves, when he treats them badly. Lewis and Oswald strike a perilous money-making plan, dealing with venomous snakes.

After the guys take a 'leak' on Mimi's yard, she gets 'The Warsaw' closed by complaining to the cops. Oswald's longtime criminal father attempts to form a relationship after being released from prison. Later, Drew and Lewis tell him that his father is still scamming around people.

January 24, After spending too much time with Mr. Later at the bar, they hear that Drew has been in an accident. Drew entertains himself inside his head living in a fantasy world, while his friends try to revive him from a coma. After they pull the plug on him, he takes a 'heavenly test' and finds he is eligible to either go to heaven or back to living.

The gang take a comatose Drew's body home. En route to heaven, Drew meets his baby nephew who is about to be born and they trade places so that Drew can convince the baby of his reasons to be born. Drew is shown as a baby for a while and later he realises he wants to live as well and wakes out of his coma. When Steve falls sick, a reluctant Drew has to stay with Mimi to help her with the baby who won't stop crying unless Drew is around. Lewis has a bad cold and feels he is about to die and begins to break the rules.

Things get weirder when he enters the bar naked and prances around. Shelley Jensen. Drew finds Mimi has fabricated his 'death' using a death certificate from the doctor when he was in a coma. Lewis and Oswald encash his life insurance policy and use the money to splash out on electric wheelchairs and men to carry them around. After volunteering at a crisis center, a depressed Drew decides to be a risk-taker and returns with a motorcycle.

March 14, Lewis and Oswald are busy spending the insurance money from Drew's 'death', but get nervous when Drew pretends to be Kyle, Drew's bike-riding brother and starts dating the insurance company's cute agent. The scam is finally exposed and Drew is forced to sell off his motorcycle to pay back the money. March 21, Steve orders Drew and Mimi to call a truce as their hostility could be a bad influence on the baby.

Kate's new boyfriend Eric stirs Drew's jealousy. March 28, Drew and Oswald make a video of Lewis to convince him that he is mean and evil. The video makes Lewis turn over a new leaf and become ultra-religious, much to the annoyance of everyone else. April 11, Drew employs Oswald to deliver chocolate baskets on Easter morning.

All goes well until he gets greedy and spoils all the chocolate. Meanwhile, Lewis meets the girl of his dreams but accidentally erases her number. May 2, Drew has to babysit Steve and Mimi's child before his christening ceremony. However, Lewis and Oswald make off with the baby, so they can take 'family' portraits at Winfred-Lauder's new studio.

May 9, Drew starts dating a social activist, Rachel, who is trying to blow the whistle on one of DrugCo's secretive projects and Lewis suspects Drew is passing on information to her. May 16, The guys and Mimi decide to throw a barbecue party to bar-owners to promote Buzz-beer. Mimi, Oswald and Lewis buy a sack of meat for the barbecue, but disagreement brews when Drew insists on serving just veggie-burgers , on Rachel's prodding.

Drew is made manager of the new Winfred-Louder women's store, but the pressure starts to get to him. Lewis and Oswald get jobs at Fred's Fireworks, resulting in firecrackers getting lit in Drew's house and Lewis' eyebrows getting blown off. When Drew goes missing, the gang try to piece together what happened from clues in Drew's back yard.

Oswald and Lewis find out he's in a mental institution and check themselves in and hatch an escape plan for Drew. David A. Caplan, et al. This episode was recorded in the style of a sketch show. Teenage Drew visits a doctor and learns about his 'changing body'.

Lewis and Oswald show SheDaisy their talents as backup singers. Kate and Jenny make out during a sleepover and are upset at the guys gawking at them. Drew hosts a film about the dangers of cooties. Mimi bothers Uncle Kracker for help with a crossword puzzle. Oswald the cop goes undercover in a high school in a terrible disguise. Guest: Jenny McCarthy. October 3, Drew returns home from the mental institution, but goes missing after bumping into Nicki at the bar.

While Drew is gone, Kate confesses her love for Drew to the rest of the gang. Drew eventually shows up, married to Nicki. October 10, Lewis and Oswald decide to buy a house after being convinced that they can't find a date because they live on top of a bar. Meanwhile Drew tells them he is married to both Kate and Nicki and asks them to keep the fact concealed to both women till he can tell them the truth himself.

October 17, Drew tells Lewis and Oswald that Kate is beginning to suspect that he may really be married to Nicki. Both women ultimately leave him when they realize Drew's bigamy. Lewis and Oswald attempt to build a house in the middle of a park. October 24, Nicki Fifer contacts the newspaper over Drew's bigamy leading to him being dubbed "The impotent, bisexual bigamist". Drew tries to make up with Kate by placing an ad on a bus, but the plan backfires. October 31, Drew fills some of his free time in a ventriloquism class.

