an error occurred while validating 80004005

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An error occurred while validating 80004005 online dating portale

An error occurred while validating 80004005

Following the advice above, I just opened the just opened the. Whenever I gets this problem I just restart the Visual Studio and it seems to be solved the problem. In the project tree, open the "References" node and remove all references with warnings yellow exclamation marks. Also remove all unused references. Learn More. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums.

Asked by:. Archived Forums. ClickOnce and Setup. Sign in to vote. Got this error when trying to build the Setup project. I've hunted the web and these forums. All say it has to do with a reference problem. I have determined which project is causing the problem. Every reference in this project has either been added explicitly or as a dependent of another project. Tuesday, April 14, PM. After more investigation and experimentation, I think there is a bug in the validation.

We have two solutions that use many of the same projects. Each solution also includes two projects that are specific to the solution. We have assigned the same GUID to these specific projects which resolves some reference problems, or maybe this is causing the current problem. The Setup project for one of these solutions works just fine. These two projects reference one of the solution specific projects.

However this project is included as a dependency. I experimented by explicitly including the third project. So, there is a bug in the validation. And the weird question is, "why does Setup for the first solution work? And more info When I display the Properties of the "Primary output from Spiricon.

One project has 6 project references. The other project also has 7 project references. And that is not counting secondary dependencies. When I explicitly "Refresh Dependencies" they both stil say None. Edited by megabitee Tuesday, April 14, PM additional info. Friday, April 17, AM. Friday, April 17, PM. Monday, April 20, AM. Monday, April 20, PM. Tuesday, April 21, AM.

This is necessary to maintain the reference in projectC. I received the error as described. Tuesday, April 21, PM. Wednesday, April 22, AM. E-mail sent. Please zip your sample and send it in a reply. Thank you for your help. Wednesday, April 22, PM. Hi Kurt, Thank you for your sample! I perform a test on your sample and do see the problem on my side.

Thursday, April 23, AM. Hiya I'm having a similar problem. I'm also using VS ! I have a class library that references two other class libraries in the same solution. The really annoying thing is that this setup project has been working, producing msi's and I have been installing then successfully for weeks. Part way through today I got this error and got stuck.

To try to fool VS I've even tried making a new class library with a new name, creating the files in it and copying and pasting the code and it still won't work. I have tried added the primary outputs from the dependant library projects explicitly as well. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a work around? Thanks :. Thursday, April 23, PM. Thanks : Michelle Richardson - Software Developer. I would also need an answer or solution for this. I do not find anythingfor this in connect url.

Please help. Anuj : Qcode. Tuesday, June 30, PM. Ok, I had the same problem. I worked on this for like 8 hours I hope this helps someone. Friday, October 23, AM. I had the same problem a few minutes ago. The build was working fine yesterday and then today I would get the error 'An error occurred while validating. After reading this article I looked around and discovered that my start-up project had two dependencies that were not really there so they had little red x icons on them.

I removed these but still had the problem. I restarted Visual Studio and still had the problem and right-clicking Detected Dependencies would result in nothing showing up under that folder. Next, in my start-up project I removed a reference to a valid project I wanted in there and added it back in to see if that would help VS sync back up.

As I did this I noticed that there was one reference in my start-up project that wasn't flagged red, but also wasn't a project actually included in my solution. I included it in a previous build, but didn't want it in this build and had removed the project and cleaned the output directory so the DLL was no where to be found. Once I removed the unwanted reference that wasn't flagged by VS to be out of place it started building just fine again.

Hopefully this will save someone some time in the future. Wednesday, November 18, PM. My solution only has 5 projects and only the startup project depends on the other 4 none of them depend on each other. All 5 projects are under the solution in the FS. One strange thing I've noticed is that when the Setup Project contains only my Startup Projects primary output, there are NO detected dependancies.

If I add the Primary Output of any of the other projects, the. That provide a clue as to what my problem might be? I also suspect can't say why to be honest , that my project references aren't quite as they should be, or at least ideal. The app runs fine, but the references point to specific DLL according to the solution configuration selected and "Copy Locally" is true. I want to say this hasn't been the case in the past, but I'm not sure. Thursday, January 28, AM. Basically MS said that they do not support my design even though their tool allows it and is broken in that way.

I need to make the changes. Thursday, January 28, PM. I believe I found the cause. I tried to open the Project in VS b2 to let it upgrade hoping it might find or overlook the problem. Was able to build then. Given the inconsistency I saw before I can't say for sure that was the problem, but it seems reasonable. News Blog Stats About Me. If you have come this far, it means that you liked what you are reading Solution: An error occurred while validating.

Why not reach little more and connect with me directly on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Author: Kunal Chowdhury at Thursday, June 30, Tips , VisualStudio , WinDev. Next ». How to convert an Excel column into a comma separated list?

Visual Studio will allow you to Remove Unused References from projects. Latest Downloads Visual Studio


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Visual studio will then give you this error despite the project output being in there!! If it is not this specific issue, then there is something wrong with your projects. Like this: Like Loading December 17, at PM. January 19, at AM. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. LOG that could not been found. After I deleted the policy i tried a new installation of a machine and the TS reported no error.

After a while the machine was ready and there were no errors in the logging. The only strange thing is that the deleted policy returned in all 3 tables. But we installed a couple of machines after I noticed this but the TS starts and ends without any problem.

I think this is a case for Mulder and Scully because I don't have a clue what was causing this problem. I also have a NetSetup. It's one virtual server who had all sccm roles. We rebooted the server several times since last Friday. I run the 2 url's you mentioned from my laptop and they both gave xml information what is correct. I checked the Network Acces Account and its not locked and the password is still valid because I can log in with this user.

I don't know what content it is refering to because I only got a error that the it failed to download the policy. Even an empty TS gives this error so there is no content. Is IP helper configured and by any chance there is a change in the DP settings, unknown computer support enabled etc.. Kamala kannan. Disclaimer: This posting is provided with no warranties and confers no rights.

But as far as I know we don't use certifcates to communicate. The last messages in the logfile are:. So DHCP is working good for the devices we want to image. As far as I know we didn't change anything on the DP. I also found several links with thes information to delete the policy and policy assignment in the SCCM database. I can make a backup of the database before the delete but I don't have a very good feeling about this action. So I'm asking how you all think about this workarround. In SMSpxe.

If you PXE boot fine and get into a graphical interface unless if you use USB , you shouldn't worry about smspxe anymore. Task Sequence policy deployment to a Collection 2. Application policy inside Task Sequence. If you locate it, just remove that App and test it again first. I get to the screen where I can select the desired Task Sequence. As soon as I select one they all give the same error and click next, I got another screen "Resolving Task Sequence Dependencies" This screen hold for almost 1 minute and after that I got the 0x error screen.

I created a new TS with no actions in it so there are also no policies in this TS. So there is no policy to check in this TS. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Resources for IT Professionals. Sign in.

United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Archived Forums. Configuration Manager Current Branch — General. Post questions here that are not appropriate for the other Configuration Manager specific forums, AND after you have already searched for your answer.

Sign in to vote. Hello Since last Friday we can't provide any image to our devices anymore. The error occurs when I do a PXE boot and when I select the desired task sequence I see a screen for 30 seconds Resolving selected taks sequence dependencies After this I got the error screen. All tasks sequences have this error. I also created a new one with no actions in it, same error. Error 0x can occur on many errors as I can find on the internet.

I also checked the certificate and there is 1 certificate blocked but this one already expired in I examined the smsts.