updating kindle books

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Updating kindle books

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I told them that I have about 50 books on my Kindle and I see many books with updates. So, all of those books were special? So, it might be easy for you to go to Manage and hit update, but it is hell for us writers that get no respect from KDP, to get that button to appear. Hope it helps someone. Your email address will not be published.

Anyone finding trying to get their novel updated a pain atm? Changed a character's name or your eBook's plot. Added, deleted, or changed links or marketing information Made significant changes that warrant a new edition. Check your entire eBook. Make sure you've corrected all errors. Gather all the information we need. You need to send us the ASIN, detailed examples of the corrections you made, and the Kindle location number. Location numbers are the digital equivalent of physical page numbers and provide a way to easily reference a place in your reading material regardless of font size.

What happens next After we receive your request, we'll review the changes within 7 business days to ensure the issues have been corrected. Then we'll take one of these actions: Corrections to destructive or critical errors.

If we find major corrections, we'll email the customers who already own your book. Corrections to distracting errors. Corrections to critical errors needed. If we find that more major corrections are needed, we'll temporarily remove your eBook from sale. We'll notify you of the issues we found so you can fix them. Once the improvements are made, let us know and we'll email customers just like we do for major corrections. Note : If the improvements made to your eBook are not related to quality issues, we will not send the updated content to customers.

Did you buy a copy of your eBook and want to see updates? You should get automatic updates if 1 your device is connected to wireless internet Wi-Fi , and 2 you turn on automatic book updates. Click the Preferences tab. Scroll to Automatic Book Update. Choose On. If your book doesn't update automatically, contact us. You won't need to buy the book again, but you might lose notes or highlights. February Reach more readers through Kindle Unlimited.

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My kindle hdx quit working. My kindle fire table was giving me the same message and had storage issues so I restored it but still got the message. I purchased a new fire tablet and it does not give me the error it allows me to rate and review on amazon and goodreads from within the book as before. I wish I had a better answer for you. I got a response that the developers were aware of the problem.

Since my first message above my Kindle HDX quit working. I did a factory reset on my Fire Tablet 5th Generation and that did not fix the problem. I wanted a larger storage like my a HDX so just purchased a new Fire Tablet and all is working again.

So not sure what advice to offer. I'm inquiring as well, I've been having the same issues lately and getting the same error message when trying to give a review when I finish reading a book. I am going to follow this thread. Having the same error or "error occurred while updating your Goodreads profile. Please try again or visit Goodreads website or app to make this change.

Thank you for looking into the issue for all us concerned readers. This is happening to me too! It just started a few weeks ago, and I hate it, because I love rating books the moment I finish reading them. Is this a problem with a Kindle update? The way Goodreads is linked to my Kindle?

I hope this gets fixed soon, because that error code is annoying! And authors deserve book reviews for all their hard work of writing the book! I am also having this issue and it started May 17th, I reached out to Amazon Customer Service and they just sent me a link to this post. I didn't even get the excuse that the feature was no longer supported and when I asked if they had a solution, the customer service person went quiet.

I also checked and my Kindle 7th Generation is updated to 5. I am having this issue too! I'm hoping it can be resolved soon! I'm having this issue as well, getting the "error occurred while updating your Goodreads profile. I see that someone at Goodreads has responded back saying that that the Development team is aware of the issue, but can we get another update on where we are now with the issue? I bought my kindle 10 a week ago, and i could never update my goodreads account.

It says "an error occurred while updating your Goodreads profile. Thank you for continuing to report the following error: "an error occurred while updating your Goodreads profile. Please try again or visit GR website or app to make this change"!

Unfortunately, our developers haven't found a fix yet and are still investigating. Please keep adding your reports and we'll continue adding them to the developer ticket which will help them find the issue quicker! I noticed with the fire tablets the about this book setting is accessed within a book sometimes gets toggled off. From within a book click the 3 dots to access advanced settings and scroll down to make sure it is turned on.

I could swear that information used to go automatically from my Kindle to Goodreads. Is it just too old to do this any more??? I have a similar problem with my Kindle Voyager. An error occurred while posting your rating'. I have this problem too. I keep getting an error not able to update Goodreads profile and I have to manually mark each book when I am reading and when I have read it.

Why is this happening. I am currently having a similar issue. Despite having my goodreads account connected and being connected to wifi, the syncing function is no longer working. I will attach a picture of the error message I receive.

Presently my fix is to manually enter the book I am currently reading and update it when I am done. Is this because my paperwhite is old 6th or 7th generation and no longer supports more advanced updates necessary for the syncing function? Same exact message happening to me when trying to update a book rating on Goodreads or update a book status to "Read" or so on.

I'm using the latest Kindle Oasis. It's pretty clear to me Amazon doesn't care to actually fix this. This isn't some small independent developer with 1 or 2 programmers on staff Come on! Comments Showing of 8 8 new post a comment ». May 16, AM. I noticed today in my book collection "Manage Your Content and Devices" page on the website that a number of books were designated "update available". I could not find a way to sort, filter, or otherwise find and select all of these. I had to click the orange 'update available' box on each one.

I stopped after a few. I have automatic updates turned ON, so I don't know why I have to manually update them. Contact Us. Thanks, CBR, I'll give that a shot. Any idea why this is required given that automatic updates is turned on? Does automatic updates just not work any more? May 16, PM. It does appear that the automatic updates feature isn't working.

May 17, AM. Don't know if I understand However, I do go back to my prior reviews where I've noted problems with books and mention that the problem has now been corrected, though. May 17, PM.