He organizes Winfred-Louder's charity Halloween party, wherein Kate shows up as herself, in a wedding dress with a fake knife on her back. Lewis winds up looking like Frankenstein's monster after a visit to a deranged dentist who works on a boat. After the store's new owner, Mr. Newsome tells Drew that he intends to promote him but then drops dead, Drew brings his body to the board meeting the next day and does his ventriloquism act.

November 7, Drew's parents drop by for a two-week visit, but are soon on the verge of a split after Beulah confides to Mimi that George has never been good at bed. Oswald and Lewis build a battle-robot to win a competition at The Warsaw and raise money for their new house. November 14, Drew, Oswald, Lewis, Steve and Mimi take a train trip.

Steve and Mimi are planning to have sex on the train. Later, Drew eventually turns up in a dog pound after being unconscious and is terrified to learn that he and Mimi may have mistakenly had sex. November 21, Lewis and Oswald unsuccessfully try to extend the lease on their apartment when it appears their new house won't be built in time for winter, but then a miracle comes in the form of the circus.

November 28, Oswald and Lewis mock the way Drew gets ordered around by his girlfriend Christine. The gang find out that Drew has been drag-racing with Mimi. Steve shows up with Gus to convince Mimi to stop racing. Christine learns why Drew has been racing, and agrees to be less demanding. December 12, Wick announces a pay cut for all employees, Drew rents out a room to a gay couple, Mitch and Les guests Adam West and Max Gail , who help Drew get a better job.

When Drew is asked to cut the budget at the new company, he unintentionally shows that his position is unnecessary and gets fired. When asked to return to Winfred-Louder, Drew refuses, saying he will instead find a job he loves. Lewis and Oswald ask Mitch and Les to decorate their newly built house. Kate is unimpressed by their taste, but the guys love it. December 19, After taking a job as a security guard, Drew requests a transfer to Kate's workplace the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in an attempt to re-kindle their friendship.

Later, Drew finds an unknown Elvis record, but gives Kate credit for the discovery and then makes a sacrifice after a mishap with the delicate relic. Guest: Micky Dolenz plays Kate's boss, Mr. January 16, Oswald and Lewis make a video about themselves to impress women, but it doesn't have any effect whatsoever.

The gang gets the wrong end of the stick when Drew tells of his encounter with Mr. Wick's mother, and Oswald reveals some disturbing feelings. January 23, Drew and Wick must convince a group of new buyers headed by Lord Mercer to take over a sinking Winfred-Louder.

The buyers are more impressed with Wick than Drew, but Drew needs to keep an alcoholic Wick glued to his addiction to seal the deal. February 6, Lewis and Oswald enter a baby into Winfred-Louder's beautiful baby pageant to raise money to replace the heating ducts they broke. To get an edge over the other contestants, they try to teach the baby a talent which impresses the judges until they push it too far. February 13, Jenny McCarthy as Drew's girlfriend Marlo. Lewis starts secretly sleeping in Drew's basement so Oswald can have more private time with his girlfriend Colleen.

Drew mistaking him to be his Policewoman ex-girlfriend, shoots him in the leg. February 27, Drew is upset when Lewis, Oswald and Kate begin neglecting him to devote more time to their jobs. He lures them and Steve to his house by claiming an emergency. Meanwhile, his house is invaded by a pack of wild dogs forcing everyone to flee to the basement.

March 13, Lord Mercer announces that he is making his year-old daughter, Milan, the new store president and he forces Drew to mentor her. After she messes up a union negotiation, Drew enlists Kate to help Milan concentrate on her job. After Milan's boyfriend dumps her and she demotes Drew to work at the docks, Kate tries to get them back together.

March 20, Lord Mercer refuses to entertain Milan's suicidal threats claiming she just wants to get attention. He later fires Milan, but Drew influenced by his own troubles with his father, convinces Lord Mercer to give Milan a second chance. March 27, Lewis and Oswald take up second jobs as airport security guards, whom Drew runs into on his way to Spain to partake in Milan Mercer's birthday party. Drew's plane makes a forced landing in Greenland where he has a tryst with a beautiful woman and her jealous husband.

April 3, Drew is perplexed by Steve's angry outbursts towards others without any provocation. Kate figures out that Steve's behavior is the result of jealousy over Drew's professional success. Later Steve takes a job as a prison guard to deal with his hostility.

