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Nurse dating

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Interestingly, female doctors were far more likely to marry their high-earning peers, while male doctors were more willing to marry someone who made less. The sheer numbers of nurses supports the doctor-nurse marriage equation in the medical world. There were about 3.

At the same time, more nurses are reaching higher earning levels themselves as nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners, which makes them more likely to marry fellow high earners, some of them doctors. These statistics helped to pave the way for additional related discoveries by Gambrell and Pearce, according to coverage of the Gambrell and Pearce study done by Business Insider and Becker's Hospital Review.

Some who have "been there, done that" or witnessed hospital romances first-hand take a pretty dim view of doctor-nurse romances. This goes on for years. According to Tobin, a nurse is often "convinced" wedding bells will peal when his or her honey's residency is complete. They return four weeks later tan, rested and ready with the announcement that they are now engaged to someone they knew in college or camp or from the family of their parents' friends Gollum also viewed the nurse-doctor relationship as a negative, but from the perspective of his medical school buddies being "snatched up" by nurses.

According to Working Nurse , "Breakups can be even worse. Acute care settings are stressful enough without coworkers taking out their relationship squabbles on everyone else in the unit! Romantic overtures on the job also run the risk of sexual harassment complaints. If you can't resist, or if you see more benefits to dating a doctor than drawbacks, be very, very careful.

Even the AMA Journal of Ethics has concluded that zero-tolerance for workplace romance isn't feasible. In a commentary based on a fictional scenario where "Healer Hospital" banned all inter-staff dating and romantic relationships of any kind among hospital personnel, real-life medical doctor Lisa K. Cannada concluded that consensual relationships should be allowed, including those between nurses and doctors.

Such experiences can be the basis for a stronger relationship, and it is difficult to hide such a relationship, especially when one is overworked and stressed. Long before you succumb to that longing gaze or start checking for a wedding band when you see your crush at a co-worker hangout, get familiar with your employee handbook, SM cautioned. And amidst an attraction so strong you can't deny it, draw back enough to be the practical voice from the outset, SM advised.

Make sure that viewpoint is heard and respected before moving forward, or you could be heading for real heartbreak—both personally and professionally. Female physicians and surgeons are most likely to marry male or female physicians and surgeons. A lot of people meet there partners at work.

If it was a physio or dietician or any other health professional, people wouldnt say a thing! Sour Lemon. Has 9 years experience. Oct 8, Everyone should date everyone, otherwise what is there to gossip about? It doesn't even have to be a date, really Has 33 years experience.

Has 25 years experience. Has 13 years experience. There are some people who will take advantage of naive persons in different ways. I tend not to spend much, or any really, thought and energy on who dates whom. But Edited Oct 8, by macawake. Specializes in LTC.

As long as there is nothing affecting pt care or any supervisory issues. Sad thing, some relationships become gossip fodder for the place. And sometimes people do get hurt. And things can become quite awkward with breakups, esp when other staff may take sides. Has 35 years experience. It constantly amazes me how many people put doctors on a pedestal and will date even the ugliest specimens, especially the male ones, gay or straight.

Have you noticed a male doctor is rarely single? Even when he's a dog. Specializes in Geriatrics. Has 2 years experience. Oct 9, Many places of employment have anti-fraternization policies. Thank You. You can't say that I'm boring. I was just reflecting on how a new nurse was constantly asked out by doctors.

I asked her why she rebuffed all of them, and she basically said that doctors who date nurses are all dogs. Just a general question in a general question section. Has 10 years experience. It's a dumb move. Yes, it's fun while it lasts, but once things go south you have to still work with that person. Let's say you are the one that got dumped? How would you feel if you had to show back up to work and not only work with that person, but watch them flirt or be with others?

Yes, a FEW get married, but far more don't. If you are OK with a very uncomfortable work environment, go for it

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