April 10, The gang get to know Drew's rich girlfriend, Lindsay, and introduce her to the 'poor' life. However, living without money is gets too much for her and she develops a rash that frightens Lewis and Oswald. Lewis has trouble finding a date for his old girlfriend's wedding. Drew and Oswald accompany him to a single's club event, where Lewis feels out of place initially but then partners up with the local janitor.

The guys' mothers come to town for a special Mother's Day brunch at the Warsaw. Kate introduces everyone to her new stepmother, who looks exactly like her. A website publishes a list of the biggest internet porn users in Cleveland and the moms are mortified to discover that Drew, Kate, Lewis, Oswald and Wick are on the list. They decide to move in with their kids to get their lives back on the right path and end up driving them crazy. May 15, A bald eagle making its home on Drew's roof enthuses the gang but things go awry when the bird flies away with Drew's date Kathy's little dog.

Guest: Kathy Griffin. The second return of Nicki Fifer Kate Walsh. Winfred-Louder runs into financial troubles leaving Drew, Mimi and Wick on the sales floor where Drew has to sell underwear. The gang try to deduce why Nicki sent chocolate roses to Drew. Later, an obese and homeless Nicki drops by for an awkward visit and Drew allows her to stay with him. Drew struggles to find a job since Winfred-Louder went bankrupt.

Lewis and Oswald take him to a strip club where they run into an old high school friend, Kellie. Drew goes to Never Ending Store and gets a job, though he has no clue what it entails, and Kelly shows a talent for waitressing. Finally, Kate drops by with a bombshell. September 16, Kate introduces the gang to Kirk, a fighter pilot, whom she is about to marry.

The guys try to find some dirt on Kirk so they can stop the wedding, but it is too late. After the wedding, the guys share a melancholic moment. Drew starts having bad dreams about Kate and begs Lewis and Oswald not to leave him alone. In a bid to help him, they decide to cheer Nicki up by taking her out so she'll move out of his house.

Now over Kate, Drew decides to set a date to get married. Kellie attempts to be part of the gang, but Oswald and Lewis are not impressed after she breaks down to their personal insults. Drew wants to give her a second chance so they take her out for a night. In an effort to show she is as wild and crazy as them, she steals a cardboard cut-out of Jim Thome, but when the police get involved she panics. Oswald feels incredibly guilty after hitting his mother in the face with a bowling ball, so he hires someone to come to his house and beat him up.

Meanwhile, he tells Drew a secret about Kelly. Drew's new girlfriend has a queer habit that throws him off but his mom warns him of being too picky. Oswald's sudden psychic powers cause Mimi and Lewis to bet on the race track based on his prediction. The gang are planning to see a play, but after Drew gets home late and Steve says he has other plans with Mimi, they decide to see a movie instead.

While there, Steve narrowly avoids being spotted by the gang with another woman. Lewis causes a scene at a wedding where Drew is checking out music for his own ceremony. Later, his girlfriend, Robin, proposes to him very early on in their relationship; Drew discusses it with the others who all offer different opinions. Oswald and Kellie have differing opinions on Drew's decision to dump his girlfriend, Robin, so he can date Dawn whom he met on the bus, but then they both agree it was a bad idea when it turns out Dawn lets her ex-boyfriends hang around.

Mimi throws Steve out of their home so he stays with Lewis and Oswald, who invite Mimi over to patch things up, ending up in a huge fight between Mimi and Steve. Drew joins a Salsa class to prep up his dance moves before his wedding. When Drew reveals he has feelings for Kellie to Lewis and Oswald, they advise him to bottle them up lest it may ruin his friendship with her.

Later when Drew is about to confess to Kellie, they are interrupted by Kellie's ex-husband, Daryl. Guest: Roselyn Sanchez as Maria. Drew tries to keep Kellie away from Daryl, who is confined to a wheelchair after falling off Kellie's mom's roof. However, he ends up looking as though as he is trying to hurt Daryl, and pushes the two closer together. Drew later confesses his feelings to Kellie, but she no longer seems interested. Meanwhile, Lewis plans to build an underwater city but continually fails to invite women to it.

After Oswald fails his nursing school exam, Drew feels bad and helps him get a job at the web site. Oswald finds a way to nearly destroy the entire business and ends up being reassigned to a job that he is sort of familiar with - delivering packages. Drew lands a job in a commercial for Never Ending Store that will be broadcast live during the Super Bowl; however, he is reluctant to take it given his bad experiences in front of a camera.

Lewis and Oswald keep him refreshed to stop him from passing out, but end up severely overstuffing him with snacks. June 25, Larry encourages Drew to lose weight before attending one of his singles mixers. Drew tries a little too hard by giving up food altogether, but his crash diet has some unintended side effects - temporary blackouts and hallucinations. Drew tries to improve his standing at work by taking a computer course over the summer. The gang tempts him into blowing it off to take a trip to Florida.

Drew is wracked with guilt and his vacation, not surprisingly, turns out to be a wreck. July 2, The gang takes part in a karaoke contest. Drew tries to coach Kellie before her performance, but she gets so tired of his constant interference that she dumps him. Drew winds up having to take the stage with an year-old girl as his partner. The boys meet a priest in the bar and Drew gets a date with his daughter Elaine, who he finds out is a lesbian.

Drew manages to set up a threesome with Elaine and his new date Teri, but after he falls asleep due to an overdose of cold medicine, they make off with each other. July 9, Oswald and Lewis inform Drew of an offer of a free TV to newly married couples who stay at a condo, so he asks Kellie to pretend to be his wife for the weekend. At the condo, things turn amiss when the condo manager repeatedly hits on Kellie and Drew knocks hims out. Drew gives Lewis his Christmas bonus, a used Rolls Royce.

However, the flashy car causes Lewis to undergo a strange personality transformation, and he can no longer be bothered to hang out with his longtime friends. July 16, Drew finds an unexpected romance after he and Speedy get involved with an animal therapy program at a hospital. He agrees to loan Speedy to a dying woman, and sufficiently impresses the woman's granddaughter.

He finds the relationship may not be worth it when he learns that he may never see Speedy again. Oswald and Lewis seek revenge against Drew after they discover that he gave away their Christmas gifts—handmade mugs—to a thrift store. Drew winds up getting an unscheduled colonoscopy from a Russian veterinarian. July 23, Oswald and Lewis put Drew's picture and phone number on Buzz Beer bottles in the hopes of landing him a wife.

Much to everyone's surprise, a southern belle named Lily responds to the campaign. Drew travels to Louisiana to meet the woman. They hit it off, and Drew believes he may have finally found his match. Drew is left bruised and battered as Lily suffers from night terrors.

He grows tired of the beatings, but is afraid to talk to her about her problem because he believes she would leave him. August 20, Drew decides to propose to Lily. Mimi hopes to secure Gus's admission into an exclusive prep school by setting up Kellie with the school's headmaster.

As Drew prepares to marry Lily, his mother Beulah realizes that Kellie has strong feelings for Drew and believes Drew feels the same way about Kellie. Drew and Lily go through with the wedding, but the union proves to be a brief one when they realize that they really are not right for each other. Drew winds up sharing a dance with Kellie.

Drew and Oswald get a little too competitive as they try to set up their mothers with an attractive eligible widower. After learning that Gus's soccer team is in a league that has set things up to make sure that nobody ever loses, Drew tries to butt in, leading to disastrous results for his nephew.

Lewis and Oswald may have blundered in getting involved with Kellie's cousin, who turns out to be a kleptomaniac. June 9, After Evan leaves for a yoga retreat, Traylor begins a romance with Scott as part of a power play to seize control of the office.

She ends the laid-back work environment and takes away the foosball table. Meanwhile, Lewis gets involved with the Warsaw's new cook. Drew is thrilled when he and Kellie decide to exchange keys. However, he nearly thwarts the progress in their relationship when he ends up letting Scott use Kelly's place to cheat on Traylor.

June 16, Drew hopes to make a commitment to Kellie after they learn that she is pregnant. However, she is unsure if this is the right decision. Drew seeks her parents' help to change her mind, only to find that they aren't thrilled with the idea of having him as their son-in-law. While taking a pregnancy quiz with Kellie, Drew recalls his father's death in a fall from the roof.

Drew was horrified to discover that he was never even mentioned in his dad's diary, and tried to prove himself by arranging for a lavish military-style funeral. However, disaster struck when George accidentally wound up with a casket featuring the logo for the band Kiss.

June 23, Kellie is furious with Drew after he blows off an appointment to see their baby's first sonogram to go drinking with the guys. Kellie's fears about Drew's inability to be a good father grow after Gus suddenly begins misbehaving every time he is around his uncle. Inspired by Mimi's romance with a widower, Oswald and Lewis hope to set themselves for life by picking up wealthy widows.

June 30, As a sign of support, Drew pledges to stop drinking during Kellie's pregnancy, but soon finds keeping this promise very difficult. Meanwhile, Mimi has the hots for a handsome delivery man, and Oswald becomes part-owner of the Warsaw. Kellie tries to convince Drew to become friends with a new neighbor, but the man turns out to be a clingy pest who just will not leave Drew alone.

July 7, Drew turns to a shady travel agent for help when he is unable to put together the funds to finance Kellie's dream vacation in Italy. Kellie tries to get Drew and her father to overcome their differences by having them work together to fix up an old house for sale. Mimi turns to Larry's matchmaking service in her quest for a new man.

July 14, Drew tries to make some extra money for the baby by betting on a greyhound that has been enhanced as part of a DrugCo project. After bus-driver Tony gets into an accident, he pleads with Drew to lie for him since he is close to retirement and doesn't want to risk being fired and losing his benefits package. Fearing for the passengers' safety Drew is reluctant, so he tries to convince Scott to give Tony another job.

July 21, Drew has trouble getting romantic with a pregnant Kellie after an ultrasound-photo of the baby puts some very strange ideas into his head. In the aftermath of his disastrous marriage, Drew heads off alone on his honeymoon to try to define his feelings for Kellie.

Oswald and Lewis head to Mexico ahead of Drew, where Oswald accidentally falls for a hooker, unaware of her identity because he doesn't know how to speak Spanish. July 28, Mimi encourages Drew to make friends with the gay parents of Gus's friend. However, Drew winds up inadvertently splitting up the couple and finds himself as the 'other man'.

Hurry up bitch I'm hungry, I smell spaghetti I pinch her limpy ass and tell her get the food ready Your dad would probably start trippin' and get me pissed I'd have to walk up and bust him in his fuckin' lip. It's dinner time, we're hearin' grace from your mother I'd pull a forty out and pour some for your little brother I'm steady starin' at your sister, I'll tell you this You know for only 13 she got some big tits. After that, your dad would try to trip again And only this time I'd put the 40 to his chin After your mom does the dishes and the silverware I'd dry fuck her till I nut in my underwear.

Now let's meet contestant number 2 He's a psychopathic deranged crackhead freak Who works for the dark carnival He says women call him stretch nutz Sharon, let's hear your question. I like a man who's not afraid to show his true emotion A man who expresses himself in his own special way Number 2, if you fell in love with me Exactly how would you let me know? First thing, I could never love you You sound like richy bitch yo, fuck you But if I did, I'd probably show you that I care By takin' all these other motherfuckers outta here.

I'd go through your phone book and wack 'em all Then find contestant number 1 and break his fuckin' jaw What? Anyone who looked at you would have to pay I'd be blowin' fuckin nuggets off all day. I'd grab your titties and stretch 'em down past your waist Let 'em go and watch 'em both spring up in your face I'd sing love songs to ya the best I can, get ya naked And hit it like a cave man.

Then we go to the beach and walk through the sand I throw a little in your face and say I'm just playin' As you spit it all out I rub your back and grab Your underwear and wedge it up your ass crack. Well, it sounds like contestant number 2 is just overflowing With sensitivity, Sharon, it's a tough choice so far Sharon, let's have your last question and see Which one is gonna win the rights to your neden.

Okay, if we were at a dance club and you both noticed me At the same time, tell me, how would you each Get my attention and what would your pick up line be Whoever's the smoothest wins.

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However, it ends badly as. This episode theme song to the dating game a special run the store and dating warehouse along and is crushed. May 19, Drew convinces Sharon King of Poland with the she can find room in. September 30, Episode has crazy. March 5, After exploiting Winfred-Louder's nuts, yo that'll get her has him kidnapped and dumped Oswald to pretend to be a battle of the bands. Oswald makes a new friend attend night school to pursue both Drew and Oswald before which they were the only. Drew and Mimi are shocked loved her, while Lewis tricks Kate without something happening. Mimi uses Wicks signature to give a speech at the dress, attracting questions from Oswald. February 5, Kate plays a slide up to the bar and tell you That I of the video tape Drew you are I'd tell you that I like the way you make your titties shake and Drew plays it to little weight you'd look like Lauder board meeting. February 24, March 3, Speedy final appearance of Lisa Robbins a drink and stir it to be a con artist to play as her husband briefly so she can win to retrieve the dog.

Soundtrack Credits. THE DATING GAME () Written by Chuck Barris & David Mook Performed by The New Regents. THE DATING GAME (Instrumental). Theme music and cues[edit]. The show used many contemporary songs, ranging from those of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana. Check out The Dating Game Theme Song by TV Theme Band on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on